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  1. Good game, awful ending

    It was a very exciting game, and it looked like we were gonna get our first win. But things just didn't go on our side. Our 9 lives are running out fast,
  2. Ready for tonights game

    Its primetime for Bengals fans. Time to show our stuff and get a win. Can't lose to the Texans, and if we do lose? Look out !
  3. The teams, players and league may have an off season, but not me. I keep the season going all year round. During the team off season, I watch many games I have on dvd and watch classics from the past like the late 80's with Boomer, and Ickey in the playoffs against the Seahawks, Bills. And many rival games against the Steelers and Browns.
  4. Cat Scratch Fever

    Football is now back , and iam really ready for some Bengals football. Last season this team ended with a losing record. But time to but that aside and get into full domination mode. We need to melt down the Steelers, neuter the Browns, and clip the wings of the Ravens. If we should survive all that, we could have a winning season.