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  1. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    AFC is home team in even numbered years. i.e. the Bengals are the home team. Question - does that mean the Rams vacate their regular locker room and move to the visitor’s locker room for the super Bowl? I hope so, every little Rams distraction helps :)
  2. #1 and that will be borne out when he becomes the Bengals second player to become a first ballot hall of famer.
  3. !!! SOLD !!! I would normally edit the original post to place the sold notification on line 1, but I simply can not figure out how to edit a post on this forum.
  4. Unfortunately I will not be in Cincinnati during the season this year, but I did not discover that until after purchasing my season tickets as well as season parking. The seats are on the NFL ticket exchange, but that does not help me sell parking. I have one slot for each home game (ten parking passes) for Parking Lot D Parking Lot D is just East of the stadium, with some covered parking under the Stadium Plaza, under Elm St and under West Freedom Way. Great lot for tailgating. I timed it one day in 2017 and I was able to walk from my car to the security at the East entrance gate in ≈ 2 minutes, 10 seconds, without having to cross any streets. If you are sitting on the East side of the stadium, you can return to the lot even faster as you can exit at the parking lot level without having to return to the plaza level. This lot is sold out to season ticket holders and has a waiting list, so you rarely see them available for an entire season. I am willing to sell the full set of ten at $415 face value if anyone is interested. excerpted from my invoice from the Bengals Here is an aerial view with Parking Lot D outlined in blue (some of the parking area is under the above streets). There are entrances from both West Pete Rose Way and Mehring Way.
  5. Camp Begins

    Does anyone have a link to information indicating which practices will be with full pads? Are the Oklahoma drills typically done during the first full pads practice? Thanks for any help.
  6. Batman and Robin (Coles)

    Jets Sign WR Coles for Third Tour of Duty Laveranues Coles - Bengals 2009 43 receptions (3rd behind Chad & Andre Caldwell) 514 yds (second behind Chad) - avg 12.0 per catch, longest 40 yds 5 TDs signed with Jets for one year at $855,000. "It's an insurance policy for them," Coles told Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork. "Those first four games are very important for the team to get where they want to go. It's an opportunity for me to come in and see what I can still do, but there's a slim chance I'll be there after four games. There's a good chance I'll get released; it depends on how things go. They were honest and open about it. It is what it is."
  7. Scottishbengal heading Stateside

    If you have a week to get to Charlotte for the next game and plan to drive interesting roads in the mountains, another short but spectacular route like the Blue Ridge Parkway that is not too far off the Cin - Charlotte route is the Tail of the Dragon. It runs through Smoky Mountain National Park south of Knoxville into North Carolina. Very popular for motorcycles, sports cars too. F1's Michel Schumacher shipped his motorcycle to the US so he could ride that route after one of the September US Indy F1 races early in the decade.
  8. Where is Marvin's Extension?

    Marvin has said it is not about money. Gee, and we all know how easy it is to change Mike Brown's mind on how to run the team. I fear they will allow ML to move on.
  9. 22 carries for 107 yards.

    Great when a rookie steps up and a wayward pro bowler returns to form. Seems to me the o-line is opening up freeways. Running is a team effort. Great team to be playing running back. 'bout the only message from staff to to Ced is very simple, we got depth, you don't practice, you don't play. Ced has first crack on wednesday and thursday. they game plan on what is prepared in practice, we saw how well that works when the quality of the depth allows that luxury. The press are creating any perceived discord where there is none, they pry quotes out of Ced.
  10. Finally we begin to prepare the $30 million dollar man for the playoff run. who Dey! Bengals run to perfection Bengals solve division problem with run
  11. The Official Site Got a Makeover

    Yes, that is what i posted above ...
  12. The Official Site Got a Makeover

    Well, I can get to the opening page. Ho, hum. Attempts to open any article or attempts to send Mr Hobson a message crashes Mac Safari. Heck, I still think the original text focused site that loaded rapidly was better than anything since. The first redesign slowed that down considerably, but I could still read it. I don't go to bengals.com because of its graphic design. I don't go to bengals.com to watch lame low res video. I go to bengals.com to read solid informed writing. Guess that has ended.
  13. Yes, I did. Date: Mar 19 2009 05:46:55 PM From: Outside Caller (Restricted) It arrived to me as a voice mail, so if anyone would like to hear it, I posted a .wav file of it here ... Carson's recorded message Carson is a stand-up guy - I hope he gets an opportunity to realize his potential. It would appear the automated call campaign is a blanket coverage of season ticket holders. My season ticket payments are current. We have held season tickets with the Bengals continuously since their start in '68. They have no reason to suspect I am going to bail. On the other hand, my buddy with 16 company seats only since 2000 (less seats starting in the 90s) is past due on payments and contemplating bailing. He actually has been hoping for a call from their season ticket people. Either the automated system has not got to him or he has a bad phone number on file ...
  14. Rudi goes to Lions-merged

    well then neither have I. I see threads about his trade, but nothing about Tatum "I ain't no thief" Bell ripping off Rudy's luggage on secutity cams in the Detroit Lions locker room. Did Tatum just destroy his NFL career? One thing getting in trouble outside of work, but stealing on team property from team employees / players. Talk about character issues.
  15. For sale $50.00 plus shipping - one (1) Parking Pass for Parking Lot C. Pittsburgh Steelers game, Sunday October 19, 2008 1:00 pm Tailgating and grilling permitted. :player: Lot C is pre-sold to season ticket holders purchasing season parking - no public sale. I have to skip the Steeler game due to business conflict. Lot C is East Side of stadium. The map above is a little misleading, Lot C is entered from West Pete Rose Way. Lot C extends both East and West of Race all the way to and slightly under the stadium plaza. None of the streets nearby are at the same level, W Pete Rose Way is under Plaza Level. West Pete Rose Way is a no outlet dead end street East of Central Ave. All routes to Lot C must pass (red star below) intersection of West Pete Rose Way and Central Ave NW side of PBS stadium.
  16. When I discovered the conflict in July, I placed the game tickets on Stub Hub. Sold August 5. No good place on Stub Hub to sell Parking.
  17. Titans fan here

    No actual tickets are sent out to season ticket holders until July. Rec'd mine last year on July 31; July 12 in 2006; July 25 in 2005 ... All tickets are sold out to season ticket holders. So you probably won't find tickets for sale online until the Bengals start sending them out. For now, all anyone can deliver is a promise. During the season, when work or other schedule conflicts prevent me from attending a game, I sell mine on Stub Hub. (StubHub Is the Official Secondary Ticketing Provider of the Cincinnati Bengals).
  18. Heinz Field

    Do we have to play on that terrible Heinz Field quagmire Sunday night? What can they do in six days to fix it?
  19. Heinz Field

    I don't know about Chicago, but Gillette Stadium switched during last season to the same Field Turf used in PBS. I really dislike the Gillette Stadium logo sewn into the new field FieldTurf Selected For Immediate Installation at Gillette Stadium - FOXBOROUGH, Mass., Nov. 15, 2006
  20. This weekend

    want to see some hitting -- will be at the intrasquad scrimmage 6:30-9 p.m. tomorrow night
  21. .... and seson tickets arrived in the US mail today.
  22. Aha - they mailed them today!