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  1. Kicker

    Shayne Graham ttp://yepyep.gibbs12.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/shayne_graham_hoes.jpg Seriously...you got nothin better in your life to do? And HairOnFire...I'm way too fat for pics like that.
  2. shayne Graham a Raven.

    Or perhaps even "Jucocoachsis". Sorry. Just BengalSIS...RavenSIS will be left for someone else to take. The thread is amusing though, so please...continue.
  3. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    Because to better determine his market value the Bengals allowed Shayne to market his services to all NFL teams, and then promptly matched the contract terms Shayne had happily agreed to. So what isn't fair about that? And years later, after the long term contract expired the Bengals agreed to pay Shayne a fully guaranteed salary that ranked within the Top5 salaries at his position. And what isn't fair about that? Shayne most definately played his own version of hardball, and you admit it by noting how close the two sides had come to a long-term agreement. In short, if they were close why assume the risk of the Bengals franchise tagging you, dictating a one year deal, especially when you know that tagging a kicker doesn't have any significant financial downside for the team? Exactly. So why not agree to sign the long term contract that you admit came close to meeting his demands? Why risk the tag? Oh, I'm dead certain that's true. Because in this example testing the market meant leaving, and while the Bengals couldn't prevent that form happening they did have the tools needed to delay Shayne's departure for a year. But there's nothing unfair about what they did, and Shayne and his agent had to be aware of the risk they were assuming when they rejected a long term contract offer that all sides agree was close. I wouldn't use that word. Rather, by rejecting a long term offer that was close Shayne set into motion events that led to him performing under the terms of a one year deal. So he is responsible for outcome and whatever impact his down season had on his earning potential as an unrestricted free agent. And there's the rub because under the circumstances few would expect the Bengals to keep their previous offer on the table, let alone improve it. In fact, it's reasonable to expect a reduced offer under the circumstances. Close only counts in horseshoes and grenades. You assume that if sides are close that the player should always concede. Locking into a long term contract that didn't cover all the bases players look at in long term contracts... why do that? kickers contracts are jumping in value quite a bit. less than 3 years into his contract, he was being paid near the bottom of the kicker list, despite performing for those years near the top of the list. Signing a deal that already starts him low on the list not only sets him up for a lower deal (with fewer years and less guaranteed), but it also pisses off other kickers who are negotiating. Players don't sign in a vacuum. Anyway, it's all moot. It's likely better the way things ended up anyway. Shayne isn't welcome by many fans and I'd rather he be somewhere he can get back the trust he once had. I'm still going to root for the Bengals. A redhead can't wear orange for 7 years and not grow attached to it. So as long as he isn't playing the Bengals, I wish success for the team.
  4. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    (I would be stressing as well and picturing Shaquille Oneal trying to make a free throw for the championship- wouldnt be able to watch) Haha...that's funny..I know how that is.
  5. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    You know what i hate to see? The Bengals going for it on 4th and 2 from the 28 yard line because they have absolutely no confidence Sahyne will make a 45 yd FG. One of the reasons he had a high percentage is he didnt attempt long FG's....Only the short sh*t ! Although last year he did attempt 4 over 50 yds (2-4) That was Rare, as he had ZERO attempts from 50+ in 2008, and only 1 attempt over 50 in 2007 (0-1). Sick and damned tired of watching the Bengals go for it on 4th and short in FG range because of Graham..... This post is without context and supporting evidence. There were not that many avoided attempts at long FG's. His number of total attempts is a testament to that. The Bengals just stalled closer in the redzone. What's he supposed to do...say "Marvin...I know we are getting closer and could score, but can you please just stop here and let me kick a long one?" His 50+ % is among the top kickers. Deal with it. Did he get many opportunities? No. But he did this year, and did fairly well. Vinetari had about 6 years in NE where he didn't kick one over 50, and one year where he didn't make one over 39. Does that mean NE thought he sucked or couldn't kick long ones? And he also has one of the best 40-50 range % of kickers. Hair...He did not have 3 unsuccessful years of negotiations. It's so funny. Teams can drop players just like that. No warning, and very little of contracts actually signed go to the player when cut. But the players are always the bad guys..even when they are just looking for a higher % of money guaranteed, or a longer contract, or whatever. But the media and fans always assume it's about more money. I can tell you...most of what people think about the NFL ..is wrong. I recommend people read "A few seconds of Panic"...good book. Lots of inside info. And you say this: But the salary they agreed to pay him was always fair (and you know this how?). And furthermore, what could be more fair than allowing a player to determine his own fair market price by shopping his services to all teams? And in the next breath, admit they didn't let him determine...they tagged him. And he didn't play hardball, he was a free agent, had a worth determined by the market and the Bengals didn't want to pay it long term. Players want long term for job security, and benefits. A one year contract doesn't benefit players due to injury risks, etc. yes, they tagged him, but he didn't really want it. He would have been ok to let the market determine value. Bengals obviously knew he could likely get a better deal than what they were offering, or they didn't need to tag him. His going to market wasn't a sign that he wanted to leave. It was just saying I want the market to determine my worth..if the Bengals offer long term around those lines, then great. They tagged instead. How is that his fault?
  6. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    the quotes are so messed up in your last post Hair, that I'm going to start anew. But all I can tell you is that just because an offer was out there, does not mean it was fair. And I don't recall the Bengals saying anything about going to match offers way back when. they just knew they would have to match to keep him if another one was offered. I was actually pleasantly surprised that they did match back then. I'm not talking any numbers here, but no one knows but the Bengals and Shayne (and his family) what he was offered or not offered. As I said, they came close before the Tag, but the Bengals went for the tag. Shayne didn't ask for it, and would have tested free agency just like 5 years before if they hadn't used it. I don't think their relationship was "strained." Just two sides of a business deal that didn't work. He wasn't making demands or being difficult. The media likes to make drama for ratings. Shayne would have been happy to retire in stripes. It's too bad he didn't, but it wasn't in the cards I guess.
  7. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    No, the Bengals didn't have to match, but they did so after their own prolonged negotiations with Shayne had stalled to the point they let him test the market. And that reminds me that negotiations between Shayne and the Bengals have always stalled, and did so repeatedly despite the Bengals proven willingness to match his market value, as they did in the Jacksonville example, as well as later when they agreed to pay him top dollar under the terms of the franchise player tag. So save the agent-speak about lowball offers because all I'm seeing from the Bengals is a proven and repeated willingness to pay top dollar for a kicker whose production didn't always justify the cost. As for Shayne, all I'm seeing is a constant demand for more, repeated over and over again, as years ticked by. I liked him. Still do. And I would have welcomed him back under numerous scenarios. But how long are the Bengals supposed to wait for Graham? How long do they sit on an offer as he stalls while waiting for other teams to offer more than the Bengals already have? How long do they ignore other options? Times up, right? I think it's great how the Bengals can make it look like they "offered" him anything compared to what was out there. They didn't OFFER him a real contract and only when Jacksonville offered did they agree to those terms. I didn't mean they "HAD" to match, I meant that if they wanted to keep him they needed to match. Otherwise, he would have been gone to Jacksonville. And I think they were closer to a deal last year, but it just didn't happen. There was never talk of contracts outside of those two times. And his production was record-setting and often game winning. He missed TWO kicks that didn't win games (Never missed a kick that left the Bengals behind at the end of the game where the kick meant the difference between winning and losing). He missed ONE in 2006. And it was damn close on a windy day...and we only would have made the playoffs because another team lost later that day. it's not like he had it all on his shoulders at that time. Hindsight on what a player is thinking is easy to do for fans. But rarely are they right. There is a lot going on on the field, in the huddles, etc that no one knows about and yet people assume they understand why a player messed up etc. Just look at when people try to dissect a missed pass. Was it a bad route? Bad throw? Miscommunication? Slipped footing?... I am not trying to really argue with you as I know you supported him. But you bring up points others have also said, and I'm speaking to them also. He has done way more good than bad. As he should. People want perfection. They won't get it. They say they'll trade some "non clutch" misses, but when those misses come, they'll explain why those were also clutch... Every kick is important. Every one matters. Every kicker will miss some. Shayne had an bad day...and it got worse when the game started.
  8. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    You'd say wrong. And if you see the other deals they "offer" people who are RFA, they always offer min. Jacksonville offered a real contract and Bengals had to match (a contract Shayne signed). Also, I'm sure no one cares where he goes at this point, long as he's not here. Funny how I keep getting asked the question though.
  9. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    True, but she completely ducked my question about whether Shayne even wants to be a Bengal any longer, and FWIW I think her silence speaks loudly. To be fair Marvin Lewis also ducked the question in his statement, but not entirely, and IMHO his remark about not being able to speak for Shayne's agent is just more proof of the Bengals believing they've already made ANOTHER fair offer. And that brings us to Shaynes prolonged multi-year refusal to commit to a long term contract. So he's out now, and presumably happy. As for me, I've always liked and supported Shayne, and I'll miss him....until the first whistle blows. I didn't duck the question. I don't remember seeing it. I've stated on here many times since that fateful day that he loves Cincy and would return if the team asked. I said it either here or on the main board just yesterday that he loves Cincy and would stay. It's not up to him. And I'm not answering where he'll be. People will find out when the time comes.
  10. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    I love the fact Shane has a big sister lurking the message boards, ready to jump to his defense. I'll miss you BengalSIS and your posts. Something tells me that when 4th grade Shane came home with a bloody nose, the neighborhood bully promptly received a knuckle sandwich, courtesy of BengalSIS. that knuckle sandwich was delivered yes...but he was only 2 when I delivered it to the 7 year old that hurt him. Since then, he's handled those battles on his own. I'm just a facts checker now. Besides..he can kick my butt now...
  11. Shane Graham no longer an option ?

    I've been around... And for the record...I'm his older sis. (and if I don't stop eating pizza, my 5'11 self is gonna truly be his bigger sis. ) I have no beef with folks wanting fresh blood. A good start might do both Shayne and the Bengals good. But i truly believe that the Bengals have been spoiled the last few years. His clutch makes are all but forgotten because of a lower number of clutch misses. Shame.
  12. Bengals sign ex-Buckeye kicker Nugent

    kickoff placement on field (farther back), diff ball, different kick design by coaches due to level of play of returners, etc. you will notice EVERY kickers numbers get worse before they get better when they make the transition. No one seems to understand it's a different game. And Shayne was NEVER a kickoff guy in college, so he had to learn that (totally diff kick than FG) in the NFL. If anything, the NFL is easier on kickers for the FG... and that's what I was talking about in regards to Nugent, not his kickoffs. In college the hash marks are wider on the field, so short yardage FGs are tougher. Everything else (other than the level of the athletes trying to block the kick) is the same. NFL and NCAA balls have the same specifications. But this debate is neither here nor there. The question is if Nugent is even the same guy he was at OSU... and thus far in his NFL career, the answer has been no. Balls are not the same. The NFL ball isn't as wide and "soft" as the college ball. And the NFL balls are always brand new straight from the box every kick. Hard as hell, and harder when it's cold. BIG difference. I have seen the many collected footballs from Shayne, and kicked many as well as I work out with him at times when I'm in for a visit during the summer.
  13. Bengals sign ex-Buckeye kicker Nugent

    kickoff placement on field (farther back), diff ball, different kick design by coaches due to level of play of returners, etc. you will notice EVERY kickers numbers get worse before they get better when they make the transition. No one seems to understand it's a different game. And Shayne was NEVER a kickoff guy in college, so he had to learn that (totally diff kick than FG) in the NFL.
  14. The Shayne Graham Thread

    Before I make my post... FYI...the short kickoff was called play. Not a short kickoff. .....Now..moving on. Hello Bengals fans, I have returned from 16 hour round trip to stand in the cold and watch the game. Despite horrible play from many Bengals...I'm sure that's not what anyone cares to hear from me. So, I'll go straight to what anyone cares about. I'm not going through all the threads. I've had enough heartache for a while. I might read as I feel up to it. No excuse for those misses (and he doesn't make any). Good snaps/holds and the line held. This was plain not being focused and just messing up. I won't go into why that might have been. Doesn't matter. Point is he wasn't and while I don't lay the whole loss on Shayne (Palmer and squad are a close second in my book (minus Benson who I think played great) he certainly played a large role in the loss. His last miss took away our shot at coming within a score, essentially sinking the ship. Should Palmer and Co. have scored those touchdowns...yes. BUT, it's Shayne's job if he doesn't. I have stood in the cold (even tailgated with fellow fans from another board) many times. And not without taking a little heat from those who are not his biggest fan. But I have never run from the criticism, or not shown up at the tailgate because I was worried about a fan who disagrees with me. I'll even toss the ball around with such a fan, should he actually be able to throw/catch (you see I question some of the athletic abilities of our more cynical bunch).. I stood, without a coat and with Shayne's jersey on, the entire game yesterday. Not one time did I touch the seats with my behind. I screamed myself hoarse while on D, and cheered when we did well, and...yes, cried when Shayne missed the kicks. I have earned the right to defend Shayne (who deserved far less criticism over the years than he got, and deserved more praise than he got). I have earned the right to post where I want. Those who have criticized my posting in the past or present...sorry you don't like it. But I do as I please...I'm stubborn that way. But know this. Shayne cares more than you know (I was with him after the game...the reason he left btw, as I only had a few hours with him before I had to sleep for a long drive home today), and he won't give up. Whatever was bothering him yesterday ...he'll learn to keep it from bothering him again. Sometimes it takes hard times to teach you, or remind you, of how to take care of business. I have faith he'll do it. To those to recognize the fact that Shayne is human and people mess up from time to time...Thank you. I wish you all the best. To those who expect perfection...eh...when you get there, I'll listen. Until then, many people in this world will disappoint you. I hope it's not your spouse/daughter/son/sibling. Because the pain I felt yesterday and continue to feel today for the hurt that I know is in the gut of someone I love....I wouldn't wish it on anyone. So...good luck in the future. I will always cheer for the Bengals, as despite some of the turds I've grown to "love" on the boards, I have grown to love the team. I will not speak poorly of them, and unless Shayne (should he be lucky enough to find another home ...many career kickers have missed worse and still continued to play) happens to play against them, I will hope for a Bengal win. PS. To the person who missed my head with a beer bottle by 6 inches after the last kick....grow up. OH...and I'm not typin this s**t multiple times, so if you, like me post on several boards...consider this my "statement" if you will.
  15. kicker debate

    haha...funny you should say that. Shayne's % from over 50 (included a block durin St. Louis time, and a 62 yarder against the wind) is at 50%. A coin toss. Why don't you check out the career % of many kickers at that distance. Add to that his % inside the 50.... and whataya got? A damn good kicker. Already stated are the conditions he kicks under compared to the conditions the "better" kickers kick under. A human kicker who makes mistakes, but who NEVER kicked off in college, and who has worked hard to get better. He has definitely not had his best year with kickoffs.