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  1. Second Day

    Alright, nice.
  2. Second Day

    I would take Vonn Bell as well. we could use a safety
  3. Second Day

    Washington and Vikings already drafted receiver, so I would think Boyd will be there
  4. Second Day

    Seems like right when we are getting close to pick, guys we could use get picked up
  5. Second Day

    A lot of good players going.
  6. Second Day

    We only have 7 picks correct? 1 in each round
  7. Second Day

    I would be happy with WR, DL or LB. Boyd would be a nice WR to get
  8. Ill take it. Maybe stole one form the Steelers
  9. Yeah, definitely going Defense I would think
  10. We could still get a good WR in 2nd round. I say we could with Myles Jack unless Treadwell is there
  11. Damn, so now if Treadwell goes, we get Miles Jack? or Robinson?
  12. I would take Miles Jack, a top 5 guy that falls to us.
  13. Ok, so if Vikings go with Treadwell, we take Docston and I will be happy
  14. So Texans and Vikings could both go WR. We will see what happens