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  1. Fire, marvin lewis

    Dalton sucks eggs he will not get us to the super bowl Guarantee it
  2. Fire, marvin lewis

    I put this topic on here and I stand by it cannot beat the top teams cant win in prime time cant win away at night the record is horrible look it up. Why,why do the bengals keep on with this guy.This is the same bengals we've watched for the last 4 years you wait and see. I dont have problems with hue jackson excellent offense. OK answer me this one why is Andy Dalton still qb of this team A.J. Mcarron sits on the bench againhes better period. 2 championships at Bama in a row his reads are ten times better than daltons. What did red do rose bowl thats it what why!! Why!! is he backing up dalton The ball should have went to bernard period. 10 yrs of this with lewis its time for a change he cant get it done with the talent on My beloved Bengals we should have one if not two Super Bowls by now. I cant take it I'm bleeding orange and black I want a championship in Cincy. Whatever it takes M. Lewis 0-6 in playoffs NFL lead writer Mike Freeman " the only thing holding the bengals back from the super bowl is Andy Dalton " " dalton will throw 3-4 picks in the playoffs again and the bengals will be packing it up for next season again " I agree 100% A.J. Mcarron please lets go to the super bowl
  3. Fire, marvin lewis

    I am so sick of this coach costing the bengals games by calling these dumb ass plays like last night passing for the endzone 3rd and 2 1:30 left in the game why WHY!!!!!! all you needed was two yards and then 4 downs for a touchdown time is off the clock the cards dont fly down the field bengals win