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  1. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    From PFT article about his leverage comments being about the combine only: “It is a good cover, if anyone believes it.” I’m sure now that the narrative will switch from he doesn’t want to play for them because he hasn’t said he does, to he says he does but he really doesn’t mean it.
  2. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Daniel Jones plans on meeting with Bengals
  3. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Now he’s reporting that the report he was cut was false.
  4. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Per PFT, bengals starting to release assistant coaches.
  5. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Will he stay or will he go? Being from Green Bay, this is starting to remind me a lot of the whole Brett Favre retirement saga. This is the second year now where speculation of Marvin leaving for whatever reason (fired, retirement, etc). Like Favre, it will be Marvin is back till he’s not. PFT has a piece out this morning: Will Marvin Lewis stay or go?
  6. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Bengals bring back Andre Smith
  7. Baker Released

    The contract trimming continues. Bengals release Chris Baker
  8. Ravens @ Bengals It's Almost Over Thread

    Gotta do something with those old lumina parts.
  9. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    I would be ok with Oher as long as it's a low risk/high reward situation.
  10. Pro Bowl Selections

    I would rather see them bring back an expanded version of the quarterback challenge.
  11. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Inactives: QB AJ McCarron OL Tanner Hawkinson WR James Wright WR Greg Little CB Terence Newman DT Devon Still OL TJ Johnson Kirkpatrick to start tonight.
  12. Pro Bowl Selections

    A.J. Green and Kevin Huber made it this year. I agree 100% that Huber should go. I don't think A.J. had a pro bowl season though.
  13. Broncos @ Bengals Pre-Game Chat

    This from Cincy Jungle : "The median record of the last five Super Bowl Champions was 10-6. Their combined record for how they finished their seasons was 8-25." I'll take the playoffs any way they come as long as they make it.
  14. Steelers @ Bengals Game Thread

    I can easily see this game as a loss, but with this team your never certain which one takes the field. Only this week Pitt is in the same situation. We could end up with both teams coming out not ready to play. Another thought, this is huber's first game against Pitt since getting blown up on that punt last year. Hopefully it doesn't affect his punts.