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  1. Bengal4ever mock

    Your draft picks are heavy in the SEC. Can't really blame you there, they've only owned the Championship for the past seven years. Yeah, we need a good draft this year and fill some key positions or else were screwed..i think we desperatly need a big DT to stop the run.
  2. Bengal4ever mock

    Hi, im a new member to Bengal zone..just wanted to say how frustrated i am with getting our asses kicked today by Tj Yates and how we could not stop the run to save our lives..we came to play early and then fizzled out from there..in my opinion Marvin lewis needs fired..enough is enough we can't win with a non motivator coaching the team, today he took the biggest step of his life by throwing a red challenge flag for once..that's the only credit i give him..but he f'd up by wasting our other one...I believe that we have a good team we just need to fill a few spots like replacing Nate Livings, CHRIS CROCKER, Cedric Benson, We need help at CB, and we should definetly draft a DT to stop the run because Peko gets pushed back a mile...& rey maualuga is awful we need a different MLB. so here is my mock..... Sign FA RB Sign FA SS Maybe even sign a FA MLB 1st RD- OG-David DeCastro-Stanford-OR-Cordy Glenn-Georgia-We need a Guard to replace Livings. 1st RD- DT-Brandon Thompson-Clemson-We need a FORCE to go alongside Atkins to stop the run. 2nd RD- CB-Xavier Rhodes-Florida St.-Need a CB to go in our rotation or even start. 3rd RD- SS-Winston Guy Jr.-Kentucky-Crocker is terrible. 4th RD- FS-Blake Gideon-Texas-Need depth behind Nelson. 5th RD- OG-Larry Warford-Kentucky-Depth at Guard. 5th RD- WR-Marvin Jones-California-Could use Jones talent in our WR lineup. 6th RD- RB/KR-Jeff Demps-Florida-We need speed like this guys returning kicks. - 7th RD- C-Bob Hebert-LSU-Depth at center.