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  1. AJ Green's counterpart

    Simpson was pretty good this year and made some great plays. Now if the rumors are true and he was running the wrong routes and angrying Andy then let him go by all means. Talent wise he is a stud and could be a superstar.
  2. AJ Green's counterpart

    I dont get hte disdain for Simpson. We invested 3 years in his development and then he blossomed last year. Let the dude grow.
  3. My offseason

    I wont do another one until next month but here you go... Draft (1) Cordy Glenn-Ga (1) Alfonso Dennard-Nebraska (2) Mohamed Sanu-Rutgers (3) Amini Silatolu-Midwestern St (4) Alameda Ta'amu-Washngton (5) Dan Herron-OSU (5) Marcel Jones-Nebraska (6) Emmanuel Lamur-Kansas St (7) Logan Harrell-Fresno St (7) Kellen Moore-Boise St Free Agency 1.RB-Bush/Hillis/Tolbert 2.S-Griffen/Landry/Branch/Lowery 3.G-Vernon Carey 4.T-Adam Goldberg 5.C-Scott Mruckowski Rookie Free Agents Emil Igwenagu UDFA Wes Kemp UDFA Rashad Mason UDFA Shadrae King-Robert Morris Matt Cleveland-Idaho Mike Harris-UCLA Jeremy Jones-Wayne St Nick Hixson-Hillsdale Robert Blanton-Notre Dame QB 1) Dalton 2014-for life 2) Gradkowski 2012-fan of Grad but would consider an upgrade 3) Robinson 2012-love his ability to pass and run, great backup 4) (Round 7) Kellen Moore-Boise St-Fits what we are doing here perfectly. His limitations and strengths match our offense well. RB 1) Tolbert/Bush/Hillis-Bush would be the ideal but he will carry a big price tag. I like Hillis next but he comes with baggage. Tolbert is more of a bowling ball and less complete but is still young (26) and would be a nice fit next to Scott. 2) Scott 2012-Think he is still just at the cusp of what he can be 3) Leonard 2012-Really solid on 3rd down, limited elsewhere 4) Peerman 2011®-Stud STeamer, restricted fa brought back 5) (Round 5) Dan Herron-OSU-I had a 5th rounder available and I like Herron due to his pass catching ability. Not sure where he fits us, BPA at this point. X-Benson 2011-Too many issues. FB 1) Pressley 2011®-restricted and will be back 2) Develin 2012-can go back on PS next year so I expect him back 3) CFA-Emil Igwenagu-Umass-Versatile FB who has also played TE and LB. Also like Bruce Figgins from Georgia. TE/FB as well. WR 1) Green 2014-Stud 4 life 2) Simpson 2011®-Extraordinarily inconsistent. Deserves another year but not at all costs. Should be fairly easy to resign. Continuity is important. 3) Shipley 2013-Stud but fragile. Fear he will always be that way. 4) (Round 2) Mohamed Sanu-Rutgers-I am blown away by Sanu. Seems to fit us perfect, will block, catches a ton and is still raw enough after playing some safety/RB and QB early in his career that he might fall to us as teams look for more polished guys. 5) Hawkins 2012-Flat out Hawkins needs used more. A 4 wideout set with Ship and Hawkins in the slots would be pretty difficult to stop. I would use him as a return man more. 6) Whalen 2014-Really flashed some ability at the end of the year. Someone put it perfectly but he is a poor man's Kevin Walter. 7) Tate 2012-Erratic return man who is signed thru next year so we might as well give him an offseason to see what he can do in this offense. Still developing as a WR. Seems pretty slow when it comes to picking up plays and making quality decisions in the return game. 8) Binns 2012-Roster at the end of the year but I don't think he saw time. Offseason to see how he fits would be warranted. 9) Hazelton 2012-Added to the practice squad at the end of the year. 10) CFA-Wes Kemp-Missourri-Size Speed Guy 11) CFA-Rashad Mason-Georgetown-NC Transfer was a top ten recruit at WR X-Caldwell 2011-Too inconsistent and we have too many other options. TE 1) Gresham 2014-Very solid guy who will help us open up the offense 2) Lee 2011®-Great vet for a young team. Should be back without much issye 3) Cochart 2012-Great first year was a decent weapon on offense and should only get better 4) CFA-Shadrae King-Robert Morris-Undersized pass catcher from a small school x-Scaife 2011 (IR)-injured before he had a chane. LT 1) Whitworth 2015-Solid LT 2) Adam Goldberg-Rams LT/RT-Can sell him on going to the playoffs. Will be a backup for the Rams with Saffold and Smith anyway. 3) O'Donnell 2012-Developmental Tackle x-Collins 2011-Likely heading somewhere else LG 1) (Round 1) Cordy Glenn-Ga-Love his versatility as I think he can play every position well but LT tomorrow and he can backup LT in a pinch. 2) Boling 2014-Developmental LG-should be playing somewhere soon. 3) CFA-Matt Cleveland-Idaho-Playing LT for the Vandals-Versatility a plus. x-Livings 2011-Time to turn this page C 1) Cook 2015-Ok, dont really notice him, signed long term so they have an investment there, might as well upgrade next to him to see how he is. 2) Scott Mruczkowski-Chargers Backup veteran from Ohio, Can play C and LG x-McGlynn 2011®-Played his way off the roster the last month RG 1) Vernon Carey-Dolphins-Veteran who can play for a year or so. Might want to jump to a playoff team. Tough to leave Miami for Cincy though, might need to overpay 2) (Round 3) Amini Silatolu-Midwestern St-Mauler/high motor 3) Hudson 2012-Could be a future solid player can't count on him yet. x-Williams 2011-end of the road RT 1) Smith 2012-Up and down at times but worth another year to see how good he can get. Might have a great year in a contract year then? 2) (Round 5) Marcel Jones-Nebraska-Mammoth RT with back issues that will drop him in the draft 3) CFA-Mike Harris-UCLA-versatile has played LT and RT x-Roland 2011-end of the road K 1) Nugent 2011®-Should resign and was solid till the last few games. 2) Weber 2012-Was on the squad for our last "offseason". Insurance for Nugent collapse or not resigning P 1) Huber 2012-No problems LS 1)Harris 2011®-No Problems should resign LE 1) Geathers 2012-Solid but not spectacular 2) Rucker 2011®-Nice year should be back 3) (Round 7) Logan Harrell-Fresno St-Very active DT/DE tweener who may fly under the radar LT 1) Peko 2014-Love him, active and it is infectious 2) Sims 2011®-Solid but if we lose him would be replaceable. Unique in his skillset on the team 3) (Round 4) Alameda Ta'amu-Washngton-Very large and active guy who can play the NT spot RT 1) Atkins 2013-Breakout year, 2) Fanene 2011®-Very active with limited snaps, hope he sticks around 3) Hayden 2011®-Restricted so he will hopefully be back at low price, may not tender and then just offer him a deal as a UFA RE 1) Johnson 2012-Future at DE, sign him up before he blows up 2) Dunlap 2013-Future at DE 3) CFA-Frank Alexander-Oke-High motor sackmaster 4) CFA-Brett Roy-Nevada-High motor sackmaster SLB 1) Lawson 2011®-Should resign if the number is reasonable, adequate starter, active and on sts 2) Moch 2014-Cant wait to see what he can do 3) Evans 2012-Tried at MLB as well- We shall see where he lands, Team loved him in preseason MLB 1) Mualaga 2012-Another year to see if he gets it 2) Skuta 2011®-Must resign, as odd as it sounds I don't think there was much dropoff when he played. Doesnt have Mualagas power 3) Muckleroy 2013-Achilles injury means dont cound on me for 2012. Anything he gives is icing 4) Johnson 2012-Worth a look at SLB as well. Nice developmental type WLB 1) Howard 2012-Best overall LB 2) Rivers 2013-Can backup all 3 spots and is an adequate starter at WLB. No need to drop him yet 3) Rey 2012-STeamer 4) (Round 6) Emmanuel Lamur-Kansas St-Former S could be a great nickel lb and steamer filling Johnson's role. x-Johnson 2011-Down year, might get more PT elsewhere SS 1) Landry/Lowery/Branch/Griffin-Order will be FS Griffen, SS Landry, FS Branch, FS Lowery. Nelson will move to SS if we sign a FS. 2) Crocker 2012-depth for 2012 3) Miles 2011 ®-Steamer 4) CFA-Nick Hixson-Hillsdale-WR/S/KR at a small school FS 1) Nelson 2011®-Solid 2011 needs resigned 2) Mays 2014-Huge upside, would like him tried at Nickel LB if he can't hack it here 3) Sands 2014-Upside with great size 4) CFA-Jeremy Jones-Wayne St-Great production with 9ints last year at a small school x-Gibril Wilson-Like him but I am not sure there is a spot for him CB 1) Clements 2012-Solid 2011 if not great 2) Jones 2011®-Needs to be resigned, very thin here 3) (Round 1) Alfonso Dennard-Nebraska-Best CB available round 1. 4) Hall 2015-Achilles injury, I would expect him never to be back at full speed and be excited when he is. 5) Jennings 2011®-Bring him backf or depth 6) Ghee 2012-Developmental guy 7) Murray 2012-Can play both Corner and Safety 8) CFA-Robert Blanton-Notre Dame-Big Corner who tackles well and may be able to transition to Safety
  4. I really feel the neeed to make a catchall thread for this stuff. I am OCD that way. Please let me know and I will add whatever you deem appropriate. Bucs Raheem Morris 1.Mike Zimmer-DC Bengals 2.Wade Phillps-DC Cowboys 3.Mike Sherman-HC Texas AnM/GB Packers 4.Marty Schottenheimer-HC Browns and Chargers Interviewed 5.Brad Childress-HC Vikings 6.Jerry Gray-DC Titans Chiefs Todd Haley 1.Romeo Crennell-DC-Chiefs HIRED Dolphins Tony Saprano 1.Jeff Fisher-Interviewed 2.Mike Zimmer-To Interview (the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator from 2000-07 who worked with Jeff Ireland for four years) 3.Todd Bowles-Interim Miami HC Interviewed 4.Dave Toub-Bears STs Interviewed 5.Joe Philbin-Packers OC Interviewed 6.Mike Mularkey-Atlanta OC Interviewed Jaguars Jack Del Rio 1.Jay Gruden-Rumored 2.Mel Tucker-Interviewed 3.Mike McCoy-Broncos OC 4.Brian Schottenheimer-Jets OC 5.Rob Chudzinski-Pacs OC 6.Mike Mularkey-Falcons OC Rams Steve Spagnulo 1.Jeff Fisher-Interviewed 2.Jay Gruden-To Interview 3.Dennis Allen-Denver DC 4.Ray Horton-Cards DC Raiders Hue Jackson 1.? Potential Replacements OC 1.Hue Jackson-Raiders HC 2.Ken Zampese-Bengals QBs DC 1.Jack Del Rio-Jags HC
  5. My additions FA: RB-Bush or Tolbert RG-Stacy Andrews or get Duice Lutui again. Andrews and Duice both are not starting so it might be a nice enticement for them to know they can start here. Not sure what the relationship is like with either player with an obvious interesting hx with both. Backup LT/RT-Looking at the lists I don't see a guy I think really fits other than Collins who I think leaves. Draft 1 Cordy Glenn-G-Ga-Immediate starter at LG can backup LT potentially and be insurance for Andre Smith at RT. 1 Alfonzo Dennard-CB-Nebraska-Probably slides into the nickel immediately and is insurance for a non return of Hall or Jones 2 Mohamed Sanu-WR-Rutgers-A do it all guy who is still a little bit raw. You will love him if you only just watch his blocking. 3 Markelle Martin-FS-Oke State-A potential playmaker at S with limitations. This was the hardest pick for me. Not sure I love him yet. 4 Amini Silatolu-G-Midwestern State-Plays LT but projects to G. Just learning about him but seems like a fit to add depth across the line. My favorite from his writeup on PFW "Plays with a trench warrior mentality — competitive, physical and nasty." 5 Marcel Jones-T-Nebraska-Has great size and has played quite a bit but has big injury questions that drop him 6 Emmanual Lamur OLB/SS-Kansas St. Switched to OLB after playing SS for most of his career. Big play guy this year with nice speed. Might be able to replace Johnson as our nickel guy. 7 Logan Harrell DT/DE-Fresno St. Productive High motor undersized DT who can fit with our group nicely. Most of the UDFA's that I have listed are just shots in the dark based off brief reads. The ones that stand out to me are QB-Kellen Moore, who I think would fit our system well. WR-Wes Kemp-Missou-Size speed guy 4.4 at 6-3 217 WR-Rashad Mason who plays for Georgetown College and was a top 10 recruit at WR for NC before transferring T-Chandler Burden from Kentucky..I am sure others can say more about him but what I liked was mainly that he was moving over from DE and presumably still trending up. QB Dalton 2014 Gradkowski 2012 Robinson PS Kellen Moore UDFA RB Tolbert/Bush Scott 2012 Leonard 2012 Peerman 2011 Davin Meggett UDFA FB Pressley 2011® Develin PS WR Green 2014 Caldwell 2011® Tate 2012 Wes Kemp UDFA WR Simpson 2011® Shipley 2013 (IR) Whalen 2014 Rashad Mason UDFA WR (2) Sanu Hawkins PS--> Binns PS TE Gresham 2014 Lee 2011® Colin Cochart 2011 Coffman PS Joe Halahuni UDFA LT Whitworth 2015 FA/CC Chandler Burden UDFA LG (1) Glenn Boling 2014 C Cook 2015 McGlynn 2011® Garth Gerhart UDFA RG Andrews/Lutui (4) Silatulu Hudson PS RT Smith 2012 (5) Jones O'Donnell PS K Nugent 2011® P Huber 2012 LS Harris 2011® LE Geathers 2012 Rucker 2011® Fanene 2011® LT Peko 2014 Sims 2011® Black PS RT Atkins 2013 (7) Harrell RE Johnson 2012 Dunlap 2013 Frank Alexander UDFA SLB Lawson 2011® Moch 2014 Evans PS MLB Mualaga 2012 Skuta 2011 Muckleroy 2013 (IR) WLB Howard 2012 Rivers 2013 (IR) Rey 2011 (6) Lamur S Crocker 2012 (3) Martin Sands 2014 Miles 2011 S Nelson 2011® Wilson 2011® Mays 2014 CB Clements 2012 (1) Dennard Ghee PS--> McFadden PS CB Jones 2011® Hall 2015 Jennings 2011® Bowie PS
  6. Wildcard GAME THREAD

    Rough Loss. Several plays stand out to me that have been typical of this team all year and are typical of Marvin's teams. The pick off late in the game that really sealed it. We went to the well just one too many times Our offense lacks creativity and the Texans were prepared for everything we tried on them. How many times do we score first and then disappear as teams adjust and we don't? When things are not going great we tend to just try to throw deep to AJ Green. Things will need to change for next year. The run by Foster where Crocker displayed the worst tackling I have ever seen. Our teams always lack fundamentals, we don't do the little things to win. No way that type of play happens to a championship team. Everyone just seemed to stop on the play assuming he was out of bounds. The interception by Watt for the TD. Not a great play by Dalton by any means but it was a great play by Watt and that stuff tends to happen. What the worst thing was is that after that play I had the feeling the team just gave up like they did not all year. It felt like last year under Carson. "Here we go again...this one is over." With all that said we have so much to build off this team will be great next year. Just need to work on fundamentals and discipline and trying to dictate things on offense and defense instead of just letting everything happen to them.
  7. GROUP MOCK. Come Make a pick.

    Rams grab a corner. Really want a WR but this is too high for Jeffery or Floyd. Already have Quinn, Hall and Long or they would take Couples.
  8. If you could add just one former Bengal great...in his prime...to the squad we have now for the playoff run who would it be and why?
  9. 2 Guards in the First

    One CB and one G and I will be happy. Prefer Glenn over DeCastro due to versatility and Dennard over Jenkins due to thugatility.
  10. Would you trade Dalton for Andrew Luck?

    This. We know what we have with Dalton. This is certainly interesting and I see both sides. We know what we have in Dalton, but really all he has done is gotten to above average really really quickly. Indicators are that he will be really good and keep improving but he is not any better then anyone thought he would be. He just got their much faster then we thought he would. I think that Dalton has a lower ceiling for sure but with his incredible first year he also has a lower floor.
  11. Just for a bit of conversation. I am not sure what my answer is.
  12. Big game in regards to Marvin

    I was thinking about it this morning. I think clearly because of the Rookie QB and the big changes this year Marvin stays, however he has proven he can get to this point. A couple more years of here and no further and I might start calling for his head.
  13. Gruden "Favorite" to Helm Jaguars?

    I fall in the not yet qualified category. Half a year of coordinatorship on this level does not qualify him yet IMO. I am not even sure he is a good coordinator yet. I really like what he has done with Dalton but its not like this offense is even to the level of scaring people yet.
  14. Reasons to believe (WARNING-OPTIMISTIC)

    I don't say this to be combative... but why do you want a complex defense? The two long runs from Ray Rice last week were because players (specifically Rey and Nelson) failed to maintain their gaps. I want each player to know his role and be able to do it quickly and effectively without having to think too much about a complicated scheme. Fast and violent are better than complicated in my opinion. No worries about the combative stuff. I won't take it that way unless you are directly using names or slurs or whatever. I have seen none of that in this place. I think with a complicated defense its harder for an offenses to prepare. I think with our scheme we seemingly ract instead of dictate. Thats how I view both sides of the football for us but I think Gruden is a step in the right direction on O. I want other teams on both sides of the ball saying "How are we going to stop them" They tried complicated last year and they sucked. Remember last year when Zim said they have to simplify the defense, because it was to complicated for the guys. The problem i see with the defense is they need to tackle better, they need to stay in there gaps better, they need to get off blocks much better. It seems to me each year the defense starts out great but always falls back, i would love for them to back to playing that physical football that they played at the start of the season. I agree with these and dont view our takes as exclusive from eachother. I think we need to get fundamentally sound for sure, but we also need to dictate things. I think your take is basically a bottom level ie we need atleast that to be succesful. Mine is a second level. We need yours to get to mine. The reality is that I don't expect this on both sides of the ball, as someone aptly put ot many teams have had this ever, but I think the majority of the teams who have contender level success dictate things on offense or defense. They either dominate the line of scrimmage or confuse you so you don't know where they are coming from on D ie Giants, Pitt, Dominate through the pssing game so you are basically unstoppable on O Pacs, NO, NE or Dominate through the running game and have ridiculous playmakers on D in the Ravens. I think the Lions and Texans are on the cusp of greatness.