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  1. Simplest way for us to make playoffs

    I'm with you. Yes... the last 5 weeks have been incredibly discouraging... but the Bengals are still in the race. Maybe they don't deserve to be, but they are. And unless they s**t the bed against the Rams and Cardinals, they'll still be in the race come week 17. I'm not ready to forget how much fun this team has been to watch. And in that spirit, I'm also not ready to stop hoping that we'll get to watch them play in an extra game or two in January. I'm pretty much with you on this one ..I think the Bengals should win games with both the Rams and the Cards .... but I also have to agree that a Ravens team with something on the line flogs the Bengals like rented mules. Even at that a 9 and 7 season so far exceeds all expectations for this team that it would be hard to be disappointed in the seasaon as a whole.
  2. The Curse of Takeo Spikes

    Maybe we could hook him up with the Stealers.
  3. R.I.P. Al Davis at age 82

    Had plenty of time to listen to the NFL station .... had the same thought about how you can improve your favorability rating .. IQ ... etc etc .. just by kicking off. Everybody .. and I mean everybody LOVED Al ... I did notice tho that of all the phone calls .. interviews... the one that was conspicuously absent was Marcus Allen. Guess he hasn't felt the love yet .. or really learned the lesson he got from Al by riding the bench .. not being allowed to play ... be released .. or traded. Tough Love does take a while to sink in I guess.
  4. #1 Pick in next years draft

    Not to state the obvious .. but Dalton doing well in a game .. or even great doesn't mean they are going to win the game. Palmer threw for over 300 yds in a couple of their losses last year. I'm hoping Dalton does great too... I am concerned about his lack of size tho especially in this division. Palmer was 3" taller and 30#'s heavier amd they beat the snot out of him on a regualr basis. I'm not sold on Luck either .. I was just going with the conventional wisdom .... given that and Mike B's tendency not to trade out of a no. 1 spot just makes for an interesting scenario. Here's to a good season which makes it a non event.
  5. Official 2011 Season Prediction Thread

    I'm optimstic .... I'm thinking they start 2 and 2 .... and end up 5 and 11. See a split with the Browns ... but I just can't see them beating the Steelers or the Ravens either one.
  6. Official 2011 Season Prediction Thread

    ...and if the chick in your signature becomes a Ben-gal cheerleader, the other teams can't focus while playing at PBS and the Bengals win every home game. Unfortunately the cheerleaders don't travel on the road so they lose every away game and finish with a record of 8-8. Make it happen Cap'n. S**t dude, if I could make anything happen it would be me motor boating those puppies. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt! But how is that going to help the Bengals win games this year? They can motor boat them too? How about they only get to motor boat them when they win !!! I figure they're good for 5 wins each
  7. Nickname for the new legend

    Ray Lewis' Lunch
  8. Was listening to Adam Schein yesterday who said the Bengals in his opinion would finish 32nd out of 32 in wins and losses. ... worst record in the league. Now .... I don't know if I quite agree with that or not but it did make me think about next years draft and wonder. What happens if the Bengals do end up with the #1 pick in the draft again ?? The people who "know" all say that Luck is the #1 pick .. but what if the Dalton is doing great and the Bengals don't want him ?? Take someone else at #1 ?? Trade it ?? What if Dalton sucks ??? Take another qb at #1 and have 2 ?? Just thought it was an interesting scenario and wondered what some of you think the Bengals would do in this situation. Remember 2 things .. its what the Bengals would do ... not what you would And #2 remember Its Mike
  9. QB question/Dalton

    Palmer had / has a lot of good qualities. He's never had the opportunity to demonstrate that mentoring was one of them ... & I don't know ... I just don't think thats a role that he would relish at this point in his career. I think Chad would readily take A.J. under his wing .... I'd be way more worried about exactly what he would be teaching him. Green is making a good first impression and I wouldn't let Chad within a mile of him.
  10. Favorite Selection in this years draft?

    Liked A.J. Green in the 1st ... was scared to death that they were going to take Cam Newton. Dalton seems like a good pick ... I'd feel a lot better about it if he were 6'6" and about 40 pounds heavier. Just worried about him ending up on the bottom of some Ravens or steelers shoe.
  11. QB question/Dalton

    There is no way in hell that Carson will ever again take a snap behind center for Cincinnati. Got to go with the Meister on this one. I don't see Palmer showing up at all. Don't think we'll hear from him period till he's traded or released.
  12. Reds vs. Cubs

    My wife has already hidden all of the sharp objects in the house ..... Locked up my ammo too. Anybody got a rope ???????
  13. Let the annual Pirate Fire sell begin

    When talking about the Pirates, you have to remember to keep it in the proper perspective that Pittsburgh is a football town first .. last ... and always. I remember watching the Reds play the Pirates in the NLCS and seeing pleanty of empty seats in the stands. That weekend the Steelers were playing the Packers ( not very good at the time ) in a meanignless game and it was standing room only. Pirates are one of the originals .. and its a shame they don't get the hometown support that they should.
  14. Reds vs. Rockies

    Honestly, I am in that mode where I am hoping they tank the rest of the way specifically to see Baker and staff gone. I don't see them winning in the long run with that coaching staff. If they play around .500 ball for the rest of the year then you can expect them to be back for a fun filled 2010. Those were my thoughts exactly. When they were doing pretty well earllier in the season I was glad to see it ... On the other hand, I had no false illusions about our Mr. Baker and really didn't want to see him rewarded with a contract extension. I don't know who will be available either .... but almost anyone would be better than this dipstick.
  15. Reds vs.Padres

    I think its pretty clear that Dusty has lost this team. Now ... I readily admit that the Reds shortcomings were exposed in the games with the Phillies and other upper echelon teams BUT having said that they are now not even competing with teams that they should be on a par with. Losses to better teams are an unpleasent fact of life. Going prostrate to other .500 ( or worse ) teams in the first inning lands smack in the lap of management.