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  1. Bengals @ Cowboys Game Thread

    Look at Cincy's schedule versus the Cowboys. Stats are always everything
  2. Bengals @ Cowboys tailgate

    Thanks! Nothing is showing up under my sig on my phone. Anyway, any Bengals going to the game this weekend need to meet up at lot 4. Go to Facebook page Bengals Fans in DFW for more details while your here
  3. Bengals @ Cowboys tailgate

    I take it your not making or you didn't make the trip
  4. I'm headed to Dallas to attend the game and wanted to see if there were any other Bengals fans on the forum making the trip. Id like to get as many Bengals fans together as possible for a good tailgate.
  5. Bengals v Falcons

    When was the last time one of our safeties made a play. They should be in on more plays than anybody else.
  6. Benson

    He is part of this mess we are sending out there right now and he is getting the rock over 20 times a game. He deserves part of the blame. Mendenhall and Hillis seem like they make it happen with crappy offensive lines w/ the same amount of carries. I like to see more B. Scott because he is more allusive in the first half and use Benson as the hammer to finish the game. I'd also like to see more passes going to Shipley and Gresham instead of forcing them to Chad and TO.
  7. Benson

    He is looking really bad right now, why would we extend him.
  8. 3rd Round #1: Jordan Shipley

    Wes Welker is a good comparison. He is actually a more polished slot/route runner than Welker was coming out. He is also timed a little faster and taller. Wes Welker ran a 4.65 forty and is around 5'9" and Shipley ran a 4.60 forty and is around 5'11". They both had great college careers because of their elite vision. They both not only run good routes but know how to sit in the open spot. He instantly takes over as our slot WR and #1 punt returner. He is just an all around slick football player. It's hard not to like this kids game and character.
  9. 3rd Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I'd take Joe Mcknight right here
  10. 3rd Round #1: Jordan Shipley

    He is the best slot WR in the draft and one of the most shifty. He is just as fast as Gilyard but more productive at a higher level. He may never be a stretch the field WR but he can be just as good as Welker. He is a well polished, low maint., high character player that excels in special teams.
  11. 3rd Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I'd take Chancellor
  12. 3rd Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I'd love Mccoy. I wouldn't have to freak out everytime Carson gets touched and slowly gets up
  13. 2nd Round: Carlos Dunlap

    Can't complain. We drafted the best athlete available. Dunlap has more ability than any other DE in the whole entire draft. Time will tell if he is able to put it all together.
  14. Bengalszone Mock Draft Discussion

    You can't be serious. Over 21 hours elapsed between Atlanta's pick and the eventual pick that was made for you. I know you checked it before going to bed, and Atlanta hadn't selected yet, and then you got home from work, and your pick had been made. Well, how about checking before you go to work? No, there is no money on line, but there were rules in place... rules that you have 6 hours to make your selection. A rule that was bent and even broken by the time a mod got around to making your pick. Do you realize how long a mock draft would take if we allowed everyone to take a full 24 hours? So, the point here is that this mock draft is important enough to you to complain that you somehow got the shaft, but not important enough to check up on every 12 hours or so. Gotcha. Really Some people have busy lifestyles that don't allow them to check the computer every few hours. Your obvious not one of them people if you have enough time to write a 3 paragraph response to something you have nothing to do with. I've been in this draft for the last few years and I've done it the same way every time with no problems. Because of my lifestyle/career, I'm only able get on the computer at night. We were at pick 20 and there was still ten days before the draft so I didn't understand the urgency. I was a little aggravating cause I did my research once I got home and went to post and somebody picked right before me. I wasn't pissed or anything and even gave my point of view of the pick taken. People who get involved w/ stuff they had nothing to do with really gets on my nerves. Worry about your own sh**. You have way too much time on your hands and should really consider picking up some type of hobby.
  15. Bengalszone Mock Draft Discussion

    Spiller is too small and wouldn't complement Slaton. I was torn between Wilson and Ryan Mathews. I like to root for the Texans so thats why I pick them every year. I know their team just as well as the Bengals. Wilson will end up getting picked prior to the Texans pick and RB is the second biggest hole so Mathews is the best bet. Thanks once again for being extremely impatient with draft. You would think there is $ on the line. I'm good with the other picks, I don't really follow them teams too closely.