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  1. Bengals v Ravens (merged)

    I'm new to the board, so I don't know the history of posts by everyone and everyone's point of view (and it sounds like you have been named the "I won't accept mediocrity" guy). And while I don't agree with everything you have to say, I do agree with you somewhat on your point about Carson. I have always been a fan of Carson and feel that he did some great things his first couple years. I have one Bengals jersey... it's a Palmer #9. But, I do feel that Carson is slipping into being a very average QB in the NFL. He is not an elite quarterback in the league. If I had to choose a QB to have the ball in the final minutes of a game, I can't say that Carson would be in the top 5. That being said, with the weapons we have, I don't think we need an elite quarterback to do some good things. On your other points: -Chad is still an elite receiver, but I feel he could be much better than he is. -Colin Cowherd if very entertaining, but I'm not so sure he's the genius you're making him out to be -And not really with you on the Katie Blackburn thing either.
  2. Bengals v Ravens (merged)

    I, for one, am going into this game as if it is week 1. I don't think the Bengals are as bad as they looked on Sunday and I don't think Flacco and the Ravens are as bad as they looked on Monday (yeah, they won, but they didn't look good). I think this game will be a good indication of how the season will go for the Bengals. These are two teams that are very familiar with each other and know what to expect. The ass kicking from Sunday will hopefully wake the coaches and the players up to what they need to do to get back to where we were last season. I'm expecting to see a lot of running the ball with some shots down the field. On defense, I'm expecting them to try something radically different from the Pats game--tackling the guy that has the ball. I'm still optimistic about this season, but if we don't come away with a win on Sunday, that could change fast.
  3. Marvin Lewis' last season?

    This is exactly what comes to my mind every time the thought comes in my mind that it might be time to get rid of Marvin. OK, we get rid of Marvin, who are we going to get? Absolutely, we might hit the jackpot and get an overlooked assistant that brings us a Superbowl. But, more likely than not we would get a Jim Zorn or a Mike Tice, someone who is desperate for a job and would be out in another 2-3 years. If we want a Chan Gailey as a coach, then get rid of Marvin. But right now, I agree with ArmyBengal. Marvin may not be Bill Belichick, but with Mike Brown, it's a better bet of keeping Marvin while we have him. You think Mike Zimmer would want that job? Think again.
  4. FOX Command Center

    While in the past I couldn't stand watching games on FOX (mainly because of all the cheesy graphics, futuristic sound effects, and shameless promotions), their new "FOX Command Center" is a pretty cool idea that I thought was good. They have the former NFL director of officials join the broadcast when there is a controversial call or a play being reviewed, to explain what the officials are looking for or what the wording of the rule is and give his opinion on what the call will be. Of course I'm sure the producers at FOX were thrilled with the play at the end of the Bears/Lions game so that they could put their new toy in action. I've already heard mixed opinions on it, but aside from the cheesy "FOX Command Center" background, I thought it was a good addition. It was a lot better to hear an actual official during a long review rather than two commentators that have no idea what they're talking about.
  5. Marvin Lewis' last season?

    No, you didn't. While this game was extremely disappointing, I don't think it is time to give up the thoughts of having a great season. Nor do I think the struggles should all be placed on Marvin. But, it is his job to get the team ready to play, so yes, he does deserve some of the blame. But the defense missed too many tackles and just seemed to be watching plays go by them. And Carson was making the same throws that he has made his entire career that make no sense.
  6. Minor, but not a good sign

    If our biggest problem this season is Carson's nickname, I think we're in good shape. If only it was that easy. I hope the Batman/Robin thing dies off soon.
  7. Bengals Fan in MO

    Hey all... checking in here as a new member on BengalsZone. I was a member on this site a few years back but eventually stopped visiting for whatever reason. But, I recently moved from Ohio to Missouri for a job. So, I am feeling the need for more interaction with Bengals fans since I am not surrounded by them like in Ohio. Not a whole lot of Bengals fans in Rams/Chiefs country. So, I'm looking forward to getting back into BengalsZone and meeting everyone here. WHO DEY