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  1. Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread

    I hope the Steelers put 70 on Zac. Zac makes me sick to my stomach everytime I hear him speak. I can't stand the guy. On a side note. Listening to AJ green's post game interview. it's clear he has made up his mind. He wants wants out. I can't blame him. Another high caliber player who waisted his career here. I hope he gets out and goes and gets a chance to win it all.
  2. Cowboys @ Bengals Game Thread

    He is 1,000,000 percent correct fuck Zac!!!!
  3. Cowboys @ Bengals Game Thread

    Lmfao I see ole Andy came in and kicked the shit outta Zacs piss poor excuse for a team. GOOD!!! I stopped watching this embarrassment of a staff after joe went down. I want this team to get stomped every single week. Just wait until the Steelers come in. I hope they put 70 on this bullshit staff. Fuck you Zac you are the single worse coach ever!!!
  4. Cowboys @ Bengals Game Thread

    I hope Dalton comes here kicks the shit outta Zac and gets his ass fired. I want this staff gone all of them.
  5. Defensive Coaching Shakeup Coming?

    Just read Marvin is looking to get back in to coaching.. what's the chances mike brings him back? No I'm not in support of him returning. I think there is a pretty decent chance Mike would let him return. Smh.
  6. The Knee

    Seems Zac and company are lost and are creating a toxic environment no player will want to be a part of. No one going to stay around with this level of incompetence.
  7. The Knee

  8. The Knee

    SMDH just disgusted , once in a decade player. They did nothing to protect him. Phil and Boomer hit the nail on the head. Zac put to much on him. This was my biggest fear with Zac returning. He would fuck Burrow up. He was are hoping this kid will be able to play next year. WTF! Fuck you Zac!
  9. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    As I said It don't matter. As long as Turner is there. There will be no inor has there been any improvement. This line is worse than last season. Jim turner is terrible and is known for being pure shit as a coach and human being. . Has been fired for being pure shit more than once. The man has no business having this job. Just more proof Zac is a damn idiot as well for bring Turner here. Jim couldn't coach an all pro line. Let alone.devople young players. Jim Zac and Lou are the issue.
  10. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    That's c Because he had real coaching at bama. Then explain why all the other linemen are pure shit? Give me a break. Turner is a fucking joke.. You know damn well he is. Stop the nonsense.
  11. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Its all moot as long as turner and Zac remain on this team. It's very clear they don't know what they are doing. They don't know how to direct or develop players. They have only made a bad situation worse. Lord knows what lasting damage they have done.
  12. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    We all knew this was coming. This is directly on Zac and that dumb fuck joke of a line coach. Then Mikey boy I hope you choke on your oatmeal you sorry fuck! You ignorant son of a bitches. Destroyed this young man because you are fucking stupid! I'm done with this team! Fuck you Mike you worthless old bastard. You are an embarrassment to your family name. Fuck you Dick face !!!
  13. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    Good job Zac you *** damn son of a Bitch!! Get this fucking clown the fuck outta here. You dumb ass !! Fuck you mike and Zac!!
  14. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    I want to see this team get embarrassed every week until this season is over. I want this entire staff gone. Its depressing every time I see a Bengals news update that Zac isn't fired.
  15. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    Lmao we all knew fat Randy would miss that. I figured out why Mikey loves Zac. They have the same thought process. They both give multiple chances to players that should be cut. Have no clue what a good player or coach is they both lose at historic levels!!! They are one in the same. Now it makes perfect sense.