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  1. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    could be a case of the coach demanding more than the previous staff did. these players don't like it. I'm sure it will come out soon, one of these guys will address it.
  2. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    Wtf that’s some bullshit! Dre Kirkpatrick was covering him. Cut him! the reports are saying no timetable or up to 6-8 weeks because there’s torn ligaments and could possibly take even longer. Then players are complaining that the field is garbage. What in the hell is Zac doing letting his team play on that field? First strike against Zac. You don’t put your players on a field that’s torn up. Damn it Zac pull your head out of your ass get it together.
  3. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Only thing positive I got. Mike won’t live forever. Marvin can’t coach forever.
  4. Week 10- Saints Talk

    I feel terrible for the fans. No fan should have to tolerate this. Cincinnati please do not support this this. You are being made fun of as a fan of this team. Donating all my gear to charity. Completely swearing off this team. Might even switch. 20 plus years of this shit is enough!
  5. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Done with this team until Marvin’s gone. This teams not worthy of fans support. Fans need to take the gear off throw it on the field and demand refunds. Fucking jokes!! Can’t believe this fucking idiot has a job.
  6. Week 10- Saints Talk

    All the proof you need the refs are dictating the game. Core gets out of bounds. Ref still runs the clock. Sad
  7. Week 10- Saints Talk

    This is a complete joke of a team. Trash all the way around. Clearly Marvin has no pride. Sorry pos.
  8. Week 10- Saints Talk

    O don’t forget the Dre pi call. So that’s what 5 missed calls or human error.. highly unlikely. That’s clearly favoring one side.
  9. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Clearly they are favoring the saints. Thomas dropped that pass. Huber was hit. Evans was illegally picked. Evans was tackled on the Ingraham touchdown. Pretty blatant if you ask me. It’s typical. Marvin team have zero respect from the refs. That’s not even debatable. Yes it’s his own fault.
  10. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Fuck this game. Marvin you’re a fucking coward. Your team reflects it. You piece of shit. Never hated a player or coach like I do Marvin.
  11. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Marvin had any balls defend your team! Damn coward!
  12. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Yeah these refs. Clearly trying to control the outcome. Wow this is disgusting.
  13. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Need to lay drew out. Get after him. No reason not to. Where’s Burfict when you need him?
  14. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Surprised the refs didn’t call a made up penalty. Love to see Marvin work the refs for once. He never backs his team up ever.
  15. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Fucking disgusting is what it is. Refs clearly trying to dictate the outcome he very clearly never controls it.