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  1. Training Camp

    A fun drinking game while watching preseason games on ch 12 is to take a sip everytime Munoz answers a laudatory Brad Johanson comment with "he really does..." Last week I had my first sip after Munoz' opening sentence.
  2. Roster Moves

    Don't they need a QB on the practice squad seeing as they only have 2 on the active roster? Who runs the scout team? Campbell needs to prepare for each week's opponent. It's too much to ask for him to do scout team duties too
  3. Jets @ Bengals Game Thread

    The thing is those injuries to Wilson and Burkhead could have been avoided if the backup O-line had at least blocked a little.Our backups are piss poor. I guess we'd better be scanning that waiver wire this year and pray for good health (which never happens with this team)
  4. Dalton Deal Done

    That table doesn't jive with other sources. Where's the "escalator clauses"? Shouldn't those be in the incentive column?
  5. Dalton Deal Done

    Agreed />http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/playerbreakingnews.asp?sport=NFL&id=6493&line=291151&spln=1 Basically it's $14 mill with a few escalators with very little guaranteed money. I think that's a fair deal for all concerned
  6. Your 2014 Draft Class

    I wanted Hyde over Hill amd Mettenberger over McCarron. Hope I turn out to be wrong on those...
  7. NFL New Rules

    I assume this doesn't apply to sacks generated when the QB runs out of bounds (aka, the "Dalton"). Seems like a bit of a disincentive to deep passing plays that draw PI way down field. Would this have any other impact? Would it apply to returns? Seems like this would apply to the dreaded roughing the passer penalty. If a pass is completed and the QB is roughed, the offense would not get another 15 yds tacked on. Am I reading that right?
  8. Free Agency

    If Hue leans more to the run then he'll want Smith 'cause he's our run blocking TE
  9. Free Agency

    I don't see how anyone can have an opinion on re-signing Mays until we know the terms. If the guaranteed money is low then I don't see the problem. He clearly was a contributor last yr before he got hurt and I would argue that they missed him thereafter. As for BabyHawk, $3mill is not much nor is his guaranteed money. I'm fine with it. I especially like that they're telling the team up north to shove it and quit sniffing around our players
  10. Free Agency

    They've got Cobi Hamilton too. With all that depth, you can't pay $5 mill to baby Hawk but I'm happy for him. He's worked hard for this big payday. I do get irritated that the Browns are always wooing our players. They must have some sort of man-love for our guys
  11. Free Agency

    I didn't see that coming but yippee! I guess this shows MB knows that we had a weakness at C afterall
  12. Bengals pay below minimum wage

    It used to be that the Bengal Gals didn't get any pay. It was all volunteer. Seems to me lawsuits like this one will ultimately get them right back to that
  13. Interesting QB Playoff Stats

    No matter how you slice it Andy's numbers are the worst of the bunch. He's also teetering on history. No QB has ever started his career 0-4 in playoff games. Those stats don't even mention fumbles. I hope he turns it around but I had that hope a year ago and was again disappointed
  14. Zim to Vikes

    Who else was on Schwartz's staff on defense? With all of the turnover, there have to be some available guys for position coaches on defense. You can't expect to get a guy to go from head coach to position coach but they did pluck someone off Schwartz' staff: />http://espn.go.com/blog/cincinnati-bengals/post/_/id/5116/bengals-matt-burke-linebackers-coach
  15. Sherman is a thug. Period. I don't understand why Harbaugh didn't use his time outs and setup a play instead of throwing a hail Mary that close to the end zone! Made no sense at all! I doubt Harbaugh had a Hail Mary in mind. Kaepernick should have thrown that one away or checked down. They still had 3 more downs and 2 TOs. Jimmy Johnson said it very well in the post game show when he said Kaepernick kept them in the game with his legs and lost it as a passer. He went on to say that this is the knock on CK. He's a weapon running the ball but a liability throwing it