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  1. Draft Questions Answered

    So...more table top space for their laptops.....championship.
  2. 1st Round: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State

    This was the only true option with who was left. Worked out perfectly with him falling.
  3. 2nd Round: Jeremy Hill, RB, LSU

    Was my favorite back in the draft. Prefect compliment to Gio.
  4. 3rd Round: Will Clarke, DE, West Virginia

    I don't see this guy as a Johnson replacement. That guy was drafted last year in Hunt. To me this guy is there to replace take over Geathers role this/next year. Not a huge fan of the player, but not a bad pick.
  5. What round would Manziel be tempting?

    Looks to me like he could throw a football right over them mountains! :)/> />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGsJ5hpdjqs I would draft that guy in the 7th right now just for making that video. Of course, ability to make a youtube video isnt on most teams priorities and makes it a good thing the bengals donw have me making selections.
  6. Jets @ Bengals Game Thread

    Ok, I haven't been posting at all this year as things have been quite crazy around here, but seriously, the best all around game since before I hit puberty deserved a Kudos.
  7. 53 Man Roster as is.

    Because he wasn't in there. They had the traditional FB (Connor) blowing open holes for Gio to run through. This is why I wanted Connor. At the expense of Charles ?? No, Charles didn't need to go. Mays and Whalen still have a spot on this team, but a true FB doesn't playing in the AFCN ?? Not positive and deleted it from Tivo, but I am pretty sure Charles was in at fb on 2 different goal line carries throughout the preseason, and one as tight end. And all 3 ended up with tds.
  8. 53 Man Roster as is.

    I dont mind the keeping of Charles, was 50/50 either way. Moch was the one that surprised me as I thought he had looked good all preseason and we are thin at lb(I expect one to be picked up or Moch back after hawkins goes to ir). And I see a lot of people questioning goal line carries with charles, and while admittedly he wasn't really responsible for this, I dont recall being stuffed on the goal line with him in there.
  9. 1st Round: Tyler Eifert

    And witten was the same comparison I made to my friends. Not the blocker witten is at this point, but I do think he can develop there as well as improve on his route running.
  10. 1st Round: Tyler Eifert

    Cant log in much or comment much or even watch the draft this year but put me on the side that really likes this pick. He was the best value of any player who can help this team right now. Cyprien and Elam were reaches at that point and reaching for need rarely goes well. I don't think we needed help at corners. Lacey and the rbs just are not that strong this year. Plus I would perfer a back with a bit more explosion than lacey. And the line backers out there offered little value in my opinion(though I do love Aurthur Jones long term.) And I believe this guy just flat ends up as a better player than any of the wide receivers out there. Best player available is how the good teams work, and it is something we did right tonight.
  11. Bengals Moves

    I do not like this fit of harrison at all. He is a career 3-4 pass rusher who made his living off an over aggressive style of attacking. Zimmers system is a 4-3 system that is predicated on gap control and staying home. He may occasionally flash or make a couple big sacks, but i just see this as a player who will have more bad plays than good ones for this team. Would have paid a lot more for Dansby personally. That said, he is better than Lawson, and much much better than Maybin, who i think most of you underestimate how bad he is.
  12. Green Voices Frustration

    Whoa, hold your horses. Palmer was a better QB in 2005 than Dalton is now, but there is no way I would want Mr. pick six back as the starting QB. Dalton has more leadership ability in his pinky toe than Palmer has in total. Dalton has put up two of the top 15 best stat years any Bengals QB has ever had, in his first two seasons. This all occurred with at least 4 different number 2 WR's, this season and with the very inconsitent Simpson last year as #2. Dalton will become a better QB, when the team puts a solid #2 WR and a breakaway style RB on the field with him, along with an improved center/guard position on the line the O is set for a monster year if healthy. Oh by the way, as Army would say Fu€* Palmer! I am not a dalton hater by any stretch, but this post actually tells you the problem with him. Yes he could be a good qb with a probowl wr, a good #2, good slot wr, talented te, top level rb, and an ol that has top 10 players all along it. The fact that this year he had Green(one of the best in the game), Hawkins who most teams would love as a slot, Gresham who though inconsistent put up some numbers, JGE had 1000+ and played strong in the second half, probowl lt, andre smith who graded out as pff best rt and Dalton did not get it done consistently. I do think he still has a little room to grow, but as I said on the day he was drafted. Dalton's ceiling is Chad Pennington and that is why he was there in the second round. You can win with Chad Pennington but you need to heavily invest in those around him. As for what Green says, as long as this doesn't become pattern I have no problem with him stating the obvious. Still like to keep this in house but if this is our biggest problem with Green it is great.
  13. Offseason Signing News

    In everything I have seen from this guy he is not half the player Lawson is. And Lawson is not a good player. Camp fodder I don't know if he will stick around.
  14. Flesh Zeppelin arrested

    Stupid, really stupid. But as a one time thing not a big deal.
  15. How will Hobson spin this one?

    The same way he has spun it for as long as any of us can remember.