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  1. Torry Holt released

    If they could move Chad for at least a late 1st rounder Crabtree would be more appealing at #6 - then steal Mack before The Steelers pick, then go pass-rush in the 2nd.. Of course guys like Holt and Marvin being out there is gonna equal a whole lot less interest in Ocho..
  2. New here..

    Welcome CRUDS. BTW your "Tennessee Bloodbath" vid was pretty good. Much appreciated! That was put together with video footage of a recent visit to The Evil Cabin remains.. I Eat The Living is the most well-known of our videos:
  3. New here..

    Thanks Bengal brutha! I'm cool with arguments - all part of being a fan. The name is a band thing. I play in a "horror rock" group out of Nashville : THE CREEPING CRUDS
  4. New here..

    Long time Bengals fan - first time BengalsZone poster! Spent a few years over at MBS.com which is just so slow, and more recently at the infamous GB site. Lots good folk there, but they put up with too way much name calling - from the Mod!