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  1. Brat Must Go!

    I signed it.
  2. So much for an undefeated season

    The undefeated season is over, yes. Yet, We still can cheer for 0-16. lol
  3. What's the deal?

    The D looked good against those damn ratbirds last season too. I do think it's better than last season but we still have a ways to go.
  4. Argghhhhh, feck it!

    I am hoping the feel of the home opener helps these guys pull one out. I will not hold my breath but I can hope.
  5. Brat Must Go!

    I may be new here but I am a vet at taking these Bengal losses. I want Brat and Marvin outta here. This is what? Year six of Lewis and ZERO playoff WINS. I also hope Mike Brown chokes on his prune juice tonight. I am tired of year in and year out of this bull crap.
  6. What music have you been listening to lately?

    I love that new song and that's the first time I saw the video for it. Thanks Billy.
  7. Bengals 2008 Season - About to pop.

    Congrats and Who Dey! I am the new guy but I am a Bengal fan until the day I die.
  8. Greetings

    Thanks for the welcome and now let's get ready to have some Raven for lunch.
  9. Official Bengals @ Ravens game thread!

    Bengals 24 Ratbirds 3 WHO DEY!!!
  10. Greetings

    You know how I feel about those people. lol
  11. Holy Crap It's Official

    Chad just needs to shut the hell up and act like he has been there before. Just play football!
  12. good news

    Ming Ming and the other two save the Bengal tiger!! I have a lil one too. lol
  13. Greetings

    Hey Dave. Known you for many years here, and at CincyBengals, Raiderfans.net, etc. Who Dey back at 'cha! It was time for a change and here I am. Any big plans for the game tomorrow Billy?
  14. Greetings

    I am Bengal Dave and I have been here a long time ago. I plan on posting here now because I need a new place to talk about my Bengals. So here's to a fun season! WHO DEY!