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  1. That's quite a quote from Rudi

    Rudi has been pissed since Marvin called his (_0_) on the carpet about the bullshyt hammy injury that he was nursing, Real funny how he goes to Detroit, works out for them and there are no signs of a hammy problem.... Yeah Rudi, Good Luck... And I'm not going to even mention about your attitude during last Thursday's game...
  2. rudi for a wr?

    By no means am I bashing Perry, I just wondered why Watson never gets mentioned about being in the rotation, Perry has done ok this pre season but not to the extent that everyone is raving about.. Hell, his longest run has been 13 yards. Watson has played equally as well this preseason and maybe a tad bit better but still no ink. Ok, so I can agree with him (Perry) being the starter, but in all honesty fvk the politics and let the best man win based on performance, not draft round, money and name.
  3. Looks Like Ahmad Brooks is Toast

    I have heard from several sources that Brooks is really not that bright, I always wondered why they were moving him around so much, first I thought it was because of his athletic ability, then I was like, I wonder if he is not picking up the system, so fella's if he gets cut... You know it was because he's about as smart as a bag of rocks.
  4. rudi for a wr?

    Why is Watson so over looked in this organiztion, I mean I honestly didn't think he did bad filling in for Rudi last year, hell, from the Seahawks game until the end of the season I thought he played exceptionally well. So in my honest opinion, the player that I worry about is Perry, we all know what Watson can do when he fills in, the question remains about Perry, but hey!!1 if the Front Office is willing to move Rudi, then they must feel good about Perry
  5. AFCN: Worst Division in Football?

    Man I don't know about that Shaun Rogers deal, I watched the first half of that game and he was a damm beast!!!!! He was disrupting damm near everything, everytime i saw that fat fvck in a play I was like, fvck he should have been here....
  6. IF MARVIN desides to move on after this season?

    I hate to co sign on this one but i have a gut feeling Marvin walks away after this year as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Pollack?

    Yeah I would say it's a wrap on him.
  8. Have you left Bengal fandom behind?

    Very good and valid points made by many, not going to call any one poster out on this but i'm actually at a crossroads on this one, I love my Bengals but not at the exspense of ridicule and B.S jokes. I'm all about giving people chances, but i'm not about a person that blows every chance he gets. I'm willing to wager my lil paycheck that trouble has been following this kid since he was a teen and for some reason he has been able to steer clear of any serious consequences. My question is this? When will it end? When does he wake up? Last but not least, if this fool showed up at your door to date your daughter, what would you tell him? Me... I wouldn't tell him anything, I'd shut the door in his face, turn around and tell my daughter, get your (_0_) back upstairs....lol
  9. Yeah it's really hard to gauge your team after two preseason games but damm, in the minimal time that they have played you would like to see positives, Ie... The way the Giants front four just destroyed the Browns, that's the ish I want to see from my Bengals when they take the field, something that makes me feel good. Granted we all know that it's only the 2nd preseason game, but sure that everyone here would have been elated if our front four came out and smoked the Lions like the Giants did the Stains.
  10. Down Go Kilmer, Maxwell

    This really sucks, I liked Kilmer when he was healthy and maxwell seemed like he really turned the corner and was going to be able to bring something to the table to help the team as far as depth. Please don't let this injury bug be a contualation of last year.
  11. Hey Bengal Fans

    Hey Eeveryone Just wanted to officially stop in here nad say hello to everyone, didn't want to get in here, start yapping my gums without a formal hello. Just a little bit on me, I have been a big Bengals fane for the past 20 years, actually I go back to the Issac Curtis days, I guess that kind of tips my hand there, i'm a 40 year old proud Bengals fan and look forward to the interaction here as well as hearing the views of others....