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    web design, graphic design, I play guitar, and I love my Volkswagen golf GTI. And the Bengals who dey baby!!<br /><br />(The name sourskittles comes from when I was choosing my Playstation Network ID. I was trying all sorts of usernames and everything was taken. A friend of mine was eating sourskittles and said try sourskittles, i did and it worked. so that it was i use for alot of things now. Plus it kind of has a ring to it.
  1. Draft Pick Watch

    Andrew Luck is returning to Stanford. />http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=5995754
  2. THE CHANGES THREAD...Marvin to return

    Bengals twitter just said Marvin signed deal to return.
  3. Bengals v Browns Gameday Thread

    I hate that jump play in the corner... They try it way to much, and how often does it actually work?
  4. Bengals v Browns Gameday Thread

  5. Bengals v Browns Gameday Thread

    a t d h e.net Thanks
  6. Bengals v Browns Gameday Thread

    Can't believe I'm asking this but does anyone have a link so I can watch this debacle? Thanks
  7. Bengals @ Jets Game Thread

    I found an online stream here http://www.azzav.net/ if some of you don't have NFL Network. Not sure I really wanna watch this game tho. But thats the sickness of being a Bengals fan.
  8. Jets at Bengals 1/09/10 Wild Card Game Thread

    Man it's nice to have Peko back... Is Crocker in there to?
  9. I made this last week, just thought I would share. I submitted it to Bengals.com, hasn't been put up yet tho. Resolution - 1280x800 Resolution - 1280x1024 have to do some edits, will post it soon. Resolution - 1024x768
  10. Bought a new computer

    nice setup... right now i just have my HP laptop. which is nice for everything except gaming. I got a desktop that im going to be putting a new motherboard in soon and hooking that up to my 42" plasma for games and windows media center... Still do most of my gaming on PS3 tho.
  11. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    I agree. Kazkal I may switch my sig to that Alba one.
  12. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    haha awesome Peko at FB
  13. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    oh yeah TD Chad! Keep it comin all year boys.
  14. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    Man i love watching Scott run, so shifty.
  15. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    Hell yeah