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  1. 2014 Prediction

    I really hope this is true and it carries over into the season. I think this is a critical year for Dalton and he really needs to take that next step or doubt if he ever will.
  2. Who Gets Knocked Up?

    Agree with both of you. I couldn't imagine the firestorm if he didn't at least make the practice squad.
  3. Playoff Expansion

    It looks like they've decided to hold off, at least for now. />http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/10958021/nfl-owners-table-discussions-proposed-expansion-playoffs
  4. Gunfight at the PBS Corral?

    What could go wrong here?
  5. Who Gets Knocked Up?

    I just think it will be hard for the NFL to resist putting the Rams on. Honestly, they are looking at a potential new demographic in fans. Sam was a 7th round pick and his jersey sales are #2 out of all of the rookies? I believe the league will see this as a huge opportunity to cash in on a potentially new fan base.
  6. Playoff Expansion

    Yep, higher ticket prices, more fans in the seats, and more television revenues.
  7. 2014 Prediction

    I'm hoping for 10-6, but wouldn't be surprised with 7-9.
  8. Playoff Expansion

    I hate the idea of expanding the playoffs,the more teams you add, the less special they become. This is just another attempt by the owners to fleece the fans out of more money.
  9. Who Gets Knocked Up?

    The Jags would be very interesting and who I would like to see, but I'm thinking it's going to be the Rams.
  10. Joey Votto named NL MVP for 2010

    Money well spent imo. I was really nervous about the Reds not being able to resign him.
  11. Reds Offseason 2010-2011

    I just hope Renteria doesn't become a distraction in the clubhouse. He made it pretty clear before signing that he was looking for an every day gig.
  12. Fixing the playoffs

    Seattle has the best home field advantage in the NFL and that means a lot, especially in the playoffs. I'm still totally shocked by how good they looked though compared to how they've looked all season. Kudos to Carroll for having them ready to go...they played a great game.
  13. Reds Offseason 2010-2011

    Looks like the Reds are close to signing Renteria; one year deal at $3 mil, if incentives are met. That's quite a bit of money to back up Janish, it that's the plan.
  14. Chad Watch

    It's way past time that this team washed their hands of Chad. There is nothing good that can come out of him returning next season.
  15. Fitzgerald out as LB coach

    It's been complicated for the last 40 years. lol