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  1. I'm liking Zimmer more every day!

    I'm right there with ya Billy. I read that article earlier today and I get more and more pleased with the Zimmer hire the more I read about him and his philosophy. My guess is the defense will be a little rusty the first couple of games or the season, but I think as the season wears on, and they stay healthy, we will start to see some great plays made and the unit will eventually start working the way it is supposed to. Heres to a great season!
  2. Jason Taylor Goes to Washington...

    Well I guess I can't say I'm too supprised to see Jason Taylor out of Miami. With the way his relationship was going with Bill Parcells, I didn't see him staying there long. He should help out the Redskins D and be a known presense on the field as long as he stays healthy. Who Dey right back at ya!
  3. chad chats on espn.

    Note* You must be an ESPN Insider member to view this video. Ah well, we're probably not missing a whole lot anyway.
  4. Jeremy Shockey will be traded

    I recall that a while ago there was talk that the Saint may be interested in Shockey, but nothing every got done...until now. So when I heard that he had been indeed traded to the Saints it didn't come as too much of a shock to me that he went to New Orleans. I think both sides got good deals though. And the Giants aren't without a good TE just because Shockey left them. They have 2nd year player Kevin Boss and Rookie Dustin Keller who should help fill the shoes of Shockey to some degree. The Giants also played best last year when Shockey was out so I don't think the lack of his presense should hurt them too much.
  5. I wounder if Odell would have done this if he was still on the team. I mean after 2 years of re-hab down the drain and he has to start all over again? That just sounds really pointless to go through all that work just to get suspended all over again.
  6. NBA Finals!

    It should be a good series and the NBA is probably salivating over the fact that it is the Celtics against the Lakers. It should get very good publicity and I think it will take all 7 games. I'm saying the Celtics in 7, with each team winning at the other team's place once each. Should be a fun series to watch!
  7. Ex-Bengal Tab Perry cut again

    Sounds like more of the same for Tab, just this time it doesn't affect us. Poor guy, he's been injured alot throughout his career. Hopefully sometime he can stay healthy for a long period of time and be able to make an impact on an NFL team. He's definitely capable of it, he just needs to stay healthy for a long period of time.
  8. 17 regular season games

    Exactly. Every year our 4th pre-season game always proves worthless against Indy. We win early, they win later. What's the freakin' point? No kidding. Why did we even star playing Indy so much in the preseason anyway? We've been doing it for a while now it seems like, just don't quite know how or why it started.
  9. Super Bowl 2012

    Although I can sympathize, it'll never happen. With Indy's new Lucas Oil Stadium, the Super Bowl, when there should be pretty nice. I think it will be a great place to host the game. Unfortunately as good as Indy's new Stadium may be, I think it will eventually be overshadowed a bit by the new stadium the Cowboys are supposed to be getting in a couple years. Oh well, if I was a Colts fan, I would definately not be complaining, that place looks tight!
  10. 17 regular season games

    That would be nice. By the end of the 3rd preseason game I think the coaches already have a perspective of who will make the team and who will either go to the practice squad or get cut. It would still be the same number of games that the players have to play, except for now one of those games will be for real and not just a 4th unnecessary preseason game.
  11. Do we have a Rookie at the event?

    You are correct. Caldwell and Simpson (is that a law firm?) are in attendance. No Leith Rivers tho, topps hates defensive players because they dont sell cards traditionally... I did notice that they have mainly QB's, RB's and WR's there and but they have Glen Dorsey and then Jake Long (For obvious reasons.) But what if D Linemen and O Linemen don't usually sell cards because they don't play a 'sexy' position like QB, RB, or WR, what do you think they have those guys do there? I'm assuming they'd pose like everyone else but I don't see them leaping into the air and posing for the cameras like all the other guys do. Just a thought.
  12. Member From Official Boards and Bengalsworld.com

    You're right bro. As long as you hang here, I got your back. Alright, cool man, good to know.
  13. Member From Official Boards and Bengalsworld.com

    As long as you didn't register here first... ...I welcome you to Bengalszone Orangezone. Kinda sounds redundant, huh? Sorry to hear of your troubles at the official homers board. You can speak your mind here within the posted rules of course. If you want to be critical of the organization for whatever, feel free. This mod has done so many times. Glad to have you aboard! Thanks man good to hear it. But I believe I did not get banned for bashing the team or speaking out of line at the regular boards. I always followed the rules and never got made or in a fight with anyoen there. I think I had a good reputation over ther of being a person that always followed the rules over there. I don't know why I was banned, and I am currently trying to work that out with some of the people over there. No matter though, everythin will be alright. This board doesn't seem too bad itself, and the rules don't seem too bad either Nice hearing from ya Bengalszone Billy.
  14. Hey guys, I'm new here. I have been a member on the Bengals official message boards for more than a year now. I recently got banned for a bogus reason but am currently working things out with peopel on both the official boards and Bengalsworld.com and hoping to get it reduced to a suspention. Anyways, I figured I would join here anyways to increase my change of posting on one of the boards of my favorite team. Anyways, just thought I'd introduce myself properly. Also, if there is anyone on here from the official boards or Bengalsworld.com I would love to here from you!