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  1. Who let the team down the most

    Eric Gutcheck is the biggest reason we lost. Because of his failure to make the right oline calls, Carson gave up the ball and did his very own Kitna impersonation. If the center can't get the line blocking right, we are doomed.
  2. Player of the game?

    I voted Geathers. He was just as active as Smith, and his hit on Trent wasn't the first time he had pounded Trent either. However, I think that Sam "My Fat Ass is In Your Way" Adams and Dexter "No Huge Gaping Hole in the Secondary" Jackson should get some credit!
  3. Bengals Songs on Channel 5

    Well done man, and congrats on being heard!
  4. Rashad Jeanty-merged topics

    Uh he made the team, enough said.
  5. Who has the best chance of makeing the 53 man roster?

    Both these guys make it. Miller doesn't
  6. Surprise cuts. Part Deux

    Well, first of all, Brob is going to be primarily the starting end opposite Justin Smith. Geathers will go back to a pass rushing role I believe. So, fanene doesn't need to be there. JT is going to be gone.
  7. Palmer Picture

    Did someone light a match? Seriously though, cool sig.
  8. Mitchell to IR/Whitehead waived/IR

    I want to see Quincy and DeeDee against 1st teamers! Is DeeDee a girl getting scrub numbers against scrubs, or is he really that good?
  9. Dorsey

    Curtis Keaton I believe was his name. I think our RBs going into this season are going to be Rudi, Quincy, and Jeremi. I think DeeDee ends up on the PS and Watson gets picked up by someone. DeeDee needs to work on his blocking. That's the biggest thing a 3rd down back needs to know.
  10. TJ has been cut !!!!

    I say we string up any fool stupid enough to believe TJ wouldn't make the squad.
  11. Domata Peko

    Indeed, but I doubt Justin's contract will be with the Bengals!
  12. Bengals look to extend Willie's contract

    Eric will get the franchise tag, Justin Smith will be gone, and there is a good chance Simmons gets the axe next season to make room for Steiny. Now that being said, can you imagine lining Stacy the dancing bear next to Whitworth the goliath, with Wilkerson at center and Ghuicicacacaciac and Levi on the other?
  13. AFC North Preview

    Ravens go 8-8 at best!
  14. Domata Peko

    Just remember, I called Peko for DROY a while back and you all said there was no way! That being said, he's got to beat out Thornton inside, OR be in on enough passing downs to make a major impact every game without being the starter. I believe we will see him in on heavy rotation.
  15. Enquirer roster review

    I don't see how Henderson doesn't make the squad. He was doing really well in that last preseason game. Sure, he jumped REALLY offsides once, but he has the fire you want. You can't have enough pass rushers! (Ask the Giants!) I don't see Wilkerson on the bubble either. He makes the squad. Didn't Wilkins end up hurt? Or was that Mitchell?