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  1. Cincy Bengals Trivia

    1. What NCAA Division III school did former QB Kenny Anderson and DB Kevin Kaesviharn attend? Augustana College Youngstown St. Mt. Union College Georgetown College 2. In the Bengals first Superbowl appearance after the 1981 season(SB-XVI)what was the nickname given to the Defensive line? BREW WEBB BREWS WEBBS 3. Arguably the worst trade in Bengals history, the Bungals sent Charlie Joiner to San Diego for whom? Coy Bacon Rufus Mays James Brooks Vernon Holland 4. Long-time Bengals guard and color commentator on Bengals radio, Dave Lapham once blocked for what famous RB when they were teammates for the USFLs New Jersey Generals? Kelvin Bryant Herschel Walker Eric Dickerson Tony Dorsett 5. What former WWF pro wrestler played for the Bengals during the strike games of 1987? Macho Man Randy Savage Flyin' Brian Pillman Wildfire Tommy Rich Sergeant Slaughter 6. In Super Bowl XXIII following the 1988 season, which Bengals DB dropped an easy interception on San Francisco's final drive, that if intercepted, would have secured the win for Cincinnati? Darrell Williams David Fulcher Eric Thomas Lewis Billups 7. When the Bengals began play in 1967, the stadium PA announcer roamed the sidelines behind the Bengals bench. What is the name of the original PA announcer for the Bengals? Tom Kinder John Walton Paul Summercamp Brad Johannson 8. All-Pro Defensive Lineman Mike Reid retired to pursue a career in what field? Motion Picture Director Architecture Assistant Coach at Penn State Concert Pianist 9. What Cincinnati Bengal is responsible for the tackle that basically ended Bo Jackson's career? Jason Buck Steve Tovar Lewis Billups Kevin Walker 10. Riverfront Stadium was dubbed "the Jungle" in the late 1980s by a group of 4 guys from Wilmington, Ohio. What hard rock group provided the musical inspiration behind "The Jungle". Aerosmith Poison KISS Guns 'N' Roses
  2. Since I like sony, and own a PS3 I say PS3.
  3. I'M BACK!!!

    Hey! Wats going on? Sorry i havent been on here for a while, its just that this other football MMORPG has got me so hooked! So how are you all doing (if you still remember me)?
  4. I'M BACK!!!

    Believe me when I say we totally forgive you. wat is that supposed to mean? Anyways i still see i have my high score on that star game.
  5. I'M BACK!!!

    Alright...I'll bite. What is a MMORPG (and forgive my ignorance)? its a huge online football game where you can create your own players, and run teams and everything, i find it really great!! here is the link if you want to sign up and give it a try: http://goallineblitz.com/game/signup.pl?ref=8307559 im warning you now, it is very addicting!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Photoshop

    Does anybody really know how to use photoshop?
  7. Sucide 10 times...

    WARNING: Dont watch, for the weak hearted...
  8. Sucide 10 times...

    I did not think so either, but how could it be fake?
  9. My new Haircut

    Not now chief, Im in the F*cking zone!
  10. This kid has t-shirts out and everything just because he liked the turtles so much at the place he was at, and he got nervice in front of the camera, so he said I like Turtles. This is so funny, but at the same time Im jealous that this kid is rich and famous because of a stupid think like that. Thoughts?
  11. I like Turtles (video)

    Yeah, I know!
  12. Got My Licence...

    Hey guys, just telling you all that I just recieved my licence, today!
  13. HOF-Bengals

    When will somebody join ... Paul Brown-Coach/Owner Charlie Joiner-Wide Reciever Anthony Muñoz-Offensive Takle In the Hall of Fame, that has played/coached on the Cincinnati Bengals? Will it be Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, Rudi, Tj, WHO???
  14. I would not lie, I probably would try that. I might try to make it tommorrow as a b-day present to myself.
  15. Got My Licence...

    I go to school in Summerville High School, ill be a senior next year... Oh and by the way, I got my new car today, even though my birthday is Sunday, its a 2001 White V6 Mustang. (I did not know if this info needed a new thread, so i just kept going on this one).
  16. How many of you guys will be at the Home Pre-Season Opener on Sunday August 17th, 2008 against the Detroit Lions? And Does anybody know if the tickets are already sold out, for the game, or are their still some available?
  17. Yeah, That's About It

    Nice! Where did you get that? I need to see if i can get that as a wallpaper!!!!!!
  18. Carson Palmer signing autographs

    Yeah, I think that whole autograph thing is a load of bullsh*t!
  19. Jeremy Shockey is looking to get out, we need a tight end, whats the problem with maybe offering a 3rd rounder for him? I know he is getting old, but at least we could have a decent TE.
  20. 3rd Round #2: Andre Caldwell

    That is true, at least we now have a returner.
  21. 3rd Round #1: Pat Sims

    Yeah! Just like how I said it would go down, damn I could be a cincy scouter!
  22. 1st Round: Keith Rivers

    Not bad, he seems ok.
  23. Which offensive player, and which defensive player are you most surprised are still available. For me it's Jamaal Charles and Dan Connor.