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  1. looking for 1 2008 season ticket

    The only way I've been able justify to myself paying $7 for a beer is: if I go to a bar or restaurant, I'm likely to pay $3-3.50 for a beer, non-happy hour. That's for a 12 oz. bottle. Multiply by two (for 24 ounces of beer), I'm gonna pay $6-$7. The Bengals and Reds give ya' 20-22 ounces for $6.50-$7.00. A few ounces less, for about the same cost. It's outrageous all the way around, but the stadiums aren't gouging you that much more than most bars/restaurants. Too bad it's become so difficult to sneak your own in.
  2. looking for 1 2008 season ticket

    The deal has been set up. Tickets no longer needed. Thanks.
  3. I'm getting a jump start on looking for 1 set of 2008 season tickets. At this point, I am only looking to spend face value but will have cash in hand when the tickets are delivered. I have encountered several scenarios over the past year in which single tickets have been made available to me at face value, even before the season started going south (e.g. wife no longer wants to go, don't want to give option for tickets up but can't get paid value for COA, etc.). So, if you will happen to have a single, extra set of season tickets for next year, I will take the set all at once. No COA needed. The seller will get at least what they paid for the tickets as opposed to the end of this year when tickets were almost being given away and some sellers received next to nothing. Thanks. I can be contacted at mrobins71@msn.com