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  1. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    close but not close enough......could have got something from both away games
  2. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    its the hope that kills
  3. Happy Anniversary !

    must be one of the oldest forums on the web
  4. Internet Explorer 8

    I downloaded it hoping that it would be better than IE 7. It is but Firefox is quicker and more reliable.
  5. Are the Bengals the only team left?

    the original post mentioned the Lions.....I meant cant think of anyone else besides them.
  6. Are the Bengals the only team left?

    Well there is the Texans but I guess you cant count them since they only started in 2002. Cant think of anyone else.
  7. Women in NFL?

    If women couldn't play in the NFL - how about as officials?
  8. Who wins this years Superbowl?

    Pats will win a close one, and maybe that will shut up those goddam awful 72 Dolphins.
  9. British/european fans

    I didn't bother staying up - watched the highlights the next morning without knowing the score.....
  10. hopefully we can hold them to 3
  11. bugger - we seem to struggle down there and have done the last couple of years.
  12. Any ideas what the score might be?

    close game, too close for my liking but I'm going for 21 - 20 Bengals. We'll score late.
  13. Agreed it was the cost of running a developmental league half way around the world. The Germans teams achieved pretty respectable attendance figues, heck the Claymores did too. It was never going to achieve the same level of attendance as soccer. Never been convinced about a team in London, if anything if they should have put it near Birmingham as its easier and cheaper to get to. Have to challenge you on this though Most of the time they played in local soccer stadiums most of which hold less than or around the same as an average NFL Stadium. PBS holds what 67000.....besides Wembley there is only one stadium in English soccer that holds more. I think the same applies to German stadiums too. What I would like to see is for the NFL work with the nationl associations such as the BAFL to improve the grass roots of the game, not I'm not talking necessarily about money or fincancial investment but the use of some their "experts" and knowledge. oh I would my friend but there's a couple of things stopping me, one's the wife, the others the US government
  14. Hello from England

    you forgot to mention the Trossachs Just got back from Glasgow...... I know Ashton - a mate of mine use to live there so have frequented some of the pubs.