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  1. Anyone See Dillon On HBO?

    I'd just like to say, for the record, that if there's one thing the Bengals CAN'T do against anybody, let alone the Patriots, it's shutting down the run. We either outgun them or we lose. Plain and simple. EDIT: Oh, and by the way, drop the holier-than-thou s**t, shut up and get bent. If Tom Brady threw his gear in the stands and said "F**k you, I'm never playing here again.", you'd be over on our board, bitching about it exactly the same way we are. What's worse, he left because he wasn't getting any credit for turning the franchise around. He wasn't fed up with us not winning, he was fed up for not enough people sucking his freaking c**k. You know what slick? That deserves a "venom-spitting", if you ask me.
  2. Mid-Ohio Bengals' Fans Unite!

    Ironic, no? However, calling him my arch rival is like calling the spider that bit your ass last night YOUR arch rival. Let's not give the good lad any undeserved credit. Irregardless, apparently all the e-mails the director of operations at CBS is getting from Bengals' fans has actually piqued their interest, so I've gotta give Uknow some props for the idea of getting this started. I mean, Hell... It may be a small difference, but every little drop of popularity the Bengals can get is one drop closer to signing a Warren Sapp the next time we get a chance. Fans making a difference! ... Or whatever.
  3. I was told by a certain person that if CBS gets enough support for the Bengals' over the Browns', they'll air Cincy's games in Columbus instead of Cleveland. There's 2 ways to go about this... Firstly, and most importantly, e-mail ViewerServices@10tv.com and let them know that Columbus is a Bengal town (do it nicely, of course)... Even if you're not from the area, give your Bengal brothers in mid-Ohio a break and do your part! If that's too much work for you, we're also going to start a petition to send in... if we can get enough signitures (that is, screen names) then we'll go ahead and send it in. Anyway, no big deal, but it's not like you've got anything better to do anyway. Columbus fans appreciate your support!
  4. Fact or Fiction

    WR... It's not likely CJ, Pdub, Washington, Housh and whoever will be the best receiving corps in the league. But it's not a stretch to say they could. O-Line... Bobbie Williams and Rich Braham are both quality starters... better than Mike Goff and O'Dwyer and hey, guess what. We had an extremely good OL last year. Our depth isn't great, but it's not bad. Guys like Levya and Kooistra are solid back-ups. As for the point I made initially, when you have what could be 3 of the top 5 offensive linemen on 1 line, 2 of which are young and are expected to be better than they were last year. Our offensive line is very often talked about as one of the team's strong points by experts. RB... Look, say what you want, the guy put up nearly 1000 yards extremely quickly. How many RBs do it as fast as he did? Splitting time with Dillon, no less. QB... He's got enough talent around him to put up pro-bowl calibur numbers. Now look, no one part of our offense is the best in the NFL, but EVERY (with the exception of QB) is well above average. As a unit, saying our offense has a shot at being the best in the NFL is NOT that much of a stretch. I don't think it's going to happen, but we certainly have the talent to make it happen. As for the Ravens offense....... Okay, my bad, they have ONE receiver and a team that has inflated rushing numbers from playing the AFCN teams twice a year. A lucky comeback win against Seattle and a certain broken record against the Brownies... Not to mention THE lowest rated QB in the league. Damn good offensive line, though. Not enough to call their offense anything more than miserable. The Ravens, if you recall, were extremely lucky to get 10 wins because of a certain error we all know about. If you've got one of the best defenses in the league and even an above average offense, you should be able to pull off 10 wins, no problem, ESPECIALLY in the AFCN.
  5. Feelings on Keiwan...

    BENGALED. Nobody could have been good on the team Smith was drafted to.
  6. Why I have such harsh words about Palmer

    What do you want from the guy? He's got EVERYTHING a top NFL QB needs. Arm, accuracy, smarts, read coverage, scramble, composure, leadership and the respect of the team. On top of that, he's got a great O-Line, great WRs, an at least reliable RB and a good set of TEs... Plus a wonderful head coach, a great mentor and the will and motivation to become the greatest QB to ever play the game. THAT may not happen, but there's no reason to believe he won't be good. Remember how the season ended for Kitna? I love Kitna and I think he's a good QB, but it was his lousy, inconsistant play at the end of the season that made us need a guy like Carson. We need a guy who can bomb it for 60 yards... we need a guy that can throw lasers while being chased by a DE... we need a guy that can exploit the talents of our receivers. We need a guy that has the body to shed tacklers. Kitna is none of these things. He's good, but he'll never be great. Not conistantly. Carson can. And by starting him this season, he's on his way to becoming just that.
  7. Odds not good for opening win

    I can't even imagine the size of an ass the Jets would need to pull 35 points out of.
  8. Fact or Fiction

    You don't think the Bengals have a realistic shot at having the best offense in the league? WR... Yeah, they have a good shot at being the best. RB... Rudi put up almost 1000 yards in like 6 starts, didn't he? Okay, so we've got a shot at the best running game. QB... Sitting your first year almost always gives a QB more success... and no QB taken number 1 overall has ever sat out their entire first year. I doubt he, himself, will be the best QB in the league, but there's a good chance he'll be damn good. OL... Levi, Steinbach and Big Willie... I can't think of another team that has 3 players that good on their o-line all at the same time. TE's... Okay, we've got one of the better blocking TEs available, a good receiver and a guy who's pretty good at both. I don't think it's likely the Bengals will, statistically, have the best offense this year... but I also think it's not at all far-fetched to suggest we very possibly could.
  9. Does Palmer Have Confidence?

    What makes you say that? He's got an extremely strong arm and is generally a highly accurate passer. He has great reads on a defense and knows when to scramble, when to throw it away and when to take risks. He's smart, athletic and has the support of the team. I can't wait to see Palmer play for real, myself. We start off with a pretty cushy schedual... no better time to see what the man can do. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Kitna was good more because of the talent surrounding him than he was based on his own ability.
  10. Feelings on Keiwan...

    I wasn't very fond of any of our draft picks. Fortunately, I don't know what the Hell I'm talking about, so it doesn't matter. What round did we draft him in? 2? Or was it 3?
  11. I Guarantee...

    OH DEAR GOD, IT'S SPAIN!! >< Spain, seriously, you're not the Insiders' favorite troll, are you? ARE YOU!? The one we so lovingly dubbed "Isapain"?
  12. Best Bengal Head Coach

    It's better this way, anyway. We'll have LOTS of money to spend next year because of this. C-Mac doesn't look like he wants to be a Raven anymore... And we'll have the means to make him a Bengal, for example.

    Does that mean Chad Johnson has to stay behind and blow himself up to win the "big game" for us?
  14. Fact or Fiction

    In no way is it fair to compare Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer's seasons. You've got a TERRIBLE offense with no receivers whatsoever vs Cincinnati, who has a realistic shot at having the best offense in the league.
  15. I Guarantee...

    I'm sorry. As for winning the 2006 SB, we'll just see about that one. We'll be there, though.