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  1. Len Pasquarelli article

    Good stuff! Can't wait to see him in action!!!
  2. Worst Pitcher on the Reds?

    Danny Graves- 7.36 ERA! 'Nuff said.
  3. Reds/Phillies

    Shew, that felt a little better! Reds went off in the 7th after being down 4-2 and ended up winning it 12-4. LaRue finnaly decided to get off his lazy butt and actually pick up a couple hits, one being his first HR of the season. Griffey and Dunn both hit back-to-back jacks in the 7th. Griffey's was a 3-run homer and Dunn's was a solo jack. Kearns had a very solid game going 3-4 with a 2B and 1 RBI. Freel and Lopez added had 3 hits each, and Randa had 2 hits and 2 RBI's to cap it all off! Harang had another great outing going 8 innings giving up 4 ER(all in the first 4 innings) Today, Elizardo Ramirez will make his first start of his career start against the team that traded him to the Reds last year in the Lidle deal. Vicente Padilla will go for the Phils.
  4. Reds/Dodgers

    Yeah, I don't think it can get any worse than giving up 10 runs in the first. 12-0 in the 4th. Reds still don't have a hit.
  5. Reds/Cardinals

    Yeah, I watched it and actually laughed at him for once. BTW, looks like we're going to lose again tonight.
  6. Hardy Released

    His locker room presense will be missed, but he just wasn't needed anymore with the additions of Pollack and Thurman.
  7. Reds/Cardinals

    Yeah, I feel like I'm going to puke after watching that piss poor performence. Danny Graves and David Weathers- you suck balls!
  8. Wily Mo vs. Kearns

    This is way too tough. But I feel that the guy that should be traded is Griffey. He's 35 and has definitely lost a lot of power. Kearns, Pena, and Dunn are all in their 20's and still have a lot of potential to be monster players.
  9. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/3582158
  10. Shayne Graham

    Shayne is the most underrated kicker in the league IMHO. And I'm very glad to see him working even harder to get better.
  11. Takeo Spike vs Odell Thurman

    I don't really know enough about Thurman yet to compare him to the likes of Spikes. But if he's anything similar to Spikes, then I'll be a happy man!
  12. Reds/Cubs last night...

    No that's not the same thing. The go-ahead run was already on second base and they walked Larry Walker to get to Pujols. Much different situation. In both positions he is going to get second-guessed either way. If they walked Lee and Burnitz hit the homer then people would have been screaming about that. Good move Miley-at some point Red pitching has to get an out for you. Every time Graves comes on in the ninth its an adventure. We have three pitchers that have thrown 3 games or more under a 4.00 ERA. Oh yeah. My bad on that one. But I still think the smart thing would have been to walk Lee because of how good of a game he was having.
  13. Reds/Cubs last night...

    I was wondering the same thing as well. Derek Lee has killed the Reds this season and when you have a runner on second and third with 1 out, you definitely need to be walkin' the guy. They did the same thing with Albert Pujols a few weeks back, and it paid off. I'd also like to know why Miley had rookie reliever/starter Matt Belisle in the game- he's not the guy I want to see in the game when the game is on the line.
  14. How many games will the Bengals win?

    I said 10 wins. I think the Ravens will dominate the division, Steelers will have an off year, and the Browns will suck! Bengals will get in as a wild card!
  15. Baltimore goes to help offense with their #1 pick

    Ravens will give us a lot of trouble as a team, but I think they've had an excellent offseason with the additions of Rolle, Mason, and Clayton in the draft. But I think we have the guys on defense to stop the Ravens now.