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  1. Calling all Sports card collectors....

    I'm an avid collector myself.My graded Griffey collection has to one of if not the best out there.Are there better collections,YES,but graded?!? Started trading instead of just buying about a year ago.Very difficult to get any Griffeys that meet the requirements for my collection,so I started collecting Adam Dunn,Willi Mo Pena in baseball and Carson Palmer,Perry,Rudi and Chad Johnson. All collections are coming along nicely,but since the Bengals are 'The Talk' Carson and Perry cards are going for mad money. I'll trade with you.email me at yayaimhipimhip@hotmail.com so I can send you a list of what I have to trade.Anybody else with cards of the mentioned players can email me with what they have and what they're looking to get for it.Thanks.
  2. Too good to be true

    Excitement??? I haven't been this excited about going into a season in 20-25 years.Never before has there been this much young talent with so much expectations from the Bengals.Since Kenny Andeson tossing to Curtis or Trumphy and Pete Johnson hamming the hole.Anyone remember the Mexican Connection Munoz and Montoya? We had good teams back then,but usually fizzled out during the playoffs. Excitement?? Yeah,how about all the media hype? Even they recognize the difference in quality.Selling out games should not only be easy,but tickets will be harder to get than Authentic Mexican food in Canada. Excitement? You bet your ass! On paper this offense should score every time they touch the ball.
  3. Rudi's Gone Next!

    I'm with Steakhouse on this one.Bengals just solidified thier offense.Can't see anyone going anywhere,unless there's a major whine about $$ to where it creates friction within the team.They added to Rudi with Perry not for him.They added to Chad and Warrick with Washington and they perhaps upgraded QBs.Still Kitna is a major key.Best #2 out there and could probably run us to the Super Bowl this year if asked upon.Offense is now suited best for him it's just that Palmer might be more...colorful?!? Trading away high dollar or high drafted players for a Humer and 2 second rounders from the Pop Warner League is Old School mentality.Bengals made a committment to build a team years ago.Started with Big Willie.A couple setbacks with Carter and Smith,but they were trying to do just that.A few more years pass and now we have a team that's not only talented,but young.When was the last time Bengal fans were this Excited about starting a season? And who wants to leave a team that just played in the Super Bowl?
  4. Fantasy Football

    I've played CBS and Sportsnews leagues. Can't really say which is better or if as good as others. Whichever one is selected please let me know...I'm in! Thanks
  5. QB Controversy Redux

    Kitna knew the day Palmer was drafted (if not before) that his time was #'d as the Bengals look to the future.Kitna was excellant last year and no blame should befall on him because they didn't make the playoffs.I second the defense in being a major source for that.Also,the offensive scheme wasn't best suited for him.Today's scheme that's best suited for Palmer also is best suited for Kitna. I feel confident if Kitna was #1 the Bengals would indeed make the playoffs this year.On the other hand Palmer has just a good a chance in accomplishing that.And he IS the one we are looking for to lead us there for many years to come.Palmer has to be the starter this year with Jon ready to take over if/when he gets careless or sloppy. Don't beleive in any controversy as Jon knows the direction the Bengals have invested in and are taking.He has graceously accepted the role the Bengals are asking from him or probably would have wanted to be traded.I think he understands he still fills a vital role and the Bengal's chances of "RING' are as good if not better than quite a few other NFL teams. It's a shame he has to step down this year when the Bengals look to be their strongest in decades.No question he deserves the chance to run the show,BUT timing and circumstance will take precedence. Kitna...a first class act!!
  6. Some bad news for the Squeelers too!

    Turi/JPW Turi,didn't know about A newly signed Maddox contract at the time of last post.And JPW IS absolutly right! Steerers should pretty much do what their conterparts,the Bengals,did with Palmer.Especially if serious about why and what they picked for...a decade of solid QB'n. Sounds like with the receiver squabbles though, whomever is at the helm...is in for a rough year.
  7. How will Perry do this year???

    Kirkendall....First thing I thought of was that *&^&#%^$* Ohio St game also!! I was more than pissed.Beside myself one might say.Doesn't he come from that M...M...Ma...MIH...State? Hell, I can't say it.I was going with Gamble and defense.But once I came to my senses and realized that the Buckeyes and the Bengals were just Apples and Oranges.I then understand the pick and now beleive it was the better choice.The 1-2 combo Punch!! Don't expect the Bengals to trade either one of them once established (that's old school Bengal practice,Bengals have upgraded to newer Software) and eventually will split time(by the 6th game) to where when one is named the starter all that means is You will be in the FIRST offensive play of that particular game. There are many factors to how well Perry will do this year. 1) How well Palmer executes effiency in the offense 2) Relates to #1: Are they moving the ball with the running game 3)Coincides with #2: The efficiecy of the passing game 4)Are they moving the ball effectively using the run/pass combo 5)Are they Lighting up the Scoreboard His playing time increases with each goal attained.I'll use #4 the best scenario for Perry.This is what I beleive the what and why the Bengals drafted him #1. With Rudi's emergence backing up Dillion effectively the Bengals decided they liked the 1-2 Punch RB combo that was provided to them.Saves wear and tear on each Star, BUT by then Dillion already was beaten up.The punishment taken starts to adjust running style compensating for thse little pains and aches.Which leads to(usually anyway) lesser efficiency.Dillion gone...Enter Perry This completes the full package of the Bengal regenerated Offense.Solid Line. THEE QB!! Throwing to one of last years best WR.BUT,HEY,WE also got Two other high caliper receivers in Warrick and Washington. What's missing...The 1-2 combo Punch!! Order: Filled as requested.Paid in Full!! Please allow 6-8 wks for delivery.Have a nice day.
  8. Did anyone see Carson Palmer...

    Kirkendall...thanks for the second on Willie Anderson. This was the START of the Bengal organization to seriously attempt to invest what it takes to build a solid NFL team. Surprised,but happy, in how they Continued to add to their commitment to the team and fans in bringing and KEEPING stronger talent to Cincy. This is the first serious year that as a Bengal fan I can realistically say," The Bengals all the way" and not be seen as just being facticious. Barbarian...you do have a point with it not really Kitna's inability as billybroome believes,but the lack of working with what you have(or in the Bengals case...didn't have) They didn't have the supporting cast needed for a sucessful Kitna.Yes,knowing personel is key,but if you don't have them for ANY kind of solid offensive scheme then it's doesn't much matter.I have to say Kitna's presence was productive,but that's only because help only came from one upper echlon player at a time. Now the Bengal's offensive scheme molds to Palmer....Kitna too!!! This is more the style they should have opted when first getting Jon.,of coarse,we just didn't have the players to take that step.Betcha Kitna wished he had the players back then for what the Bengals now have. Levy...Levy...Levy!!! The strategey of selecting Middle Upper Class players in later rounds instead of trading for ONE Premier...at a later date... is what I've been screaming on how to draft for years. Ya'll haven't heard me?Surprised, My voice does carry. lol
  9. Some bad news for the Squeelers too!

    Turi...Have to totally disagree with your Ben assessment. Believe him to take majority of snaps this season. I'm also a die hard Buckeye fan and Am familiar with the increase in strength of the MAC college teams.Watched him play against us a few times.He's the real deal! And probably the best Steeler pick in years!Hated that he went to a team the Bengals play twice yearly.Pittsburgh weakest link was thier QB....problem 1 solved.OOOPS!! You finally get one and now your cry-baby receivers squabble about what $100 is to you or me. Yeah,count on Ben having a really rough year as he hasn't been able to 'buddied-up' with a particular receiver.CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY...3 players that can make it happen won't be playing off the other's best points. NOW,look at the Bengals.Palmer>Washington will be a favorite this year. Rudi and Perry combo who's running styles fit with the new offensive scheme will then help open Warrick.Mobile QB adds the last element to an offense that should light up the boards. I understand the Perry pick and it will benefit,BUT I still think a more prevalent choose would have been to pick Gamble and center your middle picks to players that mesh well with Chris.Oh well...We've done very well last few years.
  10. Did anyone see Carson Palmer...

    The 10 Year Rule has past it's limitations.Didn't the NFL pass a law that allowed Bengal fans to trash talk but ONCE every decade? The start of a new and better Bengal Tradition for the future is NOW it all started with one player. Bengal fans should give major credit to Willie Anderson!!!! He is the reason why a positive attitude to play in Cincinnati exist. Bengal's woes started with our last Super Bowl team.Something like 39 players indicted for rape. Ickey last seen doing his schuffle on the Court House steps after verdict.Following year Tony McGee was only player left from that team and was gone the next.Boomer packs his bags and goes to the Booth. Players fired thier Agents if they ended up in Sinsicy.Length of a carrer depended on the amount of time it took you to leave the Bungals. UNTIL...The Bengals made thier first serious move to actually invest in the franchise.They made Willie Anderson the highest paid lineman in the NFL and with a LIFETIME contract. Willie States he wants to make Cincinnati his home and change the attitude into one where players want to play for the Bengals.And look at the talent and potential we have right now!! Bengals did try to draft Franchise,but the curse of being the Bengals #1 pick were at hand for Ki-wana Carter and Akili Smith. Sorry Willie,it's taken what...8 years and with Last two years of drafting SMARTLY...Willie now has a Legit shot at getting a ring that I feel is muchly deserved!!

    I'm getting better odds offshore.Bengals to win Super Bowl is +4500. .That's $4500 for every $100 bet...45-1 odds. Conference Champs is +1500.This site fluxuates odds sometimes real radically.Example...My first visit about a mouth ago the Reds to win the Series was +18000 yes that's $18K for every $100 placed.Reds then jumped into first place.The Series dropped to +7500 and the NL pendant to +9000. I placed $100 to win the Pendant for $9000,why place the Series at lower odds(unless a parlay)...Well today's are World Series +7500(same)...NL +1200...Div +400(was +1500) I'll post the link for any interested to checkout. https://secure.ego-group.net/sportswagering...rtswageringodds