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  1. Undrafted FA Signings Begin

    I'd love to see Woodyard try it out in stripes. Reminds me of Landon Johnson..which is both good and bad.
  2. FREE.. buritos at Chipotle

    Are both of these participating in the free burrito thing?
  3. FREE.. buritos at Chipotle

    Can anyone tell me if there's a convenient location for me to go to on the way up from lexington?
  4. Roll Call who is going to the game!

    Just found out that I'm going..the girlfriend surprised me with tickets...think i'm close to you riz im thinking they're like 138 row 18 or so...I don't care as long as I'm there WHOOOOOOOODEYYYYYYYYYYY
  5. ncaa football 2006

    I love the game, but hated the new controls (I'm used to playing Madden), so I simply changed the controls back to 2005. Simple enough. I love RFTH. I had a tough time turning down a scholarship offer to be USC's starting QB. I couldn't to that to Leinhart. The best part is, as a Kentucky fan, this is the only chance I get to see UK play competitive football!
  6. Meijer 300 at Kentucky

    That was such a dominating performance! I'm glad I got to see the backflip in person! I will post some pics later on tomorrow.
  7. Word game

    Cleveland Browns
  8. Meijer 300 at Kentucky

    Josh, you know I'll be there!! Let me know which turn your in and maybe I'll run into you
  9. Word game

    Benevolent Boobiemiester
  10. Bucs release QB Akili Smith

    Probably for free seeing as we're probably still paying off his contract
  11. Word game

    Josh Kirkendall
  12. Davis and Rijo

    Davis was roaming through the stands last night. Came through the section I was in with a group of guys promoting the jerseys for sale on his website. $249!! EricDavis44.com
  13. Interceptions

    If that's the case, I'll take 28TDs and 7INTS
  14. Thought you guys might enjoy these

    You know I'm using the browns one!
  15. Is it that hard to find someone

    Oh God. Did you see his rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame?" at the Cubs game? The AGONY!! His ignorance that night was a disgrace to NASCAR