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  1. Bengals QB play

    I don't want to sit here and say that I'm right or anyone else is wrong when I say this. Since the beginning of last year there was no doubt in my mind that Kitna should be the starter. I knew nothing about him before he came to the Bengals, just that he played for Seattle. Even though he is known for making big mistakes at the wrong times I still feel that he's our number 1 qb. I'm sure alot of you will agree with that. I still remember reading a statement that Kitna use to harp on the last two years, it was something in the likes of this "We need to keep everyone together and keep our system the same". He said this at one point when they was talking about benching him, I think. I couldn't agree with him any more though. I don't know about ya'll but it seemed to me that they was changing their game plan and qb's just about every year. I know their game plan is still pretty much the same, run left-run right-incomplete pass, they should still stick with the coaches and keep the starters together long enough to bond. One problem I do have though is they don't really seem to mix it up much. I never really see them do any flee flickers do you? Instead of running on first down all the time maybe toss in a play-action, they have the perfect running back for that. Seems that everyone knows when they're going to run and when they're going to pass. I'm sure you all noticed that too. What do you all think about it?
  2. Dillon wants out?!

    Kevnz How does this translate into Dillon saying he wants to get the ball more? "How we go from being one of the strongest running teams to one of the weakest, I don’t know. When I’m healthy, I don’t get the ball more than 20 times a game." Maybe he's just making a point. All I'm saying is people need to cut him some slack. Yes, he does deserve a "get out of jail free" card. Don't you think he deserves it for all the hard work he's done for this team. No one else could ever have ran the ball that well for that many years for any team that hasn't had a winning season in 12 years. Any RB would be saying stuff after seven losing years, especially if "the fans" are ragging on him for one injury. "Dillon hasn’t carried more than 23 times in a game in a full year, or since he went for 138 yards on 30 carries last Oct. 27 in a 30-24 loss to Tennessee. The Bengals are ranked next to last in NFL rushing, but know that a large part of that is because Dillon hasn’t been healthy since the first half of the second game." This was taken from Bengals.com from and article written by Geoff Hobson Maybe Dillon was trying to make a point. Maybe he was saying when he's healthy they should involve him more often to help the team not rely on just the pass, which until now hasn't been that reliable and it still really isn't. Maybe he was trying to say that when he rushes for more than 23 times a game their win/lose record isn't as bad as when he doesn't rush 23 times a game. Seriously, all I'm saying is people should just cut him some slack. What more do you want from him, he's continually been an excellent RB on a team that couldn't move the ball by passing. I would be mad too if I've busted my ass for seven years on a losing team, and now that he's injured people want to talk trade or even bench him for the year. Whats up with that??!!!!
  3. Dillon wants out?!

    OH MY FREAKIN GOD!!!!!! You guys are pathetic. Man, you make me not want to be a Bengals fan. I hope you are the only ones who think this way. You guys are terrible fans. How often does Dillon get hurt?????Not much, and it's JUST a groin injury. No wonder Dillon is getting mad, people are acting like he can't walk anymore, so they want to dump him to the pirhannas. Talk about people being selfish, you guys are selfish for wanting to sit Dillon, or even trade him. Sure he spouts off at the mouth every now and then, but can you blame him??? Wouldn't you get a little ticked off if everybody keeps saying your too old, when he's only 29, he can play because he's prone to getting hurt. He JUST has a groin injury, I've had groin injuries before in the past just from picking up boxes and moving them around, and believe me, it doesn't feel good. I don't even know what to say. I am really dissappointed in you people. SHIP JUMPERS, that's all you are, why don't you just go and jump on Cleveland or Pittsburghs band wagon. Look at Marshall Faulk, look how old he is, he has gotten injured this year and I do believe he got injured last year but he's still considered one of the best backs in the league. RIGHT!!!!!!!!! Sure, what was written in the Enquirer was false, but still, you shouldn't want to jump ship so fast before you even hear the whole story. I guess I'm the only one who still thinks Dillon is THE BEST back, the bengals have ever had, THE BEST back that is playing in the NFL right now, and he's our only hope for being a playoff contention team. Man. . . . . . . . .. . . you guys are dissapointing!
  4. Dillon makes me sick...

    I shouldn't even be replying to your response but I will. You shouldn't be asking the question "What is wrong with Dillon", you should be asking what is wrong with yourself. Why do people want to jump all down Dillons back, he's been the best player this team has had since when. . . . Boomer. He's done nothing but come into each game and play his heart out. So what if he's blowing off some steam, wouldn't you if people all around the country are saying he's too old, he can't take getting hit anymore. Wouldn't you get mad if people at work starting saying you couldn't do your job anymore, even though you know you can. Man, what's wrong with all you people getting on DIllon. That's only going to make him want out, who wants to play for some sorry fans who don't appreciate what you've done.
  5. Dillon may be gone next season?

    Trading or even cutting Dillon next year would be the dumbest thing the Bengals could ever do. I could never watch the Bengals the same way without Dillon, I've noticed that this year with the time he's missed. The way I wish it will play out is that Dillon is still with the Bengals when they win a super bowl. Wouldn't it be great to see Dillon standing there holding up the super bowl trophy, all the while one tear slowly rolls down his face? It's almost John Elway like. I'm not a Denver fan, but to see Elway win a super bowl was one of the happiest football memories I have. Just to see one of the best players of the game to get that trophy after so many years of trying. Dillon has put in so many good years with the Bengals, and if he doesn't get a chance to win a super bowl with the Bengals then I hope he gets close and retires a Bengal. There are too many players that just jump around the league, they have no loyalty. So to end this long post, Dillon needs to stay in Cincy, he should retire a Bengal, and he deserves a super bowl ring. There is only one #28 and that #28 only plays for the Bengals.
  6. Hopefully he keeps his streak going. I think as long as he averages 80 a game he'll just barely break 1000, those injuries sure are a downer.

    It would be so great to see the Bengals beat the Bills this week. I would love to see Takeo's face after he gets a little bit of his own medicine. Lets go Bengals!!!
  8. Quote from Dillon

    That's true. I'm still a little reluctant though on being so positive about the Bengals. You know how it is, they start to look good, your hopes rise so far up and then WAM, something stupid happens and you get tossed back down to the bottom of the pit again having to live through all the jokes and slamming you get for being a Bengals fan. Lets go Marvin, lets get these Bengals back to being respectful again in the NFL.
  9. Quote from Dillon

    I don't know if anyone read this or not but just wanted everyone here to see what Dillon had to say about when he gets healthy again. “I don’t know who is going to get it, but somebody is going to get it,” Dillon said. “It’s going to be something serious, it’s going to be (bleep) and vinegar, son. I’m hot. Believe me, they’ve thrown a little gasoline on that fire. I am (bleeped) off. I’m going to be nothing humble when I get back. It’s me being ticked off at the world again, and this time I’ve got good reason to be ticked off. I don’t know who’s going to get it, but somebody is going to get it.” Sounds good to me, that's what I wanted to hear from him, Dillon being pissed off is a good thing. When he's pissed he runs like a beast. Hopefully what he says is true though, especially if it is against the Ravens after the bye week.
  10. Dillon

    I don't think Dillon wants out now, he's put in too many good years to just throw it all away. I think he feels that the Bengals are on the rise, and will be able to go deep into the playoffs next year. He got hurt and didn't let his injury heal all the way so that's why he keeps getting hurt, you can't pull a groin muscle and be 100% in a week. He'll be back after the bye week feeling better and will probably have a huge game.

    I second that. As long as everyone stays on board this team will go places. And when I say everyone I mean the players, coaches, owner, and fans. Lets all start showing our pride in our team, even though they have been bad for a while now. I hope the fans really come out this weekend and make Paul Brown stadium look like a huge black and orange superbowl ring!
  12. BENGALS VS Steelers

    Doesn't always seem like whenever the Bengals play Pittsburgh or the Browns or really just anyone the other teams hurt players just so happens to become better and can start against the Bengals. I just hope that if Bettis starts or even plays this week that he doesn't run all over us. Their is just one bad thing about this sunday, I have to work. So I'll only get to watch the first quarter and possibly half of the second quarter if I want to rush and possibly be late to work, lol. But hey it might be worth it this year.
  13. Can the Bengals win the division

    Even though I say this every year I still feel that they have a shot at winning 10-11 games, lol. If they win that many it will be well earned because they won't be blow out games, they will be decided in the fourth quarter of a hard fought game. Maybe if we all collectively wish and pray it's possible that a miracle will unfold before our very own eyes.
  14. AFC North Receiving

    It would be nice to see Chad Johnson break the 1800 receiving mark this year.
  15. With two loses, the first one was horrific, the second loss showed something the Bengals havn't possessed in years...competition. I feel that if the Bengals keep the same level of play that they did against the Raiders they have a very good chance of going 10-6 possibly 11-5, and win their division. How great would it be to see the Bengals back on top and have a first round bye in the playoffs? Am I just dreaming or do you think they possess the talent and the will to do it? Theirs only one way we'll know for sure, check their standings after week 17, lol.