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  1. Total number of Bengals' scouts...?

    This is a problem and Mike Brown needs to do something about it...Let's look at the facts, 31 NFL teams follow a model that employs numerous scouts and medical personnel people, while the one team that has had one winning season since 1990 doesn't have a GM or a real scouting or medical dept. and we constantly have either draft bust or guys with misdiagnosed injuries that take forever to heal or both. ..... It's like Mike Brown doesn't understand that in order to make money you have to spend a lil bit first, it's called investing in infrastructure. Mike Brown is like some African dictator who receives money from the IMF or World Bank and pockets it instead of using it to improve their country. This is embaressing to say the least.
  2. Sean Taylor dies

    Hey vultures, until the FACTS come out can we leave the all of the Jr. Columbo / CSI Cincinnati stuff alone...let Sean Taylor rest in peace, all of this is not going to bring him back nor are the Miami police detectives checking Bengalzone.com for leads so yeah, let the guy rest in peace.
  3. Rather finish fast than start fast

    Playoffs or not I want to see this team win out..
  4. Indiana Jones Placed on IR

    Does your fanhood need questioning? Hilarious commercials. I love those commercials..."yeah everybody, look at this guy over here questioning my fanhood"...
  5. Yes, this is exactly how I feel!

    I believe the team is cursed due to the horrible deaths that the many pigs who were slaughtered in downtown Cincinnati way back when..
  6. Leon Hall, faster than I though

    Can someone tell me why Joseph is still starting he should be the nickel back imo.
  7. Maurice Jones-Drew flattens Shawne Merriman

    crazy right..It's amazing the NFL named a known steriod abuser the Defensive Player of the Year but Odell can't get re-instated.
  8. What an average town

    Does this guy realize how ridiculous he sounds, who are you Donald Trump? I really hope you choose another team to support because the only idiot around here is you. Mr. Above Average..you probably live in your mom's basement. Before you go ranting and this and that you should atleast get your facts straight. All of the problems you named existed before Marvin came here, maybe your too stupid to realize that or just too busy living your above average life.
  9. Who should coach the Bengals next year?

    That is just not true, there are certain areas of the teams that have improved. TJ has become our most consistant and reliable player, being that he was a 7th round pick. The defense has gotten better in the last two weeks, as has special teams. Did you really suggest they bench Carson? Bench Carson in favor who?? Peyton Manning threw 6 ints and his team lost maybe the Colts should bench him too to send a message?
  10. Who should coach the Bengals next year?

    I honestly don't see how anyone who watched the game yesterday and can conclude that Marvin Lewis is the problem. Carson single handledly lost that game for us, he threw 4 ints which resulted in 21 pts. Carson was forcing throws all game long and only went long once, he played horriblely. Were are the threads bashing Carson, is he above rebuke. When Chad has a bad game nobody thinks twice about calling him every name under the sun, shouldn't Carson get the same treatment?
  11. Chick Ludwig v. Marvin Lewis

    Back in the old days, Sam Wyche would've just punched Chick in the throat. ah the good ol days the good ol days... I wouldn't mind if Marv gave Chick a shiner.
  12. Chick Ludwig v. Marvin Lewis

    This reminds of that cell phone commercial where all the service providers(reporters) try to gang up on Verizon(Marvin) but it never really works out.. Chick has been doing his best Jim Gray impersonation for sometime now, if he knows so much about coaching football he should apply for a coaching position. Marvin clearly hates doing the press conferences and only does it because he's required to do so, the questions he gets asked are beyond ridiculous sometimes.
  13. FIRE MARVIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where did you find this? Ficticious_stats.com? In 2005 the Bengals defense ranked 28th. Per NFL.com. ...and my sig stays. Sorry. It was the 2004/2005 season, so I was wrong about what season but they were ranked 17th..which was an improvement from the year before. So I was wrong but right.. Da link
  14. The Buccaneers sign Keiwan Ratliff

    Glad to see Keiwan getting some work, can you say last chance?
  15. FIRE MARVIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    The main reason for that is the fact of him being hired in Cincinnati as head coach based for the most part on his abilities as being an alleged "defensive guru". In his entire time here the defense has not improved to the slightest degree. IMHO it may actually be worse. I mean you'd think he'd at least have them in the middle of the defensive ratings by now, but here the Bengals sit, mired in 31st place in the league. When will it end? Actually in 2005 the defense was ranked #17 overall and we won the division and went to the playoffs, the first time in 20 years. When Marvin has HIS guys on the field, the defense can get the job done. When he has to resort to backups, waiver wire players, and cast offs you see what the results are. Please try to see the big picture and see the overall improvement this franchise has made with Marvin as the HC, every coach has a bad year but the good ones can rebound move forward. Last week proved this team will still play hard for Marvin so why would you want to get rid of him. I know you've beating the "Fire Marvin" drum pretty loud of late, but if you put it away now we can forget you ever took such a blampheous stance against Black Jesus..you got to change that sig too