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  1. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Exactly correct and feel free to add tight ends. There's no secret about why the Bengals have lost big.
  2. 2020 Bengals Draft Grade

    B-. Would have been an A if they'd drafted Josh Jones in third to give them another tool to protect Burrow from suffering serious injury or shellshock this year
  3. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "I actually thought that I was kind of done." said John Jerry. "Poppycock. You're our opening day starter" replied Mike Brown
  4. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    Mike likes 'em handy. 1996 second rounder Marco Battaglia once fixed my cable. He was working for either Verizon or Comcast in NJ a couple of years after he left the NFL
  5. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    my reading of the tea leaves is that Hart is their guy. I read OL coach Turner's quotes after Hart was re-signed... said that he was phenomenal. I also saw how much signing bonus the Bengals gave to him, and that was just two months ago. Maybe playing next to a top blocking TE like Drew Sample will motivate Bobby Hart to become better at, you know, blocking?
  6. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    I saw Lapham's report after round 1. He said nothing about Dillard; he did say that he wasn't sure if Cincy would have picked the LB over Jonah Williams if both had been available at 11. I agree with him. The LB made more sense given how the draft was set up, but the OT was the bigger need. who knows.
  7. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    of course Pittsburgh moved in front of Cincy for a reason. That's why they spent so much. If you're hot for a player, then you like him even more if you take him away from a team that you play twice a year. it's a solid strategy. No need for sour grapes. Cincy got a good consolation prize, but Pitty's move also made it impossible to repair that bad defense in 2019. Next year.
  8. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    huge, huge needs were LB and OL. The way this draft year was set up, the best possible scenario for the Bengals was that the LBer would fall to them in round 1 (because there weren't ANY other LBers of any quality in this draft), and then a trade up to the top of round 2 would net a top OL. Foiled again by Pittsburgh, so a top LB will have to await another year. But if they couldn't trade up in Rd 2, then perhaps it's good that Pittsburgh cut them because they just had to have an OT. the biggest thing that comes out of this draft is that Cincy's new defensive coordinator has just a beast of a task in front of him. Second biggest thing is that the Bengals really believe in Drew Sample. In years past, they would have simply resigned Tyler Kroft and let the position ride for another year. Hopefully, they're right about Sample. I'm pulling for him. It certainly makes sense that a team with Andy Dalton as QB should have a much better OL, plus a top blocking TE. It certainly makes sense that a team with Andy Dalton as QB should be rich in RBs. And it makes sense that Dalton's backup would be a guy a lot like him so the offense doesn't have to be adjusted if he were to be injured. So I thought that this draft, in general, made a lot of sense. I liked the value of Jordan (Rd 4), Williams (Rd 6) and Brown (Rd 7) I was surprised that no safety and no WR was selected. Seemed like a good year to find one late. Stanley Morgan just signed, but I'm still waiting on a safety
  9. Cutdown Day

    I saw the center and the two safeties get cut yesterday and immediately thought two things: 1. Bengals will never ever have a decent center; 2. silly to cut a decent safety possibility when two of your safeties are injured But no one claimed the kicker? Must have been awful
  10. Roster situation

    Bengals hoping to get a great return on an AJ McCarron trade in 2017
  11. Draft rounds 1-3 in the Marvin Lewis era

    the first time that I saw Jake Fisher, I was reminded of Chase Coffman.
  12. 7th Round: Clayton Fejedelem, DB, Illinois

    40.5 inch vertical, 22 bench presses. Bengals love to draft guys with the high "explosiveness" numbers (these two measurements plus broad jump). One year they took 3 of the top 15 guys overall in the rankings of the combined three indexes: Shawn Williams, Reid Fragel, and Margus Hunt. I suspect that Corey Coleman was Bengals' first round target for the same reason, and probably also why the metrics-based DePodesta front office in Cleveland grabbed him I figure that Fejedelem is practice squad all the way, giving us a year or two to teach him the pro game... unless a similar team like the Browns claim him for their active list.
  13. Your 2016 Draft Class

    The LB pick is just really strange. According to the kid, they barely even talked to him, yet somehow know that he's a brain; they like his ability vs pass yet state that what you're having trouble finding is college LBers that can take on blockers, which I'm not sure this guy is. I'm guessing that Coyle said that his older brother would be quite a player if he had a 3 cone drill time like the kid brother does, and so we drafted him. Odd way to do business -- my little brother is way more athletic than me but if you talk to him a while then you'll find that he's also an airhead. But I do hope this works out because I hate most of our LBers. in hindsight, if you're going to punt on 3rd rounder then it would have been better to trade up for a better WR in round 1. Otherwise, seems fine. I doubt that the 2nd rounder becomes a star, but they just had to have someone ready to play on day 1 and he looks that part, at least, plus he can catch a poorly delivered ball so that's a match. The 6th rounder fits what they do very well: make some ST tackles now, learn the position. 4th and 5th rounders step right in, and the CB looks like a guy that might actually be able to cover AJ Green, so it's good that he's not a Steeler. the UDFAs seem more underwhelming than usual
  14. Pro Bowl Selections

    PacMan is unpopular; happy for Peerman's showing. But hopefully he winds up not playing because he makes Super Bowl
  15. 2015 Roster Moves

    I've got a thing for Mrs. Ponder...