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  1. Adam Dunn is on FIRE!

    Welcome in CP, whats the deal with the Niners helmet? Anyway, Dunn is hot, Im enjoying it, hope it continues, but I think he hit 8 or 9 last April too. like i posted in the "introduce yourself" forum, I have the Niners helmet because I'm a Niners fan. But I'll be rooting for the Bengals too because they picked up Chris Perry (also I'll be rooting for the Niners to lose this year so they'll have higher picks in next years draft and they can rebuild faster) And Dunn while he had a great April last year too, look at his stats this year compared to at this point last year (16 games): .353 BA, 8 HR, 1.398 OPS .214 BA, 6 HR, .894 OPS He would be a top 5 player in baseball easily if he didn't strike out so much
  2. Why is it...

    Chris Perry will be one of the best running backs in the NFL. It was a good pick
  3. Barry Bonds is Fair and Legit

    1. There is 0 proof that he used steroids 2. If he did, it was allowed in MLB so he wasn't cheating 3. If he did, it doesn't give him the things that make him great
  4. Hello

    I will come here occasionally. I am a Niners fan but also a huge Michigan fan and since the Bengals drafted Perry, I will root for them as long as he's on the team
  5. Adam Dunn is on FIRE!

    I said before the season that if the reds lineup can stay healthy they'll make a good run at the division
  6. THE Ohio State Spring Dates.

    GO BLUE!

    Chris Perry was a steal that late in the first round. He'll be a star in the NFL
  8. 26th pick the Bengals Pick Perry, Chris

    I'm a niners fan but I will start rooting for Cincinatti because I'm a huge Michigan fan and Chris Perry is one of my favorite players So as long as Perry plays for them: go bengals!