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  1. Palmer, Thorton named captains

  2. Old Washed Up Dude Alert

    You know, I wouldn't mind having Trotter at all.. He could bring leadership to the defense and that's exactly what this defense needs..He's worth a shot IMO.
  3. OSU Buckeyes

    Boeckman looks to be the number 1 QB and Henton as the backup.
  4. Went to Training Camp today

    Sounds like a blast! I wanna go
  5. Carson Is Addicted

    Carson should go on tour when he is retired from the NFL Isnt there supposed to be a golf tournament coming on soon on ESPN or something with Carson in it?
  6. Draft Pick Signings

    No signings don't happen till about the beginning of July..There should be some soon..
  7. Had to put our dog to sleep today.

    Very pretty dog.
  8. Chris Henry and Reggie McNeal

    Really hope this turns out to be false..I was such in a bad mood last night when I heard about this but am glad to see that this is possibly false..I can't believe the people setting up our players like this..
  9. How are you on gameday ??

    Since I don't go to many games (hopefully that changes this year), I just like to chill at home and watch the game..I can get very angry at times and break things but it's all good.
  10. Happy Birthday Riagogogoindanati

  11. Forum Upgrade

    I really like the new look but do you think you could put a player at the top for the banner or whatever..Like Carson Palmer or something...That would add more to the whole Bengal theme I think
  12. TJ skipping voluntaries

    That's what we think about a lot of players and look what it turns out to be.
  13. Kevin Durant can't bench 185 lbs.

    Durant is trash...I have always tried to tell people that...Oden > durant
  14. Homer starts Friday

    Is anybody going? Me and one of my friends are...
  15. Happy birthday Skyline

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good one.