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  1. Who did you want in past drafts?

    I happened to be logged on to Bengalszone for the draft that year. IIRC ... Every single person in that chat felt very strongly that, if the Bengals were going to take a RB, they should have just taken Steven Jackson instead of trading down. Looking back on it, you would have to think that changing that one pick could have made a major difference in the future of the team. .
  2. Rookie Mini-Camp

    Goodman has some skill. He has good size, good hands, runs good routes and has pretty good game speed. He was a four star prospect coming out of High School but for whatever reason he had like zero production at Notre Dame. And you have to think that he is starting off at the very bottom of a rather long list of wide receivers. But I don't know ... For some reason he seems to flash potential to me. Or maybe I am just naturally drawn to pulling for the underdog, after all I have been a Bengals fan from my youth. In any case ... If the light did suddenly come on for him and he became a productive player for the Bengals, it would also make for a good human interest story, due to his long history and friendship with Eifert. .
  3. Rookie Mini-Camp

    Yea I guess that it does date me a bit. Maybe I'll see if I can remember how to change it.
  4. Rookie Mini-Camp

    I don't suppose that many would agree with me but ... I am pulling for John Goodman to some how stick with the team.
  5. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Da'Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech ... .
  6. 1st Round: Tyler Eifert

    Well I really wanted: Justin Hunter and we could have traded down and still have gotten him. But the Bengals do seen to be getting good grades for the pick that they made. And you might find it interesting to read some of the things that fans of the other teams in our division are says about it. Scouts.com Browns Board Scouts.com Ravens Board Scouts.com Steelers Board .
  7. 1st Round: Tyler Eifert

    I agree ... Personally, I thought that the team was pretty well loaded at TE already. And if they did want a TE who can also play like a WR why not just bring back Chase Coffman. Oh wait never mind ... Chase was a TE who could catch like a WR but simply could not play like a TE so never mind. But I am trying to love the pick ... Walterfootball REALLY ????? Like Jason Witten ?!?! If this guy turns out to be the second coming of Witten I think that all of us will learn to love the pick. Well time will tell. But in any case, at the very least ... Eifert should provide the team with another big powerful weapon to keep the chains moving down the field and to hopefully finish off drives once they do get into the red-zone. .
  8. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Just to throw a new name into the mix ... Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee 2013 NFL Combine Results 6'4 - 200 lbs. 40-Yard Dash 4.44 Vertical jump 39.5 Broad jump 136 20-yard shuttle 4.33 I would love to see him lined up as a bookend on the other side of Green ... I would like him a whole lot as a 2nd round pick and yea maybe even as the 1st round pick ... .
  9. Hard Knocks

    Five. Each episode is one hour long and will be run at 10 O'clock Eastern time every Wednesday between Aug 12th and Sept 9th. One month of HBO cost $14.99 on DirecTv.
  10. Bernard Scott

    I don't believe that I have heard/read where anyone else is saying that about him. I have however heard it said that, he catches the ball like a wide-out. ---------------------------------------------- High praise is all that I have heard for his running skills, which seems to come natural to him. And by the way includes, the ability of "getting low and protecting the ball". ----------------------------------------------- One writer even goes so far as to claim that he has, "Devon Hester break away and Barry Sanders stop and go". And we all thought that it was only, the Bengals' fans who post here, that tend to over-hype the kid.
  11. Bernard Scott

    You make it sound like it just flat out isn't possible for a 5' 10" 200 pound RB to have any success at all in the NFL. Well how big is Chris Johnson ? Or for that matter how big was Walter Payton ? Maybe we should wait until we see the kid play before we make that kind of a judgement ?
  12. The Supplemental Draft

    I have been thinking that maybe Clinton McDonald will end up being a better fit at defensive end than at defensive tackle as a pro? He has a quick first step, a forty time of 4.83, 4.46 in the short shuttle, a vertical leaped of 38 inches, a motor that never stops and is a former linebacker. He led his team in sacks (7) and was second in tackles for loss (7.5) while playing in just 10 games as a tackle last year. Maybe he can be a DT/DE type of guy that coach Lewis always seems to want on the team due the game day roster restrictions?
  13. The bottom line ...
  14. Bengals Or Ravens???

    BENGALS 27 Ravens 13
  15. Bengals sign new FB

    Where the hell is his hair ....