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  1. Yahoo: 10 teams 1 pick from a super bowl

    This team isn't 3 picks away from winning no damn Superbowl. If Carson actually plays to his potential in 2009 we go to AFC Championship..but we didn't, cause he didn't. You can give Carson all day but if he is going to overthrow all his receivers i don't think its an o-line problem. Maybe we draft a guard in the first round and a good safety drops to us in the second round or vice-versa, we still don't go to the Superbowl if we meet the Jets again in the first round and Carson over throws wide open Lav Coles in the middle of the field on the 15 yard line..just not happening. Carson needs to re-attatch the cannon god made for him and get back to work.
  2. Palmer positivity thread

    They need a few things; New OC Young first round TE Young second round Center/Guard Brandon Marshall Andre Smith to start veteran DE that can be as effective as Odom was last year new FS/SS i don't care which (crocker or williams) you just cant have two hard hitting safeties..ones gotta actually play coverage safety and not downhill LB
  3. Chris Henry passes away, 1983-2009

    I hear that..i have no idea what to say..Ive been pretty busy the past few months so i haven't been around on here much..but this is absolutely terrible. There's nothing i can say that will lighten this burden now on his family and friends. So young and so full of potential. Truly a sad day in bengaldom, let the grieving begin boys. RIP SLIM...15 is catching TD's in heaven and chirpin Ike Taylor every day now You wont be forgotten brother.
  4. 1st place.

    I just want the record to show, i did 100% call a 7-0 start. or 6-1 after the bulls**t to denver. The sig tells no false tales
  5. Where are they now? Former Bengals

  6. Steelers vs. Bengals

    i was hoping someone would get that I got the Bengals to win by 8 on a 3/1 bet.
  7. Media jumping back on the Bengal-wagon?

    I (heart) the bengal bandwagon and have happily been riding since 05 lol
  8. Final Thoughts on the game? Packers

    My 7-0 start prediction may not be able to happen now, but my new prediction of 6-1 still looks pretty good.
  9. Antwan Odom

    Hats off to Odom for sure. He played like a monster, although can anyone tell me where the hell chase coffman is? is he injured aswell?
  10. TJ takes a shot at Cincy

    Y'know what? That's exactly how I feel, too. Petty? Spiteful? Absolutely. But that doesn't make the schadenfreude any less sweet. Indeed. F**k you, TJ. Yea, i could only wish i could see a video this week of Henry or Caldwell coming off the field after the game and saying "Perfect day, We got the W and the Seahawks lost"
  11. The Ultimate Fighter Season 10

    Yea, that cut was f**kin crazy, i was sure they were just gunna call it in the second round for loss of blood. Both dudes were covered in it like a WWE hardcore match lol
  12. Expectations for the Packers Game

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Bengals 24 Pack 20 i literally laughed so f**kin hard thinking of walzav screaming AHHHHHH!!!!!!! after that speech lmfao ahahha
  13. The Ultimate Fighter Season 10

    just watched the preview for the show on spike.com, looks awesome. Cant wait to watch it tonight. In the preview they had an announcement when the first 15 guys showed up then kimbo comes in and rampage was all over him lol. Its gunna be good to see kimbo actually fight people that aren't scared of his ass.
  14. Broncos @ Bengals

    Uhm, no They had a defender in place Said defender swatted the ball 99999 times out of 100000, that ball falls, game essentially over freak play. fluke play. undefendable. This wasn't Rod 'Toast' Jones 20 yards behind Jerry Rice as he caught one easily over his shoulder - this was Immaculate Reception type stuff. If the pass had been to Stokley - I'd agree with you. But it wasn't. On the stat sheet, it'll get recorded as a long pass to Stokely, just as you say, but it really wasn't. The defense covered the guy the pass was thrown to. Would I have liked it better if Hall had smacked the pass down rather than up? Absolutely. Oh hell yes. I think we (err, other than the trolls that came out of the woodwork today, and Joe Wrong) can all agree on that :-) The real point is this: if the offense plays even an average game and puts up, oh, say 20 points -- we're still ahead after that fluke play. a 'W' instead of a 'L' so....sorry dude, you're completely wrong on this one. Agreed, it was fluke. It shouldn't have happened. playing defence most my life its not as easy as it sounds to tip it down, rather then up if the ball is too high. Leon was infront of the man he was covering, knew he couldnt let the ball go so he tried to get a hand on it, he did it tipped up in this case and we lost the game. It shouldnt have come down to this in the first place is what im saying. The score should have easily been 24 - 12
  15. Anyone have a noose?

    i went to play a game of football with the fellas just after we scored...i received a phone call minutes later while on route to find out we had lost the game with 20 seconds left. ONLY WE can do this to ourselves over and over again, and oh of course the broncos AGAIN beat us with a last second bulls**t. I f**king HATE this team right now. Dropped balls, Collins looks terrible playing RT, and coverage was doo doo. They converted like eight 3rd and 15's aswell.