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  1. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Time will tell on the penalties/turnovers. Last week wasn't bad, though. 7 penalties and only 1 on the o-line. 7 puts you right in the middle of the pack of the NFL per game. 5 per game puts you among the best. So, we didn't see anything offensive last week in this regard. The Dre penalty is the one that concerns me, because that lack of composure was always a problem under Lewis. I'd love to know how Taylor handled that one with Dre. 3 TO on paper, but I credit them with one (Erickson fumble). The Dalton fumble in the rain is a clear fluke and his "fumble" at the end of the game was an incomplete pass.
  2. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    I wasn't interested in his comments as a literal prediction, but simply an indication of how he feels about the new regime. Sure, Chad probably said similar things, but that's Chad. I love the guy, but he never shut up. When AJ talks, I'm more inclined to listen
  3. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    We'll see. 49ers coaches are all disciples of the same scheme. But, it's possible our passing attack scares them enough to dial it back a little. Right now it's certainly the case. Jimmy G saw very little pressure last week and was throwing picks anyway. Hopefully the inaccuracies continue.
  4. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    He also said he could play another 8 years in the NFL under Taylor's scheme. Hearing the players' confidence under this coaching regime is so nice to hear. Belief in your system goes a very long way.
  5. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Don't get me wrong. I'm optimistic about this team and the direction they are headed. But, the more I read up on the 49ers, the more I think we may end up 0-2. Their strengths match up perfectly to our weaknesses. Their d-line is solid...at least on par with Seattle, which is another test for our o-line. On offense, their o-line is easily superior to Seattle's which could negate our d-line to some extent. And Kittle...such a weapon attacking the middle of the field where we're soft. Seattle didn't have that kind of weapon at their disposal. So, yeah...we'll see. My hope is that our d-line is going to decimate every o-line in the NFL so that San Fran being better than Seattle in this area won't even matter. And, on offense, I'm curious to see what Taylor cooks up to keep from being 1-dimensional. It looks like we're going to see the exact same anti-run scheme that Seattle threw at us. Maybe the answer is to throw it all over the field again, but you can only get away with that for so long. Should be very interesting.
  6. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    That's what I'll be curious to see. They had the element of surprise in Seattle. Does everyone know what we are now, or will the staff be fluid enough to evolve on the fly?
  7. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    It may just be a one week signing to get some intel on SF.
  8. Fantasy Football 2019

    You're just lucky you didn't play me. *flex*
  9. Offensive Line

    It's coaching. There was a solid article on The Athletic about all the preparation they did in working on their silent count and other non-verbal communication.
  10. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    The 49ers are a good team, and Kittle could prove very problematic for us. But, playing in Cincy is a huge advantage for us, so I'm optimistic. Should be interesting.
  11. Bengals @ Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread

    This is unsurprising. When did Burfict EVER show himself to be volatile off the field or in the locker room? All accounts are that he's always been a very nice and mellow guy. It's too bad how reputations are formed. Also, lost here is that AB clearly has some issues that need attention. Whether it's genetic or it's been caused by football (I often question the ethics of being a football fan), it's a sad thing to see play out. I hope he gets the help he needs.
  12. 2019 Reds

    Last night, Michael Lorenzon got the win as a pitcher, hit a HR, and played another position (CF). He's the second player in MLB history to do this. The other is Babe Freaking Ruth.
  13. 3rd- Wide Out

    Nothing official that I've seen. 5 is the typical number unless you have a special teams ace that you can't afford to sit. Without Core, I'm not sure we have that guy. Green is out and then my guess is that either Tate or Cooper will sit.
  14. Bengals @ Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread

    I'm even more curious about the defensive scheme. We have a Rams-like blueprint for what we imagine the offense will be, but the defense is entirely up in the air. Especially with 11 linemen. Some speculation is that we could see a 5-2 front to get Lawson and Hubbard on the field more often. It may not be a pretty season, but it should at least be interesting.
  15. Fantasy Football 2019

    Haha yeah, I have that D in both of my leagues. Sure would love to be wrong!
  16. I saw The Raconteurs at Ryman Auditorium last week and they livecasted all three shows. No better place to see a concert:
  17. 3rd- Wide Out

    Eifert should be listed in this group. He's not a TE anymore. We'll see how much they're willing to unleash him early.
  18. Gio Bernard extended to 2021

    They're getting ready for the Mixon holdout that is likely to come next season. I haven't seen how the contract is structured, but if they're able to lock up Mixon long term, I'm betting they'll be able to move on from Gio without too much extra cost. And, Taylor has said more than once that he saw the negative impact of riding Gurley too much next year. Hopefully Gio will finally be used appropriately.
  19. Fantasy Football 2019

    I'll be in an out since I'll be going back and forth from church. Pre-ranked my players, though, so the computer should be able to adequately dominate in my place if need be.
  20. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    Or simply extreme caution until the boot is scheduled to come off.
  21. Fantasy Football 2019

    Mrs. Skyline is still in as well.
  22. Fantasy Football 2019

    Hey all, I'm out this year. Sorry folks. Let me know if you want the commissioner title. Otherwise, you'll need to start a new league from scratch. PM me if you're interested.
  23. Final Roster Discussion

    Looks like they'll try to PS Tate. I understand the disappointment but I'm not going to get too worked up about a guy that would likely be inactive every week. We've got other guys who can do what he does.
  24. Marvel Thread

    Now that my daughter is old enough to get into comics, we've been having a blast watching all the movies together. It's fun to see these movies with an 8-year old, because it allows you to drop your old-man skepticism and see these movies through a more care-free lens again. She's also really into Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. She's kind of awesome. Anyway, I thought the last Avenger's film was very well done and we had a blast with Ant Man and the Wasp.
  25. Week 6 and 17- Steelers talk

    Looks like John Ross is out again. This concerns me.