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  1. Hall of Fame

    Been there, it wouldn't make my top ten for vacation spots for kids. here are some places we visited with our kids when they were between the ages of 6 to 16 that I would rate well above the football hall of fame. 1 Yellowstone Park - things seen here will last a lifetime 2 Washington DC - the monuments , the Capitol, Smithsonian 3 Greenfield Village & Henry Ford museum in Detroit 4 COSI (Center of Science and Industry) - there's one in Chicago and Columbus 5 Cedar Point or Kings Island - Ohio 6 Children's Museum - Indianapolis 7 Tennessee Aquarium - Chattanooga 8 Hocking Hills State Park - Ohio - great place to see in the summer but to see it in the winter when all the waterfalls are frozen is phenomenal 9 Mount Rushmore - pictures and TV shows do not do it justice 10 Grand Canyon - pictures and TV shows do not do it justice 11 Niagra Falls Both the Football hall of fame and the Rock & Roll hall of fame were less than I expected when I visited them.
  2. NFL Network

    Like Dirk Funk and BigBenBlows, I'm a Bengal fan living in Indianapolis. I've had Time Warner cable, Brighthouse cable, Dish Network and Direct TV. Direct TV is without a boubt the best of the bunch. Sunday Ticket is football heaven for out of state Bengal fans.
  3. Suprise Team of 2006

    Detroit They made huge pick ups in the coaching staff. Disciplinarian in HC Marinelli, solid DC in Donny Henderson, and one of the best Offensive minds in the NFL in OC Mike Martz. Add to that a mediocre division and Detroit is my pick for surprise team of '06.
  4. Who will be the rookie of the year in 06.

    DROY Micheal Huff S Raiders OROY Joseph Addai RB Colts
  5. Bengals Second Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Hoping for Fasano, Tapp, Wright or Simpson
  6. Bengals Second Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Hoping for Bullocks, Fasano, Tapp, or Wright
  7. Mike Huff - Yes Broderick Bunkley - Yes Vernon Davis - Yes
  8. Scouts Inc. Mock 7rd

    With the players they have available at our picks, I'd rather have: 24 Donte Whitner, S 55 Anthony Fasano, TE 91 Kyle Williams, DT 123 Chris Gocong, DE
  9. Chad and D Hall on NFL Network

    Hillarious - they packed the whole segment with nonstop smack talk - funny stuff
  10. Potential 1st Round Busts

    J Allen DB - Will camoflage his injury well enough to get one big payday then fade into the sunset.
  11. QB search over??

    Wright, Krenzel, Johnson, regardles of who starts the first half of the season our success will be determined by the running game and the improvement of the Defense
  12. 1st Rodrique Wright DT 2nd Daniel Bullocks S
  13. dont understand?

    Colts went from 29th ranked defense in '04 to 11th in '05. That's impovement. We need our 28th ranked defense to make a similar jump this year if we're going to compete while Carson gets back to playing shape.
  14. Any combination of TE, DB, & DE on day 1 would be great. M Lewis TE, D Bullocks DB, D Tapp DE D Whitner DB, A Fasano TE, C Gocong DE M Lawson DE, P Watkins DB, D Thomas TE K Simpson DB, J Klopfenstein TE, S McGlover DE