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  1. Planning a November Trip

    yo SCOTISH n DIEHARD, may be able to set u up w/ home tics at cost. 2 in 316 r1. depends on game. no scalping for fans. h
  2. Warrick must be broken

  3. Warrick must be broken

    don't think so . you don't hang on to a guy to cut him the next season. now on the pdub front, that may be a differnt story. too much of a 'tude here. if he's back i'll be suprised and wish him well untill he resorts to his old ways.
  4. TJ Signed

    black jesus, lota space there, cap it off, save some energy for beefsteaking. shulasteak.....obivously,,,rare. tj is worth rudi AND pdub. palmer's the name; passing's the game; brat's the coach; we'll get our money's worth!!!!!!!!! i luv u man .... make that MEN
  5. Bengals All-Time WR

    YO BILLY; i need a fix; where's the BOOBIE MEISTER? how 'bout a cameo appearance? tks h
  6. Warrick must be broken

    Oh........ :player: i luv this topic. TJ is the BEST receiver we have. this was proven his 1st yr. only one to run the CORRECT and PROPER routes. too bad he got hurt. why did they keep him? he answered that on his own last year. now CJ; this kid is good. way too much mouth and tiresome. drops too many from lack of concentration. but a definite hard working, dedicated player; needs more team concept. glad he's a bengal. then there's pdub; sorry 'bout the injury, no really; but admitted cutting routes short; if you watched he didn't run patterns out if he wasn't the primary receiver. great ability gone sour. more of a 'tude then cj. the 2 best conditioned receivers: the 2 j's; c 'n t. so......... as proffesional athletes, these guys are good, make no mistake about it; but luv it, like it, or leave it, the bottom line is c ya pdub; thanks for the effort. oh.....and while your at it....take rudi w/ you. free the salary cap and get a back with GREAT, not good, hands.
  7. A-Train Rolls Thru Town???

    well boys 'n girls it's been awhile. glad to know all are alive 'n well. bengals. com shows stats on lamont jordan 'n rudi. topic is $'s they signed for vs stats. personally i think jordan's stats are better not even haven't started. look at receptions 'n yardage for receptions. lamont's worth it in a passing offense. with brat back as off. coach, i see us passing more 'n needing an rb w/ good hands to catch the ball. rudi may make it another year . but a great sounding 'n seemingly solid package trade could be rj and pdub, that is, if anyone wants a wr that admitted he didn't even run the right patterns 2 yrs ago. so let's sit back, relax and see what happens. my preference: i wish them the same luck as t spikes. c ya boys
  8. steelers threads

    any steelers webs out there that you know of? tks h
  9. 54 games in 25 days....

    cactusruss; damn son; those are some UGLY, Ugly whatever the hell they're supposed to be. oh BOOBIEMEISTER, WHERE ART THOU IN A TIME OF NEED?
  10. ain't this some s**t. just where the hell are we going? budapest?????????
  11. Your 2004 Ben-Gals

    2nd row 3rd from the left is the best in the 1st pic. and i'm a brunet fan. yet this chick is hot. ya hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! billie where are those bodashis tata's????? ?????? boobie miester come alive, please, i need it!!!! NOW
  12. Game you are most excited about in 2004 season

    jditty you're right. these road wins are paramount. bring it on bengals, you can and will do it!!!!!!!!!
  13. PreSeason Week 1 Predictions ???

    is this a wager line? question, does any one go with 'ATS'? just a thought saving question?!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. This just looks wierd.....

    yo larryk....great thread you hit a spot with some fellow fans. take no offense
  15. Game you are most excited about in 2004 season

    biggest game is #1 vs nyjets. we get this ONE and it's yahoo baby, we're on the way!! kick ass.
  16. yo, bet you'll be on my ass about this. and by the way; a fine...d ass it is !!!! 5 ole' get you 10 his ass is at best, a back up, if not gone this preseason. any pompous ass that admits 2 years ago he didn't run his patterns has got to be on the block. all you pdub fans bring it on. so folks, this is the second coming of cd. yo...warick.. ..take a hike....cry else where and get the f**k outa dodge. have a great night i luv u man :player:
  17. P-Dud aka piss ass warick

    hell....it's training camp and we're only just geting to page 2. sometimes i too worry myself kitared. yet, to me the writing is on the wall; tooooooo many decent receivers on the roster (rooster, cocka dodlo doo.) pdud spent tooooo much time in the bars and was a cd fool, follower, in previous years, don't think lewis will put up with it this year. seriously think his ASS is gone. AND FOR THE BETTER OF THE CLUB!!!!! yet still ; i luv u guys
  18. P-Dud aka piss ass warick

    great response's guys!!!!!!! hi on hemp; drunk; you name it. hell who knows you may be right!!! now on to the facts; as many have stated warick is out as a returner; being pushed as a reciever (or piss poor pattern runner); TJ will blast his ass outa' dodge; trade his ass for what ever you can get, not much, and be done with it. i luv u guys
  19. Why I have such harsh words about Palmer

    look; i'm in a pissed off mood. so get the hell off palmers back, (yet remember i'm a KITNA fan ). this kid will be FINE...d aka "friends". now on to the important stuff. camp is here, all the bulls**t is yet to come. we'll see just what the hell goes down. lot's of cuts; lots of unbelievable moves. this will be an exciting year. ya know; it's good to get pissed off now and then!!!!!!!! kick ass CARSON!!!!!
  20. This just looks wierd.....

    WHO GIVES A f**k. piss off dillon. you're a f**kin loser.
  21. Odds not good for opening win

    wait 'till you see the line on opening day vs. the jets. i can see it now. all the naysayers will rejoice as we go down to the jets: 35-10
  22. Why I have such harsh words about Palmer

    bust my balls all you want kitna is a LEADER and a WINNER. look past the teams record. better defense and we make the playoffs last year by WINNING the DIVISION. now to palmer. this kid is the REAL DEAL. barb and others, yes there will be bumps in the road (actually his body), but even as a KITNA beliver and fan, we must introduce palmer to the big time this year. it's like elway's days in denver, jone's days as a b. colt. i understand everyone's guarded position. it's going to have it's ups and downs, but in the END it is the right thing to do. and thank GOD Kitna is still here!!!
  23. BIG TEN

    the big ten has football really, is that what you call it
  24. Field

    wow is it slow here. things will pick up shortly. atleast they're getting the field taken care of; on time. that should help bring a great attitude to the players and we fans.
  25. Field

    yo billy; you'll ALWAYS be the boobiemiester. you started, and some one else has continued. yo da man bro!!!!! but keep it comin' CTBen can't figure which ones to watch. i luv it!!!!!!!!!