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  1. What is it when you exclude the Lions? If my calculations are correct it is .476, which is a mite scarier.
  2. Another Bengal Arrest? (From PFT)

    I'm pretty sure keeping a car beyond the terms of a contract, whether by fraud or force, is sufficient evidence of an intent to keep the vehicle against the legitimate claim of the owner. That is black letter theft, although a mistake of law defense based on your reasoning may (although I doubt it) be valid in such a situation.
  3. Foxsport's Draft Report Card

    http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/6746812 Ravens: C-, Browns: A+, Steelers: B Also check out the helmet for the Colts. Right now its striped, lol.
  4. Grade the Bengals Draft

    I've seen one commentator compare Rowe to Jim Sorgi. If Rowe ends up comparable to Sorgi I'm happy with the pick. Especially since it looks like any LB we could have gotten at that point is about as good as the UDFA LBs out there.
  5. Is the defense better?

    I like that we keep getting young hard-hitting players with upside. If we had Odell and a healthy Pollack (at DE or LB), I'd say this is a unit poised for great things over the next couple seasons. As it is, I think the D unit will jump to low-middle of the pack. Say 18-20 in total D. I expect a quantum leap after this season. I also think that a 100% Palmer plus a revitalized running game will help the D alot. Henry missing eight games takes away some of our home run threats, but keeps the O out there longer. May help the D alot. I think the configuration of the team this year, plus upgraded personnel will create a decent improvement.
  6. Whats up with the last names this year o_O

    How can you not like a guy with five consecutive vowels in his last name?
  7. 5th Round: Jeff Rowe

    Finally someone who gets it. That's exactly why this was done: to prevent even more pseudo-dead money being tied up and on the offensive side of the ball to boot.
  8. 6th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Would you cram a pad in your vag already. There's no conspiracy to randomly screw the Bengals. If you'd pay attention its clear they need to take a break based on how long its been since their last break.
  9. 6th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I'm randomly going to call Nate Harris, LB Louisville.
  10. 5th Round: Jeff Rowe

    Yeah, those situations are rare because teams waste picks on players that are PS material or that are going to cut anyway rather than on talented, developmental players. Kudos to the Bengals for drafting someone to groom as the backup instead of wasting cap space on some washed up has-been to back-up Carson. I like this pick. EDIT: Completely agree with HOF's post below. He seems to be one of the few on this board that consistently has his head screwed on right.
  11. 5th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I'm gonna go with Rufus Alexander again. Sure he has character flaws, but he's a steal in the mid 5th round.
  12. 4th Round: Marvin White

    We're Cincinnati baby. We're junior New Yorkers. We only know bitching... that's why some of us have serious issue with positive articles from Hobson. I didn't know Hobson wrote any other kind of article. From what I've read so far this seems like a solid pick. This is where we got Peko last year and that was a bit of a headscratcher at the time.
  13. 4th Round: Marvin White

    Apparently this pick took Hobson by suprise since he isn't slobbing on the dude's knob twenty plus minutes after the pick. That or Hobson is out eating donuts.
  14. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    dumb and good for us. Agreed, I have a feeling that Tomlin is going to run the Steelers franchise into the ground.
  15. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I predict we pick Rufus Alexander.
  16. 1st Round: Leon Hall

    O'Neal is old, sucks, and has character issues. Meanwhile, Tory James, the fluke of the '05 season aside, is/was old and busted. Its time we build our secondary for years. We resign Madieu after this season or the next and our 3/4 of our starting secondary is set for the next 4-5 years with young talented players. All we need now is a young SS and a couple upgrades on the D-Line and we have a team primed to compete for the next 3-5 seasons for a Superbowl.
  17. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Jax's selection is in, time to work the phones! or...take Quinn! EDIT: Damn you, ESPN, you suck. Slow on the trade.
  18. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    There's a good way to kill yourself? It involves about 20 really hot bisexual women... What if I'm not a muslim? Zing!
  19. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Honestly, if he's there and we can't work I trade, I say f-it and draft Quinn. Someone will give value for him. Maybe even better value than draft picks, i.e. a proven player. Its the best pick we could make. Like when Chargers said f-it and took Eli.
  20. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    There's a good way to kill yourself?
  21. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Anyone tempted if Quinn is still there? I mean damn, that's one hell of a back-up and good trade bait. Either now or down the road. Sitting beind Palmer can only increase his value, right? MIght piss Palmer off, but given his relationship with Lewis I don;t think he'd really feel threatened.
  22. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    That's it? Sounds a little cheap... I'd want their third and second this year and their first next year.
  23. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Pitt takes Timmons
  24. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Damn, Revis.
  25. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Jets fans are such tards. I look forward to wiping the stupid smiles off their faces after we suplex their over-rated team. And damn, did they get raped in that trade, giving up THREE picks. EDIT: NM, misunderstood, still they got face-raped with that trade.