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  1. Steelers at Bengals Game Thread 9/27/2009

    This has been an abomination on offense. The playcalling has been a complete disaster - it's as if they prepared to play a different team than the Steelers.
  2. 7th Round: Chinedum Ndukwe

    A guy from Dublin Coffman. I thought he looked lost in the secondary at Notre Dame, so I don't know why he was playing over there when he was recruited as a wide receiver. He may benefit from some good coaching, because he is a good athlete.
  3. Round 6: QB/WR Reggie McNeil - merged

    They draft 2 defensive linemen, but they haven't addressed the defensive line. Brilliant.
  4. Round 7: (#1) DB Ethan Kilmer

    I know PSU ate up Ohio State's return game.
  5. Round 5: OLB A.J. Nicholson

    A.J. "Pretrial" Nicholson
  6. Round 5: OLB A.J. Nicholson

    He is definitely talented at getting arrested.
  7. Round 4: DT Domata Peko

    Orion Harris is still on the board and we passed why???? Because Orien Harris sucks.
  8. Bengals 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    It's going to be Ryan Hamby, and we will never win another game.
  9. Round 1: CB Jonathan Joseph

    Should be a good replacement for Tory James. We desparately needed some more athleticism in the secondary. This pick reminds me of the Madieu Williams pick, a guy somewhat unsung guy but a good athlete.
  10. Bengals First Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Wow, everyone was right on who we were going to draft. How about that.
  11. Bengals First Round Pre-Pick Thread

    It's Bengal drafting time! Is there an Akili on the board?
  12. The Takeo Screwed Up Thread

    Yeah, don't knock C-bus. We have the Buckeyes, by far the most popular football team in the state.
  13. Bratkowski to coach Detroit?

    I did not like Bratkoski in his first couple years, as he never called any play-action, and that really hurt the team. However, he has evolved into a well-rounded play caller, and I hope he doesn't leave.
  14. Tale of Two Cities

    Hey look out playoffs! Hey, if anyone would know about being great in the regular season and terrible in the playoffs, it's the Steelers.
  15. They don't have any beef in the middle.