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  1. Girl Help

    Say Hi, be yourself....no stupid pick up lines...we hate those. Also make her laugh!
  2. I got a PM from a member checking on me. Just wanted to stop by and say HELLO to everyone!! Where is my boy Bengal Dave?! I was in Ohio almost every other weekend and still haven't had my dinner yet Hope everyone is doing well, I will check in more often on you guys. Just been busy with school, work and Juan's crazy schedule.
  3. What's up............

    Yeah been busy, but I am doing wonderful! They made me a mod at RF.net. But, I do keep an eye on you guys And Chad Johnson is just tooooo funny not to watch!
  4. What's up............

    Thanls, I am hoping that we can pull off a win to. Makes it easier at the house! By the way, I like the new board!
  5. What's up............

    Just came by to show you guys some love. Hadn't been here in a while. I see that your team is doing well, Congrats. Now if we can just keep our team injury free, there is way to much of that going around.
  6. WHo should start for OSU

    GO BUCS! Don't know much about the team, but I was told that at 12:00 noon tomorrow we were watching all games ALL DAY!
  7. Patriots - Raiders..

    Well I think we did a pretty good job last night. Many thought it would be a blow out, I don't consider it to be that. Our pass rush needs MUCH improvement, but keeping a guy like CD to 63 yards rushing says a lot for a team that went 5-11 last year. Our penalties, the TO cost us a lot, without those we could have had a different outcome. Can't wait to till the Home Opener next week against Ks**tty!
  8. Arena Football

    I thought the same thing. When we lived in Cali my brother had season tickets to the SaberCats and I never went with him. When we moved to Atlanta they brought a team out here. I went to my first game with my brother the year they got here and have been a season ticket holder since. (For 4 years) My boyfriend actually plays for the Force. Which has made the last 2 years even more interesting and enjoyable. I have been to several away games and went to the Arena Bowl, even though we lost by a field goal, it was a GREAT GAME. (Plus, it was in VEGAS) Every person that I have gotten tickets for fell in love with the game. It such a fast pace and exciting game. You don't want to take a bathroom break because you may miss something. You don't get the same feeling watching it on TV. If you have a team in your area, check it out. It is a resonable family outing or something to check out. My take I LOVE IT!!
  9. Rant about Party last night

    JD, Don't say anything to your boy about that night.....He will know what is up when you show up at the next party with old girl on your arm. Just keep your game tight and you will be OK!
  10. Raiders Offense

    Easy day at work today so going back and forth! I posted the same thing over there....
  11. Raiders Offense

    I heard them talking about it on the Radio here in Atlanta also. I really don't see it happening I don't think we have the money for him. Can you imagine having Moss and TO on the same team. Now, if we only had a QB to throw to them! EDIT~I just got off the phone with my boy who is TO's personal DJ and good friend. He said that TO and Moss couldn't make it on the same team. They get along off the field, but their egos are to big to play together. If I hear anything else I will keep you guys posted.
  12. I meet John Taylor at the Pro Bowl this year. That guy is so arrogant. He walks up to me and puts his SB ring in my hand tells me "Hold that for me darling" and turns to talk to someone....comes back and tells me who he is, "I use to play for the 49ers, I made Joe Montana famous" I handed him his ring and told him I was a Raider fan. Me and my girls laughed about that for ever. Dude is old enough to be my father, trying to be a MACK!
  13. Reasons to avoid getting hitched

    OX, communication is the key!! Be sure that you guys understand one another. Let her know how you feel about the kids, and the NFL ticket. You never know she may learn to love the game because you love it. My boyfriend lucked out and found a girl that knows almost as much as he does about football And tells him to turn it back to ESPN when he gets commercial changing channel happy! As for the other 125Million other women out there, if you have a good one keep her!! You never know what issues, drama, diseases, baby-daddy drama they come with. Stop being a bad boyfriend and be a good husband. Do things for her you know she would do for you. Show her you love her! I wish you two the best of luck!!
  14. How could you leave out BO Jackson?
  15. No one probably cares but

    Congrats to you and your future husband!! I wish you the best of luck!