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  1. Best football analyst

    I was thinking about it and wondered what others might think... Who is the best football analyst you have heard? Most of us love Lap so give me another...
  2. Palmer healed, looking like old No. 9 in minicamp

    Even Carson couldn't afford the diapers with twins and chad in the house.
  3. Chad Ochocinco voted 10th most outrageous character

    Screw that...how about no more quitting during football games? PUNK
  4. Chad Ochocinco voted 10th most outrageous character

    I feel nauseous...again.
  5. Ghiaciuc says Chad is a distraction

    I suppose you are right Mark, but I can't really criticize Ghiaciuc for speaking his mind after the punk-ass princess quit during a football game...TWICE if not more. After 40 years as a fan of this franchise, for me, oucho-punko is easily the most hated man in Bengals history who isn't Mike Brown.
  6. Bernard Scott

    Come on now...don't blame the weed.
  7. Ghiaciuc says Chad is a distraction

    Yeah, but take that rationale to the logical, or illogical, extreme. Under that theory, Fitz sucked because Fredo was a distraction. That might be your theory but it is not mine. I don't think Bluto was making excuses for his own poor play or for anyone else's. He just stated that which is a fact to me. Princess chad is a quitter punk and will never be more than that in my eyes. And Greg...if I had agreen agreeing with me, I would immediately reassess my position!!!
  8. Ghiaciuc says Chad is a distraction

    Hey Greg... Bluto sucked and our line sucked... but he's right on this one.
  9. Ghiaciuc says Chad is a distraction

    I'd bet dollars against donut-holes that most of the players want to say the same thing.
  10. Hard Knocks Trailer-Starring Chadetta

    Mr. agreen... Your man-love for the quitter is mildly comical but mostly nauseating.
  11. Smith Starts at LT

    I cannot agree. I think Whit was born to play LG and was drafted to play LG. I hope to see: LT: Andre LG: Whit C: Luigs RG: Bobbie RT : Collins We invest a pick in 2010 on Bobbie's replacement and we could be set for a few years. SWEET
  12. 6th Round #2: Bernard Scott

    Odell turned it into a ginormous cluster-phuck, but for the '05 season, Odell was a huge positive for this team. I miss what he gave us and I hope we just got it back.
  13. The funniest thing I've heard in weeks....

    Trading ugly douchebaggeries? Thanks/Pass
  14. Rookie Uniform Numbers

    The time for Simms/Shirley to step up, is today.
  15. The funniest thing I've heard in weeks....

    It seems telling that you react in such a condescending manner to an innocuous, benign comment that perhaps was only funny to me. Crissakes, if I were to fire off some douchebag condescending BS your way every time I read something of your's that wasn't funny... We'd be fighting all the time. Instead, I'll try and not intrude on any of your many personal blather-fests. My bad
  16. The funniest thing I've heard in weeks....

    Is this one of your many faux funny personas? You ain't makin' it as a comic...just another dickshapedcracker.
  17. The funniest thing I've heard in weeks....

    Makes me feel like I'm wasting time reading this.
  18. BZ Draft Coverage

    Nicely done...thanks, Mark.
  19. 2nd Round: Rey Maualuga

    Plug Rey in the middle today... Dhani is great depth.
  20. 2nd Round: Rey Maualuga

    After reading all of this, I keep coming back to this uninformed statement: Your credibility went to zero when you floated this turd in the pool.
  21. Are we convinced Palmer is 100%

    The bolded quote is pure conjecture on Bearcat's part and nothing more.
  22. Bengals.com Virtual Hall of Fame

    Gag me... Using your criterion, Dan Marino, Bruce Smith, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, Anthony Munoz, Roger Werhli and several others should be banned from your precious hall. While many true Bengals fans, including myself, are outraged at the ommission of KA, the Rattler, Ike and Leapin' Lemar from your precious sham of a hall, we are only asking for recognition from our own organization and fans. A significant percentage of our fans feel compelled to sh*t on any recognition of these players of any kind. A significant percentage of our alleged fans, SUCK!!! I don't give two sh*ts, or even one, about the ridiculous rantings of a closet Cowboys fan posing as one of our own. Good day, sir.
  23. Bengals.com Virtual Hall of Fame

    I haven't been around here for a while but it does not surprise me at all that agreen is the one guy who thinks we have no players in our history deserving of recognition from our fans. Recognition is long overdue and I have about 20 players in my top 10. Arguments can be made for most of the players on the ballot. It's sad that it took so long and sad that a cyber hall is the best we can do.
  24. Our team has enought talent to go to the superbowl.

    That ship sailed long ago.
  25. Anyone else worried about the "New" running game?

    The truth, in my mind, is that Rudi was not a product of the balance that we had, but rather, he and the line were the cause of it. Rudi was a stud for 3 years. Last year was an anomaly caused by injuries to Rudi and to the line and more importantly because of Bratkowski's ass-backward approach in '07. It's my opinion but I truly believe it. Hap, I'm not clear on how you and many others missed all of Rudi's great play for 3 years. I, for one, will never forget it, even if Rudi never gets another yard.