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  1. NFL Playoffs

    I want to feel bad for Whitworth but can’t truthfully get there. PFF graded him in this game at 36.8. A terrible showing in a big game. Maybe this is more of the same from him in not performing well in the postseason. He did no favors to Goff or Hurley yesterday for sure.
  2. I have a feeling they keep Elliott, the kicker they drafted this year. Not sure why though, the numbers this Preseason seem to support keeping Bullock.
  3. The Problem Is Clear

    Tobin has to have a share of the blame. Unless the mgmt is ignoring his advice on who to draft. The drafts haven't been that good for a while now.
  4. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    Gotta love the smirk on Dalton's face as he leaves the field.
  5. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    Where is the Erickson we saw in preseason? To date they would have been better off keeping Tate. No doubt.
  6. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    Which is harder to listen to: 1. Dan Fouts calling a game. 2. Marvin's post game news conference. 3. Anytime Dalton is interviewed?
  7. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    Agree. Just for the sake of creating any illusion of player accountability he must be cut.
  8. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    Is there any way Nugent survives the week on the roster?
  9. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    Where is Eifert! Is he another player that looks like he has been making a living on Green's ability to draw defensive attention? Also, the first down hand off is going nowhere.
  10. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    Why do other teams have backup running backs who can come in and play with little drop off in talent? Our backup in multi year veteran Burkhead looks like we suited up the equipment manager to fulfill a lifetime wish to play in a NFL game.
  11. Fight on or fork 'em?

    Whitworth summed it up best in his comments. Basically calling the team fool's gold by saying last year the team was able to eke out quite a few W's at the end of games in the first half of last season. He implied that some lucky breaks were heavily involved in their wins. They never really lined up and beat people. This year has been more of the same except with the breaks falling the other way. Playoff talk is fun but to be realistic this team is very mediocre and is barely keeping its head above water. It is time for some big changes at the top, they have been given many, many seasons to get it done and have failed. Time for someone else to get a chance. Whoever is their the buck stops here guy for the important player decisions must go. And since that guy is the owner not much is going to happen.
  12. Broncos @ Bengals Game Thread

    Two main issues holding this team back: offensive line is below average. Their poor play doesnt allow the plays called to work. Zampese game plans like they are a superior unit. defensive line is highly overrated and has a lack of talent. I dont think it is coaching on either end, they just dont have the horses needed to compete with good teams.
  13. They Want Hue, They Want Hue So Bad, Baby

    Read online that Hue wrapped up a five hour interview with the 49ers early this afternoon and is scheduled to meet with the Browns later today.
  14. Zim and Gruden

    The Vikings almost survived a classic Peterson postseason fumble ...
  15. Marvin will easily survive this humiliating performance (yet again). The Bengals will simply blame it all on the loss of Dalton and all will end up being forgiven by the fan base. Sidenote: Does this hurt Hue's stock in his head coaching negotiations? He sure doesn't look to have any answers tonight.