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  1. 1. Tyson Jackson DE LSU 2. Jeff Otah T Pitt 3. Vince Hall LB VaTech 4. Bryan Kehl LB BYU 5. Henry Smith DT Tex A&M 6. Mike Peterson TE NW Mizzou State
  2. Dumbest team I have ever seen

    Not doubt old Buckethead would appreciate the recognition of how instrumental he was to the success of the offense. I liked how he played and what he did, but I'd pull up considerable short of giving him quite that kind of make-or-break credit. They've missed Big Willie more because it don't look like Stacy the Giant isn't the same force as a run blocker. Palmer does look better aim wise this year. Last year he threw high way too much and really didn't do that this year until the Steelers game. My main beef with Palmer is that he doesn't seem to really embrace playing to win. He looks more content to gunsling, and a lot of that probably has as much to do with his own audibles as it does with Brat's calls. He's got the ball the most, does the most with it, the offense is built around him, the payroll is offense heavy, so it's really up to him more than anyone else to win...or at least score more than 13 points vs. a 3-10 team. 5th fastest to 100 TDs is great. Or 4th fastest to 50 or next to last slowest to 200. Whatever. Just figure out how to win a few more games already.
  3. Dumbest team I have ever seen

    Nobody looked like they gave the kind of crap it would take to demonstrate they were Bengals fans because this game would've been taken personally if they were, given the history. But who would really expect that out of any of them? All in all, the defense played just barely well enough not to be totally responsible for the loss, and the offense looked hapless under the direction of its leader once again. The O-line continues to give Carson Palmer plenty of time, but he continues to find new ways not to win with some untilmely help from his friends. At least he doesn't fumble any more, so there is hope for a new set of downs next year.
  4. Bengals v. 49ers game thread

    The Bengals ought to run Rudi into the ground the next 2 weeks and try to boost his trade value. Given their draft history with SUPERSTAR and Mr. WarEagle himself, it's got to be inevitable that Brat and Palmer get their wish and the Bengals crutch on a single-back, stretch run set. I just hope they don't waste another high draft pick on a RB and finally realize that Kenny Watson can be their feature back rather than just being a lucky bastard called to duty after spending time on his sofa eating Cheetohs.
  5. Dumbest team I have ever seen

    No need to blame the coach...or the OC, DC or even the D personnel, which couldn't have been expected to be much better than middle of the pack to begin with if all were healthly. Blame the QB. He's got the ball more than anyone else and to only get 13 points against that D is pathetic. Geez...can't even beat the Niners when they're 3-10. The Old Man is rolling over in his grave so much he's got to feel like he's on a rottisserie in Hell and Bill Walsh is there just basting away.
  6. Gaither in Supp?

    CB was definitely the right call in the 1st round the past 2 drafts and they could do worse than using a Day 1 pick on Oliver if they doubt how healthy JJoe's foot will be, Deltha's commitment to be on the field every game and Brooks ability to play in the NFL. I'd say the safest of those is the 3rd, which makes Oliver look even better than he actually is. Gaither should still be much more intriguing. CBs like Oliver are a dime a dozen. True freaks like Gaither are not. Even then the Bengals should still pass on him with a 2nd round claim. Once they know what they got in Andrews, it's time to either pay up or let their project go. The Jets already showed enough interest in him as a RFA that his market value should skyrocket with just a halfway decent year, especially if he plays 2 or more positions. But even if they pony up for Andrews, they still got to look in the 2008 1st round at the strong crop of college LT's who are going to come into the league with varying degrees of ability to play all 4 O-line positions besides center. The top off the list in the late 1st round should be Pedro Sosa from Rutgers. But, if they get Gaither for a 3rd, by all means. There's just too much baggage with him and not enough proof he can overcome it for the Bengals to dive in too early. DT in the 1st is an ongoing nightmare dream. But if Red Bryant can fulfill his Aggie lineage with a strong season coming off ACL surgery, he should be targeted by the Bengals over an underachiever like Frank Okam in the 1st, even though the track record under Marvin is Day 2 DT picks and free agent stop gaps. If they go the usual route, Jason Shirley from Fresno is a monster who can move and might still be there in the middle rounds. DE is another question and makes the most sense for an early pick next year. But the reality should be that Jumpy is the high-end, undersized speed rusher who can go vs. LT's in place of Justin. They should be able to get a Top 5 strongside DE for less than a 1st. But as Carson goes so do the Bengals. They've should prioritize his protection and run game success over their defense in '08 with their 1st rounder.
  7. Gaither in Supp?

    I'll take the stab that Gaither either goes to Baltimore with a 1st rounder or Houston with a 2nd. He might be as dumb as a box of rocks but he's a mountain of a force.
  8. Gaither in Supp?

    If Levi is indeed damaged goods beyond hope of pulling off another year at LT, then maybe they look closer at Gaither. But Whitworth showed he can play LT well enough and they still got Stacy the Giant for 1 more year to try at LG. Add Kieft to that mix like you've mentioned and the Bengals probably can keep a viable O-Line for another year w/o adding Gaither now. Big Willie just has to be Big Willie for 1 or 2 more spins. But the '08 pick sure looks like a 1st round OT. Gaither could have used the extra year. He looked good playing LT in place of Stephon Heyer when he had the chance but at his very lowest floor will still be viewed as a dominant RT who bats players around like they are toys. A full year at left tackle at Maryland and Omar could have very well been on his way to becoming a Top 10 pick if he showed week in and week out that he could improve his technique to ioffset speed rushers. So, it'll be interesting to see where he gets valued. I'd say higher than Brooks unless the same weight issues crop up. If Gaither weighs 380 pounds now, teams will back off.
  9. Gaither in Supp?

    Too bad Gaither is as mentally challenged as he is because he's a dominant tackle at either side. Physically, he's to the tackle position what JaMarcus Russell was to the QB position last year. There's too many outstanding tackle prospects available next year to burn the 2nd it should at the very latest take to get Gaither in the supplemental. The likes of Barry Richardson, Jake Long, Sam Baker, and Pedro Sosa later in the 1st round ought to keep the Bengals off Omar.
  10. BengalsZone Big Board '07

    Now that the smoke is cleared I'll apologize to Hair for the ambush. There's a lot of vitriol that gets spewed during the draft and hopefully this lessened the personal attacks on people who just want to speak their minds even if their way off base. Maybe out of bounds to take this upon myself but so be it. I knew I'd be hit or miss for the draft days because of all I got going on. And besides, I knew I could count on Hair both because of his vanity and his ability to keep his feet and punch back. So all's fair. The longer term aspects of this also developed as we went with Hair right on cue and maybe this gets considered as a demo for the next Bengalszone mock drafter. Depending on how the flip I've been busting ass to get listed by May 1 goes, I'll either be just coming up for air come football season or doubled up w/o the time it takes to commit to the 7 round process. Does it matter to have a Bengalszone mock draft? I'd say yes but only if its as original as original can be for what it takes to do it. If it's somebody just regurgitating somebody else's opinions, then I'd say less so. And fun and games or not, it should have enough accuracy to be a plausible enough reference that a site like thefootballexpert can list it high on their database. So it goes. It does take a lot of time and committment but also a mindset that considers attacks from others as a perk like farver beans and a nice Chianti. Thanks for leaving the thread up mods and hope I didn't put anybody in a pickle.
  11. Let's all agree Irons will be good

    I got no gripes with Irons as a solid RB for his style of running. But I'm not convinced this 2nd round offense pick is a good as the one was last year because they knew they were getting a versatile O-lineman in Whitworth who could be expected to play reasonably well at 4 positions immediately if needed. Still, Irons hits quick and goes. Shoulders and ankles might be a problem for him if he gets used too much too soon but hopefully they won't have to use him too much this year and he can learn from Anderson, develop receiving skills and pick up what he's got to do blocking wise by watching Watson. I'd hate to see Carson get killed because the 3rd down back isn't ready yet to get the blitz. But there's no question Irons is a good and willing between the tackles runner already who's got the quickness to test the outside on sweeps and screens now and again. He's no battering ram by any stretch and not proven enough to come out right away as a 3rd down back right away IMO. But hopefully the Bengals will not have to count on him for either this year.
  12. Undrafted Free Agent Signings

    There's a couple LBs who should do more than just stick -- Everett and Muncy. Coates has a good shot to be the 2nd TE. The guy can catch and blocks better than a lot of the TEs drafted.
  13. 5th Round: Jeff Rowe

    Fascinating pick for who they took Rowe over -- Jordan Palmer and Troy Smith. Too much family tie with the 1st and not enough Seneca Wallace appeal with the 2nd. I had the best 3 QBs left as Palmer, Smith and Rowe so if they wanted QB, it sounds right to me. Rowe played out of the pistol so he'll have an adjustment there but he's a big mobile guy who throws well off the run and can get downfield his own self if needed. But I woulda thought they'd go free agency or undrafted rook for 3rd QB. Rowe should be a solid #2 in a couple years.
  14. 5th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I still got 20 left from the 1st 137 and 4 solid LBs -- Siler, Everett, Alexander and Rory Johnson plus 2 5th rounders I had going before the Bengals pick -- Tim Shaw and HB Blades. It'd be a great time to grab a LB but once again, will the Bengals seek a 3rd WR. If so, I'd like to see them take a big fast one like Brandon Myles or Legedu Naanee.
  15. 4th Round: Marvin White

    Marvin White is more a free safety but he delivers a strong safety wallop with impeccable timing on his hits as the video of what is known as The Great White Hit at the bottom of the thread below shows: http://forums.bengalszone.com/index.php?showtopic=14621 If you watch all angles of the hit, it shows why Marv would like this guy a whole lot. He goes from backpedal to stop and read and in a couple steps is not only able to position himself for a hit on a 215 lb. WR but produce a split second reaction to step in and knock the slop out of the Robert Johnson without losing balance. As for a tackler vs. the run, watching White tackle Garrett Wolf isolated in space at the second level was perfect form. He's got big-time quicks, excellent read coverage skills and can smack. He's somewhat slighter built than a stronger safety type like Kevin Payne but he can add some without losing his ability to react. All of that was a big reason why he was the Bengalszone Mock Draft 4th round Bengals pick for awhile.