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  1. Anyone listening to Baltimore Sports Radio?

    How did the hosts and subsequent callers respond?
  2. For the stat nerds out there

    Also, the differential in points scored a game is 11.3 more a game, not 7.7. Unless, of course, you meant they've scored 21.5 points a game this year rather than 25.1.
  3. Win against Cleveland did nothing for the Bengals!

    Welcome to Bengal Fan Psychology 101. In which we hate to lose because that shows we suck. And we hate to win too because that shows we suck. OK, if we could teleport the '85 Bears to present day, then if our practice squad could beat them 280 to 0, then I guess that would be an acceptable win we could enjoy. Nope. Marvin undoubtedly would've made a foolish challenge which he would've lost. And the talk radio shows would have a field day with it.
  4. Deltha "I don't want to play nickel" O'Neal

    Not that I necessarily disagree with you on the tactics, BB, but how would one ever know whether or not Marvin did do this, or (IMO more importantly) has done it in the past? I mean Marvin could meet with him behind closed doors, give him the proverbial boot up his ass, and the player in question could still leave Hines Ward wide open in the end zone. Yet if that were to happen, you would claim Marvin simply hasn't put a boot in somone's ass like they should have, right? Look, my point isn't to rip into you. It's not to convince you that things are hunky dorry in Cincy right now. And my point certainly isn't that Marvin and the coaching staff aren't to blame. They are. For a lot. But you seem to crucify them as the only culprits. I've watched countless times Bengals players being in position to make a play and simply mis-executing (i.e. missed tackles, dropped passes, etc.). At what point do you stop placing total blame on Marvin (and M. Brown), and start shoveling it to the ones who make the plays on the field?
  5. Marvin on Rome is Burning

    I missed it. Can u give me a rundown of the interview?
  6. Miami @ Pitt Thread

    So Pitt has lost to a 1-8 Jets team and got taken to the wire by an 0-10 Dolphins team (at home no less). Solid.
  7. Chad - vow of silence

    I've heard of this before. I think they call it pouting.
  8. Blame it on a Bengal

    :lmao: Hysterical! Ryan Parker's outdone himself.
  9. What a difference Chris Henry makes

    You annoy me. Any who... The offense looked MUCH better with Henry in the lineup, specifically the passing game. Carson was licking his chops all day long. You simply cannot cover us with Henry in the lineup. As for the no touchdowns, was it me, or was the play calling absolutely terrible in the redzone? Carson and our stud WR's were torching them all day long, but it seems like when we got to the redzone we forgot how to pass. Dumb ass penalties don't help either. False starts always hurt, but they're that much worse once you enter the redzone. I think there were two sepearte times today they had a 3rd and goal at about the 18 yard line. Couple that with a non-existent running game (seriously, have we seen enough of Rudi by now?), and you turn TDs into FGs.
  10. The Official Bengals @ Bills game thread

    Sounds good to me.
  11. The Official Bengals @ Bills game thread

    Gimme a f*cking break. They were bitching and moaning like little old ladies when we were winning. Right now it has merit and I'm screaming at the TV with everyone else. But the "GAWD WE SUCK" was[/] an overreaction at the time. Amazing how much sh*t you guys give out to anybody that doesn't piss and moan with you. As for Chad, my prayers go out to him. I just hope he's alright.
  12. The Official Bengals @ Bills game thread

    My apologies everyone. I'll try to be more negative in the future. We SUCK. We are the worstest ever. No team is as bad as the Bengals. We never win anything - other teams just lose. You SUCK Bengals. Fire all the coaches. Trade away everyone. Is that better?
  13. The Official Bengals @ Bills game thread

    I know the sky is falling and everything, but you guys know we are winning right? Enough with the "we suck" talk already.
  14. examining the hysteria

    But, but, Marvin doesn't win his challenges! And his time clock management is the worst in the league!! And I guess you haven't noticed, but HE GIGGLES IN HIS PRESS CONFERENCES!!! Obviously, he's got to go.
  15. Ahmad Brooks

    At any rate, this continues to really handcuff the defense. Do the Bengals have some sort of linebacker curse I haven't heard of?