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    playing outside midfield in soccer, running, watching the bengals, kentucky wildcats, reds, and all other college and pro sports, reading, watching family guy, playing basketball and football with my friends, history and literature, worrying about my grades, relationships, etc, and just trying to make the most of life.
  1. Power Rankings

    I think that right now, 12 is a good spot for us. I want to see the team of last year that none of the analysts believed was any good, and came out and showed them!!
  2. Who Dey from KY!

    haha who's your college bball team? If it's Duke, UNC, Indiana, etc I might just go nuts. Thanks fellow Kentuckians! I'm glad that there are still many from the state who haven't turned bandwagon and started following the Steelers, Colts, etc. It's very refreshing!
  3. Who Dey from KY!

    You're such a hater BB. GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry Bluegrass, BB is just jealous. I'm sorry OX, Id never intentionally disrespect the man that provides me with countless victory boobie celebrations But man, I hate those Kats, but ironically, I'm a big Tubby Smith fan I'm not the biggest fan of Tubby and what he's been doing at UK. We have been getting outrecruited by schools that previously couldn't have even been considered touching UK. Duke, UNC, etc have far beyond surpassed UK in talent level, they are eons ahead of us. I'll be a UK bball fan no matter how much we suck though. But this is ranting for another message board I guess. I've been a Big Blue fan since I was about 5, so if you smack the Cats around me, I may get steamed, (even though I am used to it by now) Glad to know there's some UK fans here along with Bengals fans. Go Cats!! I live about 15 minutes outside of Lexington, about 1 hr and 20 mins from Cinci.
  4. Who Dey from KY!

    Thanks! We should be seeing some more of that come December 31!
  5. Who Dey from KY!

    I'm sure that there's lots of KY Bengals fans around here, and I'm another one of them! (There's lots of Steelers fans here too, although I really don't know why) I'm around on a few other Bengals boards so if I may know some of you from elsewhere. On Sunday I attended my first ever NFL game in Cinci against the Pats. Although the game didn't turn out the way I'd hoped, I had a great time and loved the atmosphere and the whole experience. I feel like a true Bengal now that I've been to see them play in PBS. Well, I'll be around and Who Dey!!
  6. Way to go Marv....

    I agree that the Bengals need Chris Henry. He's a great player and makes an impact in every game he plays. But if Marvin feels that fining him won't get the point across that he needs to clean up his act, than this just might. If this action by Marvin helps Henry to realize that abiding simple laws will benefit him and his team, than it will help Henry and the city of Cincinnati in the long run. I can't believe that you think that winning a football game is more important than the safety of civilians in Cincinnati. Henry has been arrested for DUIs, giving alcohol to minors, you name it. What if Henry hit a member of your family while driving under the influence, then you'd think differently. He's a talented player, but if he is endangering the lives of others by being a fool, then he should be in jail, not playing football.