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  1. What they are saying in New York

    I'm glad you posted this. I never knew about Phebe's Bar, and I've lived here for two yrs. Now I know where to watch football in nyc. See you there on Sat! WHO-DEY!!
  2. Did Andre Smith start?

    That's a good point. Sort of like the Wildcat - it was great when it was new, but now that it's been around it's too predictable and teams can beat it. I think the key to getting some more juice out of the jumbo set is to throw effectively out of it. I know Carson's got thumb issues, but even a half-assed play action fake followed by a deep bomb to Chad after the safety bites might be a big help. If nothing else, it oughtta give religion to the safeties who are jamming the box. Have they tried this? I haven't been able to see all the games (living in DC), but I haven't seen them give it a shot. I've seen them thrown out of the unbalanced line formation a few times. It's been just as successful as the rest of the passing game. Like I said in another post yesterday, Carson's PA fake really sucks. It always has. I think that's something he could improve on. Palmer's play action doesn't just suck...he actually gives away when it's gonna be a pass because he only reaches back with one hand while on run plays he uses both hands to hand it off. That's a easy thing for defenses to recognize and utilize. I can't understand why the coaching staff hasn't fixed this. I know it can be hard during a play for a defensive player to see something like that, but every little thing can make a difference.
  3. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    ...not to mention improved defensive play too.
  4. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    Man, this is just what we needed. Heading into the bye with some offensive momentum.
  5. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    Yeah Chad!!! TD Bengals!!! Keep it up fellas!
  6. Official Bears @ Bengals Game Thread.

    Nice play Leon!
  7. Just came across this online. Some "Promo model" (aka hooker) has accused Chad of writing her a bad check, and there are supposedly multiple women in other states with this same complaint. I'm surprised the story hasn't been picked up by pft yet. Apparently Chad responded on his twitter account, but I don't have an account to see what he said. This is unnecessary bad publicity for the bengals if it turns out to be true. http://thedirty.com/2009/10/18/famous-football-player-write-bad-checks-to-hookers/
  8. I posted this in another thread already, but figured it deserves its own thread. Anyone looking for tickets to the game this wknd against Houston can get them for free per bengals.com. "Motorola, a long-time partner of the Bengals as well as a recent addition to the Ochocinco camp, teamed with the club and Cincinnati’s Channel 12 to make sure the 47th consecutive sellout at Paul Brown Stadium got well enough in reach so the 1 p.m. game could be seen live on Channel 12. Motorola plans to give away 600 pairs of free tickets starting at 11:30 am Saturday at the North Ticket Office at PBS, located next to the Pro Shop." bengals.com free tickets to game
  9. Anyone going to Texans game?

    Motorola is giving away 1200 free tickets(600 pairs of two) to anyone first come, first serve starting at 11:30am at the North Ticket Window by the pro shop per bengals.com. Get there early enough and Motorola/Chad will have "bought" you a ticket. Free tickets to game Maybe a thread should be started with this link so more people see it? Anyway I'll be at my first game this yr, Section 337.
  10. Ray Lewis fined for Ocho hit

    Yeah, I just saw that too. I guess the amount of the fine was based on two violations. Apparently he was fined for kicking a bengals player which Harbaugh says on video was an "inadvertent trip". Whatever, the guy still deserves the fines. It was a shot to the head that could have doen serious damage but luckily didn't.
  11. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4564833 $25,000...that's a lot compared to other fines so far this yr. I like it. I'm glad Ray got fined for that hit even if Chad didn't want him to be. It was an unnecessary hit based on the play.
  12. E S P N power ratings

    I saw this yesterday too. Ranking them 3rd is fair given last season, but these "experts" should at least make informed critiques, not just rely on general perception from the past few yrs. Yeah, the defense was awful for many yrs, but now it's at least in the top half of the league based on the way they played last yr and in the preseason. There are still some question marks that justify the ranking for now, but give me a break..."leap frog the Browns"?!? That's just a pathetic "analysis" for a sportswriter.
  13. Vick signs with Philadelphia!!

    Vick presumably would have been an asset, but the Bengals would have taken a lot of heat if they signed him. And apparently they tried to do so. I didn't see this posted anywhere already, so sorry if it is. Per pft: Jay Glazer tweeted that the Bengals offered Vick a 2 yr, 2.3 mill offer />http://twitter.com/Jay_Glazer/status/3307378636 />http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2009/08/14/report-bengals-made-vick-an-offer-too/ We were "the other team" that had made an offer.
  14. I'm not convicting the guy before he's had a chance to defend himself, but the details of this woman's story have been put up on pft, and it is hard to imagine a woman giving so much detail if there wasn't some truth to the story. That's not to say he did rape her, but that she was very likely in his room that night. And if he brought her up there under false pretenses, it is not inconceivable that this actually happened the way she says. I sure hope there is still video evidence like she says there was. And as for her not filing criminal charges, we just don't know if that is the case. Maybe she already tried? Maybe her attorneys decided that they don't have enough evidence to win a criminal case which requires a higher burden of proof I believe, but they think they have a shot at winning a civil suit? And as for the time that has passed, I imagine that being raped would be a very difficult thing to get through emotionally for a woman. So it makes sense that some time would pass before she came forward if she didn't take it to the authorities immediately. Regardless, if he did this, then there may very well be others to step forward in the coming weeks. And if he did it, then goodell better come down hard as hell on his ass to make an example of him. But first, more info needs to come out and he has to have a chance to tell his side. Just my 2 cents...
  15. Gimmie a break, Harrison. How about all the times you fly to Cincinnait, Cleveland, Baltimore, to the Super Bowl, and oh, those two trips to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. I call BS Yeah, exactly my first thought. The d**chebag flies numerous times all year for games and SB and ProBowl. But for argument's sake, let's say he really DOES have a fear of flying...he still lives in in Pittsburgh, right? And how long can it take to drive to DC from Pittsburgh? I would guess it's at most about 8 hrs. So plan ahead and drive down a couple days beforehand if your real reason for missing it is that you don't want to fly. Give me a break...this explanation is complete BS, and is just an attempt at some damage-control for the dumba**'s image.