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  1. Lot D parking pass

    Let me see what I can come up with. They get pretty expensive though... Thanks! Just email me at <removed> if you come up with anything or 513-515-2228! you do realize when you stick an email address in a public forum like that, multitudes of automated collection systems will gather the address and spam it to death ...
  2. Chris Henry and Reggie McNeal

    Henry and Odell are in delicate situations. It would make sense to avoid all appearance of impropriety. Of course you don't turn your back on your friends and family -- financially support them through their difficult times. You do not have to live with them to accomplish that.You can still physically distance yourself and stay in touch. They need to observe a self imposed curfew and concentrate on protecting their NFL future.
  3. Weather Forecast for Steelers Game

    Yes, Pitt beat Citadel 51-6 at Heinz Field today with 506 total yards of offense - review did not even mention the weather. (PITT POST-GAME NOTES). In the Pitt / Citadel game pictures Heinz field looks pretty good actually.
  4. Weather Forecast for Steelers Game

    It will certainly be an interesting example of how well DD Grassmaster fields work in heavy rainfall. I am pretty sure this is still what they are using. Natural grass roots intertwine with the artificial grass fibres.
  5. "Expert" Picks

    is that the sacrcasm smiley? Ex-steeler homer picked the steelers - go figure?
  6. Something I Marvel At

    Oh Lord, please give the Bengals health. The Bengals have all the tools they need to do beat any opponent, anytime, just need to keep them on the field. This offense's starting 11 have already regularly performed against the top rated defenses in the league, AFC & NFC. Those guys impersonating our defense are scary. Ball hawks in the backfield are making the QBs hold it longer. And the D-line is benefiting. Tough for a QB - hold on and get sacked or throw it up and give up INTs. Ouch Oh Lord, please give the Bengals health. Oh Lord, please give the Bengals health. ...
  7. Who suprises you tomorow

    Yes, Kenworth Truck Company, with exciting model names <sarcasm> like T660 The new T660, Kenworth’s most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul conventional. Ever.with a logo that seems more fitting for squirrel man
  8. A chance to sign Steiny?

    Willie's contract is front loaded. Franchising Steinbach means you have to pay him tackle money to play guard. I believe he is worth it, he can play tackle, guard and center and has done so for us. (When Levi has to take a play off, Steinbach slides out and I don't see Carson getting blindsided.) But overpaying for a great guard may be the straw that breaks the back and they will have to let him move on. One of the talented younger guys like Whitworth, Wilkerson, or whoever looks right a year from now. The tackles are set for awhile, Bengals should be fine. Would still hate to see him go.
  9. Big Ben out for season opener

    Get well soon Ben - best wishes for a speedy recovery. The Bengals will have no trouble getting up for any Steeler game, I believe the Bengals can beat the Steelers at their best and hope we get the chance to prove it week 3 with a healthy Ben R. Who-dey!
  10. Carson Returns Today!!!!

    Wow. How did you ever get the rights to publish that content, both visual and audio? I am sure it is copyrighted.

    Oh please, swelling or tenderness minor enough not to disrupt the practice schedule ...
  12. Domata Peko

    Peko and fat Sam shoulder to shoulder as the interior line. Old guy teaching the young stud and they make each other look good. Isn't that Sam's speciality, standing next to another big guy to create a stone wall? W o W !

    I can not argue with those who would like to see Cheech gone. We will see how the truth plays out through the legal system. --- I sat at the scrimmage and my impression was Cheech possess the skill to fight his way to the ball, like Chad or TJ - you put it close enough and they will get to the ball. Brazell and Perry, on the other hand, haven't figured that part out just yet.
  14. Work requires me to be far from Cincinnati when Bengals open against the Redskins on Sunday Night Football. Great seats, 50 yd line, row 14 and a season parking pass are available on my eBay auction, Item number: 120016173099 - 2 tix Redskins @ Bengals MidField Sideline row 14–parking option (seller name dataton)