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  1. Gunfight at the PBS Corral?

    Wouldn't they still not be able to carry there because they serve alcohol?
  2. 2nd Round Pre-Pick Thread

  3. 2nd Round Pre-Pick Thread

    dont reach for a crap safety is my opinion now
  4. 2nd Round Pre-Pick Thread

    scumbag jags is right!! and no If we go RB in round 2 I'd prefer an all around RB like Lacy. Id love to package some of those late round picks and see us move that second 2nd round pick up higher.
  5. 2nd Round Pre-Pick Thread

    The only way RB i want in 2nd round is Lacy Really hoping for Cyprien Still wouldnt mind a LB
  6. 1st Round: Tyler Eifert

    Let me add this, I don't have any problem with the actual pick but WHEN, not if... WHEN the bengals dont use 2 TE sets, and get this guy on the field thats going to be indicative of the ineptitude of this coaching staff...
  7. 2nd Round Pre-Pick Thread

  8. 1st Round: Tyler Eifert

    Hate the pick because he's not going to be on the field much and they will feed us the same ol bs about his blocking not being good enough... DONT DRAFT A PASS CATCHING TE IF YOU DONT UTILIZE PASS CATCHING TE... also 3 safeties gone...
  9. Bengals Moves

    With 2 starters needed in the LB corp, what moves will be made? I hate James Harrison but seriously he would be a good pick up on a 1 year deal. I expect one of the top 2 picks being a backer they can start right away.(Assuming they sign Andre Smith otherwise top pick is auto OT)
  10. Free agents...

    Beanie Wells was also released... I would really like to see him picked up on a cheap contract.
  11. Offensive Line and I Do Mean "OFFENSIVE"

    Are you absolutely kidding? Your eye test? Thanks for letting us in on your football genious. The o line played terrible tonight true. Boling played bad against dallas. But before that according to pff(they use more than eye test) boling and zietler and andre smith (who most of the posters on here have a hard on for hating) were all on their probowl cheat sheet. I think everyone knows whit is damn good but other big names are in the afc( dbrickshaw ferguson, jake long joe thomas and ryan clady) also if you check out their o line rankings we have been in top 10 all season. With pass blocking being way better than run blocking.
  12. 2013 Salary Cap Spending

    you need to learn what sunk costs are dude... for real.
  13. Our Roster!!

    They will keep 4 des not 3. I agree Ghee is gone. I think they keep Otis Hudson too. Thinking Tate doesn't make the cut. Thinking shaun prater is a ps guy while they keep an old guy on a 1 yr contract.
  14. Excellent Article on Vontaze Burfict

    Great pick Up! there isw no risk... becoming dependant??? if anything that would mean we just got enhanced play for the period of time he played. Two ways to look at everything. And as far as your little extending it to your personal life remarks, do you examine the history of everyone you interact with No it's impossible. You have no idea if the guy fixing your roof, laying your carpet, serving your food, etc etc has any type of problems in their personal life. I am actually glad that Mike Brown has set his team up to be the second chance team, it's one of the very few praises Ill ever give the guy too.
  15. 3rd Round #2: Brandon Thompson

    Love this pick. Not a need pick but great value. Really didn't see this happening after we got Devon Still.