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  1. time this team starts being in the conversation that they can win a super bowl and stop being the underdog and only hope of getting there is to have a plethora of upsets. I think this team is solid and will do well. Do I see the Bengals winning the super bowl? Not yet as Dalton hasn't proven he can win in the playoffs. Is it possible? Yes if they keep progressing and bringing in the talent they did this offseason.
  2. Forum looks great

    Just wanted to say the forum looks great with the changes that have been made since I last logged in. One thing though, I tried my best to get the facebook integration working and was unable to. I tried logging out of it etc and it just won't link. Any ideas?
  3. The Class of 2013

    Long time Bengal Fans...too long I guess. A lot has changed so don't get that much time to do what I want anymore. Anyways, great draft! Very happy with the weapons added. Bernard being added since Scott might be out is a huge hole filled. The more help Dalton gets the better. Our D is sick and to add Hunt and Williams is going to help. Adding Harrison before the draft is finally going to bring some identity to our LB core. I really feel that Baltimore and Pittsburgh didn't get better and if anything have regressed. We have made the playoffs 2 years in a row now to get beat by Houston which was great, but now we need to kick the door down and actually be feared when we enter it.
  4. Season is Over(Jets vs Bengals)

    i couldn't post right away but if you watched the game, there were three players that really lost this game for us: 1) Carson Palmer - basically never looked comfortable and didn't command the game well. 2) Shayne Graham - two huge missed, medium distant field goals. Neither snap or hold were bad, he just pulled them. 3) Brandon Johnson - He got sucked in playing the run way too much and got burned multiple times. He was the one that bit on the fake to the fullback and pitch. He was the one to get burned twice in man coverage to the TE. Something big needs to happen this next year. I loved our defense, but if we lose Zimmer I don't know what we'll do. On defense I'd like to see a new Safety and Linebacker for depth. On Offense I'd like to see WR (obviously).
  5. So, do we want Baltimore to win?

    obviously we want them to win. that means theres an outside chance we host the AFC championship game. play in SD or in Indy...is that even a question?
  6. man I hope Zimmer doesn't move on. First time we have had a D Coord that we can trust in DECADES.
  7. Jets at Bengals 1/09/10 Wild Card Game Thread

    Let's go Bengals!! Been waiting for this day for 4 years now. I hope for everyone's sake today is the day that we show up and bring what we have been hoping/dreaming for.
  8. F*** the Chargers

    I am going to this game with my sister. We got BOX seats! wooohoooo! Free executive parking? Check. Private lobby with all of the other NFL games being shown on TV's? Check. Beer/food being brought to my seat? Check. Watching the Bengals play the Chargers in one of the most meaningful games in recent memory? Priceless. Go Bengals!
  9. Henry seriously hurt in car crash

    today is a sad day. no matter how frustrating he might have made everyone off the field in the past, he was productive on it. no one woulda wished this upon him. i hope he rests in peace knowing that he WAS turning his life around in a positive way.
  10. Bengals at Ravens Game Thread 10/11/09

    ok im one to give st louis a long rope cuz of his past...but he needs cut now. i have no idea whats wrong with that guy. 4 games in a row of bad snaps? See ya!
  11. Shayne Graham

    great guy, great kicker. you don't kick that kind of percentage for this long without being great. he's made his fair share of game winning kicks he just hasn't had that many opportunities as of late. Remember, he was one of the few consistencies on a 4-11-1 team last year. you can't take away his commitment even in a down year. I hope we resign him long term.
  12. Rod Hood is visiting

    I agree. good post...
  13. Roy Williams Signed per .com

    I am pumped by this signing!
  14. 5 Bengals Cut

    well I wish Perry luck if he does happen to get another chance, and if not, I wish him health going forward. I won't miss any of the other four. Levi is about to be gone as well. Another casualty to injuries that have plagued us over the past few years. Such a shame so much talent has gone to waste. I wish him well once he gets traded or cut.